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Pengantar Teknologi Informasi

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1 Pengantar Teknologi Informasi
To the instructor: This presentation attempts to cover every term in the text, sometimes via a slide, sometimes via the Notes page. Additional material beyond what is in the text is presented via either: Occasional “FACTOID” notations on the Notes page; or, Occasional hyperlinks in the slides themselves. ScreenTip text has been added to each hyperlink allowing you to see in advance where that link will take you. In addition, the last 18 slides are questions covering the material just presented. They can be used to increase interaction between the instructor and students at the end of each lecture, to ensure students understand the material just presented, etc. Finally, some of the Notes pages include “Discussion questions” for encouraging student interaction during the lecture.

2 Pengertian Internet Internet adalah kependekan dari Interconnected Network atau jaringan Komputer yang saling terhubung satu sama lain di seluruh dunia. Sejarah intenet dimulai pada ketika Departemen Pertahanan Amerika, U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) memutuskan untuk mengadakan riset tentang bagaimana caranya menghubungkan sejumlah komputer sehingga membentuk jaringan organik. Program riset ini dikenal dengan nama ARPANET.

3 Internet

4 Internet Access Device & Physical Connection
Bandwidth – an expression of how much data can be sent through a communications channel in a given amount of time Broadband – Several signals can be sent at once Physical connection - the wired or wireless means of connecting to the internet. Broadband is a very high-speed connection.

5 Internet Access Device & Physical Connection
Download - to transmit data from a remote computer to a local computer Upload - to transmit data from a local computer to a remote computer Types of transmissions: upload and download Transmission speeds: Bps - bits per second. Kbps - kilobits per second, or 1000 bits per second. Mbps - megabits per second, or 1 million bits per second. Gbps - gigabits per second, or 1 billion bits per second.

6 Telephone (Dial-Up) Modem: Low Speed but Inexpensive & Widely Available
Modem - a device that sends and receives data over telephone lines to and from computers There are two types of modems – internal and external Types of wired internet access devices and their access speeds: 1. Modem: Most standard modems have a speed of 56 Kbps. Using a modem and a phone line to establish a connection to the internet is called making a dial-up connection.

7 Application Software: For Sale, for Free, or for Rent
Commercial software – copyrighted and must be paid Public-domain software – not copyrighted Shareware – copyrighted and free but requires a fee to be paid for continued use. Freeware – Copyrighted and free Rentalware – Copyrighted and leased Pirated software – Software obtained illegally Abandonware – Software that is no longer sold or supported by its publisher Copyright - the exclusive legal right that prohibits copying of intellectual property without the permission of the copyright holder. Example of freeware: Netscape Navigator & Microsoft Internet Explorer Software license - a contract you sign in which you agree not to make copies of the software to give away or for resale. FACTOID: < Show the students the software license for a web browser. (For Internet Explorer, you can find this in the Help window. For Netscape Navigator, this can be found in the “About Communicator” page. The actual location on your computer may vary depending on which version of browser you are running.) Scroll down so that they can get an idea of the amount of “legalese” involved in a software license.> Pirated software - software obtained illegally, as when you make a copy of software that your friend has purchased. Discussion question: How serious an offense do you think it is to install software from a CD that your friend purchased and installed on his or her computer?

8 The Components of System Software
Operating system - the principal component of system software Device drivers - help the computer control peripheral devices Utility programs - support, enhance, or expand existing programs Operating system (OS) - the low-level master system of programs that manage the basic operations of the computer. Also called the software platform.

9 The Operating System Booting - the process of loading an operating system into a computer’s main memory

10 The Operating System: File Management and Formatting
The operating system’s file system arranges files in hierarchical fashion Formatting or initializing a disk is the process of preparing that disk for use

11 Common Operating Systems Desktop & Laptop Operating Systems
Platform - a particular processor model and operating system on which a computer system is based Disk Operating System (DOS) - the original operating system produced by Microsoft, which had a hard-to-use command-driven user interface

12 Desktop & Laptop Operating Systems
Mac OS - operating system which runs only on Apple Macintosh computers The Macintosh OS was first launched in 1984, and inspired rival Microsoft to upgrade DOS to the more user-friendly Windows operating systems. It set the standard for icon-oriented, easy-to-use graphical user interfaces.

13 Network Operating Systems
Windows XP - Microsoft’s newest OS, which combines elements of Windows 2000 and Windows Me

14 Network Operating Systems
UNIX - a multitasking operating system for multiple users with built-in networking capability and versions that can run on all kinds of computers Sun Microsystems’ Solaris Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) Linux - a free version of UNIX, with continual improvements resulting from the efforts of tens of thousands of volunteer programmers Solaris - super-reliable version of Unix that seems to be most popular for handling large e-commerce servers and large websites. BSD - free software which began in the 1970s in the the computer science department of the University of California at Berkeley. There are now three variations: The Free BSD Project, focused on standard PCs; NetBSD - focused on a wide range of platforms; and OpenBSD - focused on security.

15 Network Operating Systems
Linux - Open-source software - software which any programmer can download from the Internet for free and modify with suggested improvements FACTOID: The Open Source Initiative is a non-profit corporation “dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition for the good of the community.” Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

16 Operating Systems for Handhelds
Palm OS - the dominant OS for handhelds, which runs the Palm and Handspring Visor, and is licensed to other companies Windows CE (now Pocket PC) - slimmed-down version of Windows for handhelds

17 Operating Systems for Handhelds
Android adalah sistem operasi untuk telepon seluler yang berbasis Linux. Awalnya, Google Inc. membeli Android Inc., pendatang baru yang membuat peranti lunak untuk ponsel. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel.

18 Operating Systems for Handhelds
Symbian OS adalah sistem operasi tak bebas yang dikembangkan oleh Symbian Ltd. yang dirancang untuk digunakan peralatan bergerak (mobile). In 2008, the former Symbian Software Limited was acquired by Nokia and a new independent non-profit organisation called the Symbian Foundation was established.

19 Cloud computing Komputasi awan (cloud computing) adalah gabungan pemanfaatan teknologi komputer ('komputasi') dan pengembangan berbasis Internet ('awan'). IEEE Internet Computing "Cloud Computing adalah suatu paradigma di mana informasi secara permanen tersimpan di server di internet dan tersimpan secara sementara di komputer pengguna (client) termasuk di dalamnya adalah desktop, komputer tablet, notebook, komputer tembok, handheld, sensor-sensor, monitor dan lain-lain."

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