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Corporate Information System Management e.Gov E-business STRATEGIES for GOVERNMENT

2 eGov Headlines 75% of Australian file their income tax returns over the internet Singapore provides 150 public services from one portal 8000 shipping consignments are clear online through Dubai Customs every day. The US federal government annually make four million online purchases for goods and services wort $17 billion Next …

3 eGov Headlines It takes 25 seconds for police in Scandinavia to transmit a fingerprint image to another force A traffic website for cummuters in Minneapolis/St.Paul is viewed times a day One billion annual healt insurance claims in France are now submitted electrocally rather then on paper Residens of Uppsala, Sweden can acces their medical records online over a WAP phone University students in Germany register for exams and search for library books using wireless devices Next …

4 eGov Headlines Estonia had no privately owned computers in Today it is among the top 20 most connected countries in the world Public petitions to the scottish paliament are created and submitted on line Brazillians vote electronically in all national and local elections.

5 The WEB ENABLER Build more effective public administration
The us of information technology To deliver services in a much more convinient, customer oriented, and altogether different and better way. Cut costs and improve efficiency Meet citizen expectations and improve citizen relationships Facilitate economic development Streamline processes and less human interaction

From A to A (Administration to Administration) From G to G (Government to Government) From A to B (administration to Business) G2B (Government to Business) From A to C (Administration to Citizen) G2C (Government to Citizen)

7 Five principles of the e-Gov Strategies and action lines
Put everything (information and services) online and do everything online Ensure easy and universal acces to online information and services Skill government rmployees to be knowledge workers Work in partnership to make happen Remove barriers and lead by example

8 Most Trailblazers: “Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast”
Think Big : The Vision and Plan Starting with small project limits risk and avoid high-profile disaster Allowing organizations to be more innovative and realize faster results Problems delivering E-Government: Organizational and polotical rather than technical


10 The ABCs of e.Government

11 Getting from A to C: Administration to Citizen

12 eGov A to C Don’t Stand In line, Get Online
Biaya penegembangan layanan Online: Rendah daripada yang lain Biaya acces websites: Hampir zero Cepat, praktis, modern, efisien, tidak birokratis Reinventing Government Next …

13 eGov A to C The Taxman, at your service Penagihan pajak
Paper and Time consuming Perlu check manual, entry komputer dan inspeksi Bermacam-macam jenis pajak PERLU TRANSAKSI ONLINE !! Next …

14 eGov A to C Portal Definition #1: A Magnet in the Haystack
“Single Window to Government / Government Gateway / Government Portal” PERLU TRANSAKSI ONLINE One Stop Service !! Next …

15 eGov A to C Portal Definition #2: A Complex, Growing Organism
Portal level I: menyediakan informasi/layanan relatif mudah dengan beberapa klik mouse Portal level II: Transaksi online; registrasi, lisensi, sertifikasi, pembayaran pajak atau tagihan, etc Portal level III: Menyediakan tipe layanan berganti-ganti transaksi tanpa perlu adanya Authenticate/pengesahan setiap kali; sharing layanan pengesahan, security, penelusuran dan navigasi. Portal level IV: Pengambilan data untuk transaksi dari sumber lintas bagian/institusi yang terkait; perlu kolaborasi antar bagian/institusi, data warehouse, teknologi, database, interface. Portal level V: adds value and allows people to interact with govenrment; menyediakan layanan customized information, layanan terkait dengan kependudukan, etc.; menggunakan Teknologi yang kompleks. PERLU Spesifik arsitektur !!


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