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Mirjam Anugerahwati The English Department State University of Malang.

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1 Mirjam Anugerahwati The English Department State University of Malang

2  What is character building?  What is gender equality?  Why are those concepts important?  How do we incorporate them in our lessons?

3  Karakter adalah cara berpikir dan berperilaku yang menjadi ciri khas tiap individu untuk hidup dan bekerjasama, baik dalam lingkup keluarga, masyarakat, bangsa dan negara. Individu yang berkarakter baik adalah individu yang bisa membuat keputusan dan siap mempertanggungjawabkan tiap akibat dari keputusan yang ia buat.(Prof. Suyanto, Ph.D)

4  Government Regulation no.20/2003 on National Education System, article 1: one of the objectives of national education is developing the potentials of learners to have intelligence, personality, and noble conduct

5  Watch the following short movie, and state your opinions  What is the main problem here? Does it also happen in your community?  What can we do to solve the problem?

6  Lickona (1991)  There is a clear and urgent need.  Transmitting values is and always has been the work of civilisation.  The school’s role as moral educator becomes more vital at a time when millions of children get little moral teaching from their parents and when value- centered influence such as church or temple are also absent from their lives.

7  There is a common ethical ground even in our values-conflicted society.  Democracies have a special need for moral education.  There is no such thing as value-free education.  Moral questions are among the great question facing both the individuals and human race.  There is a broad-based, growing support for values education in the schools

8  Konfigurasi karakter dalam konteks totalitas proses psikologis dan sosial-kultural dapat dikelompokkan dalam: Olah Hati (Spiritual and emotional development), Olah Pikir (intellectual development), Olah Raga dan Kinestetik (Physical and kinestetic development), dan Olah Rasa dan Karsa ( Affective and Creativity development)

9 Character Values for Students KARAKTER Moral Knowin g Moral Feeling Moral Action TUHAN Y M E SESAMA DIRI SENDIRI LINGKUNGAN KEBANGSAAN Nilai- Nilai

10 Gov’t Regulation No.20/ 2003 Chapter III article 4 verse 1 Pendidikan diselenggarakan secara demokratis dan berkeadilan serta tidak diskriminatif dengan menjunjung tinggi hak asasi manusia, nilai keagamaan, nilai kultural, & kemajemukan bangsa. Chapter IV article 5 verse 1 Setiap warga negara mempunyai hak yg sama untuk memperoleh pendidikan yg bermutu.

11  Volunteers, please do as the presenter asks you to do  What conclusions can you draw from the activity?  How would you incorporate the concepts?

12  The differences of roles, functions, & responsibilities between men and women which are the results of social construction & are changeable according to time and developments in society.  The differences among men and women which do not refer to biological differences, but rather to values in the society and culture, which in turn determine the roles of women and men in their personal as well as all aspects of life.

13  The number of illiterate women: twice that of illiterate men.  The higher the level of education, the fewer women achieve it.  There are still discrimination and segregation in choosing majors in schools/colleges.  In low-income families, boys, not girls, are encouraged to continue their studies.  There are still stereotypical representations of gender roles in books.

14  Girls are scolded for writing sloppily  Boys are expected to be noisy, need more attention from the teacher  Boys are appointed captains, girls secretaries and/or treasurers  What else?  Are you aware of doing those things?

15  Watch the short movie, and state your opinion  Discuss briefly whether the same thing(s) happen in your classroom, and what you can do to change it.

16 1. Objectives  accessible by both male and female learners 2. Materials  substance, illustrations, structure & language do not cause gender bias 3. Methods  teaching-learning activities can develop the potentials of both genders 4. Media & learning resources  media designed by the teacher are accessible by both genders 5. Assessment  technique, form, and instruments do not cause gender bias

17 Pendidikan Karakter melalui Pembelajaran Nilai-Nilai Karakter Siswa SMP Berka- rakter Perencanaan Penyusunan Silabus RPP Bahan Ajar Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Pembelajaran (CTL) Evaluasi

18 Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran Pendahuluan Penutup Kegiatan Inti: Eksplorasi Elaborasi Konfirmasi Kegiatan Inti: Eksplorasi Elaborasi Konfirmasi Contextual Teaching and Learning INTERVENSI HABITUASI

19  Both character building and gender equality concepts should be apparent in the syllabus and lesson plan.  Where? : Objectives, T-L activities, materials  Gender equality: most apparent in TLA and materials, e.g. Occupations, Hobbies, Descriptive texts, Narrative texts, etc.  Character: Indicators, TLA

20  Study the sample Lesson Plans and use them as models for your own. You should adapt them to suit your classes and situations.


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