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CHARACTERISTIC OF LIVING THINGS. These are characteristics of living organisms All living things are made of cells.

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2 These are characteristics of living organisms All living things are made of cells

3 Nutrition Living things take in materials from their surroundings that they use for growth or to provide energy. Nutrition is the process by which organisms obtain energy and raw materials from nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

4 The SUN is the main source of energy on Earth The Sun makes light that is used by plants What is the name of this process by which plants convert the energy from the sun into food??? Nutrition

5 Most green plants make their own food. They make their food from the simple raw materials carbon dioxide and water Nutrition

6 Animals do not make their own food. They feed on plants, other animals, and on dead waste. Animals get energy from eating plants or other animals Nutrition

7 Fungi get energy from decaying plant matter Nutrition

8 Respiration Respiration is the release of energy from food substances in all living cells. Living things break down food within their cells to release energy for carrying out the following processes.

9 All living things need oxygen to stay alive. They use oxygen to turn food into energy. To obtain oxygen from the air, animals and plants exchange gases between themselves and their surroundings. Respiration

10 Green plants exchange gases with their surroundings through holes in the under- surface of their leaves called stomata Respiration

11 Animals have different organs of breathing depending in the habitat they stay Fishes, which live under water, obtain oxygen using gills Worms get oxygen through the surface of their skin, and insects use breathing tubes called trachea. Most land animals have lungs. Respiration

12 Movement All living things move. It is very obvious that a leopard moves but what about the thorn tree it sits in? Plants too move in various different ways. The movement may be so slow that it is very difficult to see.

13 Living things move in order to survive. Plants move but do not move their position. They are able to move parts of themselves. Plants move their roots towards water and towards the centre of the earth. They move their stems and leaves towards light.

14 Plant move their stems and leaves towards light

15 Excretion  All living things excrete.  Excretion is defined as the removal of toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism and substances in excess from the body of an organism.  Animals, such as humans, cats, dogs, remove the harmful effects of the gas carbon dioxide by breathing out.  They also breathe out water vapor.  The main organs which remove nitrogen waste from the body are the kidneys

16 Growth Growth is seen in all living things. It involves using food to produce new cells. The permanent increase in cell number and size is called growth. Plants grow taller and wider. Seedlings grow into bigger plants. Plants increase their size in all directions. And their shape is changing all the time. Baby animals grow into adult animals. Animals also grow taller and wider, but can only increase their size in a definite shape.

17 Reproduction All living organisms have the ability to produce offspring. Some animals reproduce by laying eggs. Frogs, snakes most fish and insects lay eggs. Mammals like dogs, cow, rabbits etc give birth to you to young ones.

18 Sensitivity All living things are able to sense and respond to stimuli around them such as light, temperature, water, gravity and chemical substances.

19 dogs pant when hot pupils dilate in lower light levels reflexes – touch hot stove


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