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Oleh: René L. Pattiradjawane Yogyakarta 27 Oktober 2011.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Oleh: René L. Pattiradjawane Yogyakarta 27 Oktober 2011."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Oleh: René L. Pattiradjawane Yogyakarta 27 Oktober 2011

2 Digitalisasi


4 Internet 1,5 milyar pengguna

5 Pilihan Koneksi Koneksi Dial-Up Broadband Cable Satelit ISDN DSL & ADSL Nirkabel (laser, microwave, WiMAX) Wi-Fi

6 Koneksi Dial-Up Kecepatan 56k

7 Broadband Cable Kecepatan 3 Mbps~30 Mbps

8 Satelit Kecepatan 150 Kbps~1200 Kbps

9 ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) Kecepatan B-Channel 64 kbps D-Channel 16/64 kbps

10 DSL & ADSL Kecepatan 256k/64k 512k/128k 1,5M/256k 512k/512k

11 NIRKABEL Kecepatan 5,5 Mbps ~ 20 Mbps 70 Mbps (WiMAX)

12 WIFI Kecepatan 54 Mbps (802.11b) 108 (802.11g) >100 Mbps (802.11n)

13 30 Tahun Lalu Product Route to home Display Local storage TV stations phone TVCassette/ 8-track broadcast TV radio broadcast radio stereoVinyl album News mail Advertising newspaper delivery phone paper Radio Stationsnon-electronic

14 Ekologi Digital Product Route to home Display Local storage cableTiVo (PVR)VCR TV stations DSLTV Info wireless/phoneradioDVD “Daily me” broadcast TVPCWeb-based storage content iPod /MP3server/ TiVo (PVR) Cable Nets broadcast radiostereoPC Web sites satellitemonitorweb storage Local news mailheadphonesCD/CD-ROM Content from express deliverypager individuals iPod / storageportable gamerMP3 player / iPod Peer-to-peer subcarriers / WIFIcell phonepagers - PDAs Advertising newspaper deliveryphonecable box Radio stations camcorder/cameraPDA/Palmgame console game console paper non-electronicstorage sticks/disks

15 Lanskap Masa Depan

16 Framework on Teleworking HomebasedSingle location eg. Telecentre Multiple location IndividualSatellite company (eg. call centre) In-house Homebased Single location Individual (freelance consultants) Companies (business partners, subcontractors etc.) NationalInternational (teletrade) Outsourced Teleworking Multiple Location

17 Do you ever sit here.. and wonder.. ‘Why am I doing this !’ isu-isu dan pertimbangan

18 SIKLUS TEKNOLOGI Era 1960-an  Mainframe Computing = IBM, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell Era 1970-an  Mini Computing = Digital Equipment, Data General, HP, Wang Labs Era 1980-an  Personal Computing = Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Dell, Compaq Era 1990-an  Internet Computing = Google, AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, Alibaba Era 2000-an  Mobile Internet Computing = …

19 isu-isu dan pertimbangan Old Hat thinking

20 Access-, device- & location-independent mobility services at move at home at work Business Critical Computing infrastructures PSTNxDSL Bluetoot h GS M GPR S UMT S WLa n Interne t ISDN anytime any place any device any network any application and data IAUNIXMainframeStorage isu-isu dan pertimbangan


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