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session.01. August Prepared by: Jacky Cahyadi, S.Sn.

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1 session.01. August 08.08 Prepared by: Jacky Cahyadi, S.Sn.
Brand identity session.01. August 08.08 Prepared by: Jacky Cahyadi, S.Sn.

2 mind ? Burger, What’s in your Coffee Café, What’s in your
Mobile Phone, What’s in your Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

3 mc Donald starbucks nokia Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

4 They’re a Brand Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

5 What is a brand ? Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

6 A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design
or combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller of group of sellers and differentiate them from those of competitors. Kotler said Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

7 We define "brand" as the recognition and personal connection
that forms in the hearts and minds of your customers and other key audiences through their accumulated experience with your brand, at every point of contact. Ideally the brand that emerges is a positive one, leading to trust, loyalty and advocacy for your offerings, increasing shareholder value and establishing long-term advantage in the marketplace. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

8 Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

9 they are interdependent and work together over time.
Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01 When building a new brand, these four disciplines can be viewed from left to right as sequential phases of development. When working with existing brands, however, each of the disciplines operates concurrently. they are interdependent and work together over time.

10 Brand Strategy Brand Strategy purpose is two-fold: to understand key aspects of a company's business, its marketplace, its customers and other key audiences, and then to use these insights to define an appropriate brand strategy. The brand strategy is critical because it sets the foundation for all other branding activities it establishes a focused understanding and direction that's agreed upon at the highest levels of the organization, before creative development work begins. It helps pre-empt the "brand chaos" that arises naturally from conflicting goals and personal beliefs, and it provides vital input to align creative and management processes. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

11 Brand Identity Informed and directed by the Brand Strategy elements, the Brand Identity discipline provides the highly distinctive outward expressions of the company's values, personality and promise its identity system consisting of elements such as the name and logo that are used repeatedly to provide instant recognition in a crowded marketplace. Beyond name and logo, the Brand Identity expresses the organization's purpose and personality through a well-defined color palette, a characteristic design system and additional verbal branding such as a tagline and category-defining phrases for products and services. In addition to the corporate identity, identity systems may also be developed for specific sub-organizations, products, services and programs. These systems may be designed to work closely within the corporate identity or stand on their own, depending on the architecture defined in the brand strategy. All of these identity elements, along with assets such as reusable graphics and photography, even audio signatures, are then available for repeated application to give the brand its consistency, distinctiveness and recognizability. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

12 Brand Management With the identity system in place, it's easy to assume that the stage is set for application of its elements to the full spectrum of branded communications and interactions building the customer's brand experience. The Brand Management discipline at this point in the framework is critical for the three key functions it provides: Planning coordinated launch and delivery of brand messages Actively cultivating brand understanding Setting up a system and tools for monitoring and assessing the brand's health Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

13 Brand Experience A customer's experience with a brand is typically the happenstance result of poorly coordinated communications and company contacts. The goal of the Brand Experience discipline, however, is to enable companies to design a range of experiences that customers and other audiences will find meaningful, memorable, and associate explicitly with your brand. Doing this is the surest path to building brand trust, loyalty and advocacy. The Brand Experience discipline includes, but is not limited to traditional market communications. It extends well beyond them to include personal interactions, events, environments even the appearance, function and reliability of products and services and any other opportunities for you and your audiences to come into contact. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

14 Benefit Brand producer consumer
Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

15 Benefit brand for Producer (Keller)
Sarana menciptakan asosiasi dan makna unik yang membedakan produk Dari para pesaing sebagai alat simbolis untuk memproyeksikan citra diri. Bentuk proteksi hukum terhadap properti intelektual fitur atau aspek produk yang unik (copyrights or registered trademark) Sinyal tingkat kualitas bagi para customer yang puas, sehingga mereka bisa memilih dan membelinya lagi lain waktu dengan mudah. Sumber financial returns. Sarana identifikasi untuk memudahkan proses penanganan atau pelacakan produk bagi perusahaan, terutama dalam pengorganisasian kesediaan dan pencatatan akuntansi. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

16 Benefit brand for Consumer (Keller)
Memberi pilihan konsumen untuk produk dengan tangible benefits serupa. Sebagai shortcut yang menyederhanakan pengambilan keputusan. Menawarkan jaminan kualitas, sehingga menurunkan resiko bagi konsumen. Membantu ekspresi diri. Menawarkan persahabatan dan kesenangan. Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

17 Type of Brand Publication Brand Team Brand Company/Corporate brand
Digital Brand Ingredient Brand Organization Brand Service Brand Type of Brand Event Brand Destination Brand Program Brand Certification Brand Membership or Club Brand Personal Brand Environment Brand Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

18 Brand names Personal brand names. Ex: Sampoerna, Teh Botol Sosro
Geographic brand names. Ex: Jakarta Post, Hotel Solo Invented scientific brand names. Ex: Gramophone, Cuticura Soap Status brand names. Ex: Crown Piano “Good Association” brand names. Ex: Sunlight Soap Arificial brand names. Ex: Kodak Descriptive brand names. Ex:Obat Gosok Tjap Onta Alpha numeric brand names. Ex: Tiga Roda, Dji Sam Soe Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

19 Brand names Descriptive. Suggestive. Compounds. Classical. Arbitary.
Menggambarkan fungsi secara langsung. Ex: Singapore Airlines Suggestive. Mensugesti keuntungan atau fungsi Ex: Bank Mandiri Compounds. Kombinasi dua atau lebih kata, seringkali unexpected Ex: FedEx (Federal Express) Classical. Berdasarkan bahasa latin, Yunani atau Sansekerta Ex: Nike Arbitary. Kata-kata nyata tanpa hubungan jelas dengan perusahaan. Ex: Apple Fanciful. Kata-kata yang diperkaya (coined words), Tapi tidak memiliki arti yang jelas. Ex: Yahoo! Landor said Brand names Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

20 project.brief.01 Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

21 Buatlah Paper Analisis tentang Logo yang anda amati
di sekeliling anda. Objective Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01 Untuk menguji dan mengukur sejauh mana anda memahami dan menilai sebuah identitas atau logo yang baik, unik, komunikatif, dan efektif.

22 Company/Corporate Categories for Logo research and analysis:
1. Restaurant 2. Cafe 3. Hotel or Apartment 4. Real Estate 5. Bank 6. Boutique 7. Shopping Center (Mall/Plaza, Department Store, Supermarket/Hypermarket/Mini market) 8. Insurance Service Agency or Health Service 9. Mass Transportation Service 10. Education Institute or Foundation (School, University, Training Center, etc) Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01 Research and analysis 2 logos minimum for each categories above

23 05 Pengumpulan Total point Paper analisis tentang logo
dikumpulkan dan presentasi minggu depan Selasa, 28 Agustus 2007 di Tutor masing-masing pada saat jam studio. Keterlambatan pengumpulan akan dikenakan sangsi tegas berupa pengurangan 1 poin untuk setiap jam dari total 5 poin tugas Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

24 without talking about design”
“ Branding is not design but it’s impossible to talk about Branding without talking about design” Sakti Makki. MakkiMakki Branding Consultant Visual Communication Design 02 .session.01

25 Thank You for your attention
and see you next week

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