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Understanding The nature of PBI Courses Nury S, MA Presented at UAD workshop August 10 – 15 2009.

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1 Understanding The nature of PBI Courses Nury S, MA Presented at UAD workshop August 10 – 15 2009

2 Why ? PBI produces English teachers of different learners in terms of ages, levels or purposes PBI is established on the belief that English teaching is science, that teaching can be learnt or trained English teaching then should be done on scientific consideration PBI students should be made fully aware that they are professionals PBI lecturers have the obligation to make PBI students professionals

3 What does it mean to be professionals? Wallace (1997) states that ”All that has to be said is that any occupations aspiring to the title of ‘profession” will claim at least some of these qualities: a basis of scientific knowledge, a period of rigorous study which is formally assessed, a sense of public service, high standard of professional conduct, and the ability to perform some specific demanding and socially useful tasks in a demonstrably competent manner.

4 Profile Lulusan PBI The Graduate Profile D. KOMPETENSI Lulusan Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris harus memiliki kompetensi seperti berikut: 1. Kompetensi pedagogik, yaitu kemampuan mengelola pembelajaran bahasa Inggris yang meliputi pemahaman terhadap peserta didik, perancangan, dan pelaksanaan pembelajaran, evaluasi pembelajaran, dan pengembangan peserta didik untuk mengaktualisasikan berbagai potensi yang dimilikinya, 2. Kompetensi kepribadian, yaitu kemampuan menampilkan diri sebagai pribadi yang mantap, stabil, dewasa, arif, berwibawa, menjadi teladan bagi peserta didik, dan berakhlak mulia, 3. Kompetensi profesional, yaitu kemampuan menguasai materi pembelajaran bahasa Inggris secara luas dan mendalam dan memahami teknologi yang memungkinkannya membimbing peserta didik dan mengembangkan diri dan profesinya, 4. Kompetensi sosial, yaitu kemampuan berkomunikasi secara efektif dengan peserta didik, sesamam pendidik, tenaga kependidikan, orang tua/wali peserta didik, dan masyarakat.

5 How do we produce graduates with such profile? PBI curriculum consists of various subjects needing basically different teaching techniques Broadly classified, there are language skills, micro language skills, knowledge courses and the teaching skills courses Translation courses naturally do not belong to the group

6 Language Skill Courses It is already widely believed that language learning is done in four modes, therefore we must understand that when we teach language we develop students’ language in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

7 The language micro skills In TEFL books, these courses are usually treated differently due to their nature Pronunciation Structure Vocabulary Discourse

8 The Knowledge Courses PBI curriculum has subjects which can be included as knowledge if compared to the language skills mentioned above. They can be broadly categorized as linguistics courses, TEFL courses, literature courses, research courses and the like Each group needs different teaching and learning techniques but

9 The Teaching Skills Courses Teaching skills need different ways of training and teaching, Micro teaching or peer teaching is a course where students are trained in their teaching skills Teaching Practicum requires different management which might involve other parties (Uni, Fac, dep, dinas, schools etc)

10 What we need to do? Understand the nature of each course so as to choose the most appropriate ways The teaching of the four skills have been developed by many experts we just need to learn or read The teaching of vocabulary, pronunciation and structure can also be learned from books written by experts who have years of experiences

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