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Bisnis Manajemen FILLING SYSTEM. Bisnis dan Manajemen INDICATOR  Identification of organization needed  Option to developing well-known system so suitable.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Bisnis Manajemen FILLING SYSTEM. Bisnis dan Manajemen INDICATOR  Identification of organization needed  Option to developing well-known system so suitable."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Bisnis Manajemen FILLING SYSTEM

2 Bisnis dan Manajemen INDICATOR  Identification of organization needed  Option to developing well-known system so suitable as company needed  System needed is identified and agreed by the user  Choosing of the system that suitable for use  Price offering for supply and delivery system is choosen by the criteria  Choosing the Supplier is suitable as guide

3 Bisnis dan Manajemen  Repaired system is implemented and monitored so the operation is suitable with what we need  Replacement documents and notes is monitored so the integrity isn’t decreasing  The user of new system is monitored so the system is accessed as guide

4 Bisnis dan Manajemen PURPOSE OF LEARNING After this lessons students hope can :  Identified the organization needed  Knowing the system for developing option so its well-known as company needed  Identified and agreeing system to users need  Choosing the right system as suitable as we needed

5  Choosing offered price system and delivery supplier as the criteria  Choosing Supplier as guide  Implementing and monitoring repaired system so the operation suitable with what we need  Monitoring the replacement of the document and notes so the integrity is guaranteed  Monitoring the new system user so the accessed system is suitable with guide Bisnis dan Manajemen

6 Filling System

7 The Difference between File and Filling Bisnis dan Manajemen File =Physical Evidence  Filling : Activities

8 Filling Procedure  Collecting Reports from a lot of organizations unit  Checking and examine Release Mark  Reading report to determine the title suitable according to the used system  Code Giving  Sort  Using Cross Reference Sheet  Making Follow Up Slip  Routing Slip  Classification of report  Maintaining, Keeping, Deleting file

9 Filling Equipment 1.Stopmap.Ticler File 2.Snelhecter Map. Filling Cabinet 3.Ordner 1. Drawer 4.Folder 2. Lateral 5.Perforator. Micro Film 6.Guide. USB/CD 7.Sortir Rack 8.Kartu index 9.Card Index Cabinet (CARDEX)







16 Filling Tools & Equipment Function 1.Stopmap is use as a place to saving the document/letter that haven’t finished yet. To saving the document temporarily 2.Snellhecter map is use as a document saving place which is used by using perforator 3.Ordner is use as document saving place which will be put on filling cabinet drawer Bisnis dan Manajemen

17 4.Folder is use as a document saving place and put on drawer filling cabinet 5.Perforator is use to making hole in a piece of paper 6.Guide is use as a border between 1 problem with another 7.Index Card is use as identification card of a letter / document 8.Sorting Shelf is use as a place for sorting the letters Bisnis dan Manajemen

18 9.Card Index Cabinet is use as a place for saving index card of an archive 10.Ticler File is use as a place for saving forms which have remembering characteristic 11.Drawer Filling Cabinet is use as an archive cupboard which have a vertical saving way 12.Lateral Filling Cabinet is use as an archive cupboard which have a horizontal saving way 13.Computer is use as a data managing machine Bisnis dan Manajemen

19 Kinds of Filling System 1.Alphabet System 2.Subject System 3.Numeric System 4.Chronologic System 5.Geographic System Bisnis dan Manajemen

20  Micro Film is used as tools for saving document in a film form  USB is use to saving the data electronically with using the computer Bisnis dan Manajemen

21 Alphabet Filling System  Unit – part of the names  Caption – first letter from the first unit of an index name  Code – 2/3 letters from the first unit of an indexing name  Index – first unit of a name from indexing  Indexing – to decide first unit of a name by using indexing procedure in the archive saving alphabet system Bisnis dan Manajemen

22 1. Rules of Indexing In Alphabet System 1.Personal Name Single Name – Suharto - code Su Multiple Name – Binsar Sitepu – code Si Clan Name - Rudi Watimena – code Wa Abbreviation Name – B J Habibie – code Ha Japan, Thai Name – Yasuhiro Nakasone – code Na Europe Name – Marco van Basten – code Va China, Korea, Vietnam Name – Liem Swi King – code Li Bisnis dan Manajemen

23 Company name - Toko Buku Matahari – code Ma - RS.Cipto Mangunkusuma – code Ci - Hotel 41 – code Em - Salon kecantikan Amelia & Nina – code Am - PT. Adhi Karya – code Ad - BTN – code – Ta - Apotik Benmari – code Be Bisnis dan Manajemen

24  Government name  LAN – code Ad  LIPI – code Il  UPI Bandung – code Pe  BKKBN – code Ko  DepDikNas – code Pe Bisnis dan Manajemen

25 EXAMPLE OF INDEXING PERSONAL NAME IN ALPHABET FILLING SYSTEM NoNAME UNIT 1 UNIT II UNIT III KODE 1.SoehartoSoehartoSu 2. Muhammad Muslih MuslihMuhammadMu 3. Erwin Parengkuan ParengkuanErwinPa 4. A.Latief LatiefALa 5. Ir. H. Iwan Ruliansyah, MM RuliansyahIwan (Ir, H, MM) Ru 6. I Gusti Made Yono YonoMade I Gusti Yo 7. Ny. Diah Warjito WarjitoDiah(Ny)Di 8. Azis bin Faridh Faridh Azis bin Fa 9. Oscar Della Hoya Della Hoya OscarDe 10. Liem Swie King LiemSwieKingLi 11. PT. Adhi Karya AdhiKaryaPTAd 12.BTNTabunganNegaraBankTa 13. Restaurant 99 Ninety nine RestourantNi 14.LANAdministrasiNegaraLembagaAd 15.HMIMAhasiswaIslamHimpunanMa

26 2. SUBJECT FILLING SYSTEM EXAMPLE CLASSIFICATION TABLE ^CLASSIFICATION TABLE^ MAIN SUBJECTSUB SUBJECTSUB SUBJECTS PERSONALIAResource  Formation  Receiving  Raising Maintain   Training Development  Scoring employee  Screening  Mental Distortion Mutation  Raising category  Duty time  Over duty  Promote position Bisnis dan Manajemen

27 Wealthness  Furlough  Healthy  Sosial helper  Economic enterprise Retirement  Retired  As self demand  Death Bisnis dan Manajemen

28 INDEX CARD Bisnis dan Manajemen

29 3. Numeric Filling System  Decimal Dewey  Terminal Digit Bisnis dan Manajemen

30 Example Classification Table of Numeric Filling System CodeExplanation 200Formatting 210Selecting 220Regulation 230 Testing / Examination 240 Raise Position 250Furlough 260Rotation 270Promoting 280Wealthness 290Retired Bisnis dan Manajemen

31 4. Chronologic Filling System  Date  Month  Year Bisnis dan Manajemen

32 Example Classification Table of Numeric Filling System  Code Description  0 PUBLIC RELATION  100 FINANCES  200 OFFICIALDOM  300 DEVELOPING  400 COOPERATION  500 PRODUCTION  600 MARKETING  700 RESEARCH AND LABORATORY  800 UTILITY  900 TRANSPORTATION AND SUPPLIES Bisnis dan Manajemen

33 Geographic Filling System “Classification Area Table”  Transportation  Cargo Bisnis dan Manajemen

34 Example of Classification Geographic Filling System Jawa-BaliJawa J-B1Jakarta A Jakarta Pusat B Jakarta Barat C Jakarta Selatan D Jakarta Timur E Jakarta Utara 2 Jawa Barat ABandung BBogor CCirebon DCianjur Bisnis dan Manajemen

35 Jawa-BaliJawa J-B3 Jawa Tengah ATegal BPekalongan CSemarang DSolo 4Yogyakarta ABantul BSleman 5 Jawa Timur ASurabaya BBanyuWangi CMalang DJember 6Bali ADenpasar BKlungkung CSingaraja Bisnis dan Manajemen

36 External & Internal Distributing Procedure Internal Distributing Procedure :  Document/Incoming Letter is checked its completeness  Document recorded in Incoming Agenda Book  Document/Letter recorded in Internal expedition book  Document / letter is given to managing unit  Document / letter is received by managing unit and signed internal expedition book Bisnis dan Manajemen

37 External & Internal Distributing Procedure External Distributing Procedure :  Document/ letter which will be send is check its completeness  Document / letter is recorded in the internal expedition book  Document/ letter is send by courier or pos service, expedition service Bisnis dan Manajemen

38 Distribution Tools  Expedition Book  Faximile  E-mail Bisnis dan Manajemen

39 Retention Schedule  Contains about the time span of document/letter saving which use as a decreasing document/letter guide  Determining time span of saving is decided by the value of utility every archive Bisnis dan Manajemen

40 Archive Evaluating Procedure  The value of document/letter is determine by the numbers of usage of the document/letter  Usage Numbers is a percentage from comparison between numbers of usage of needed document/letter with document/letter number in the archive  Usage Number = numbers of usage from document/letter X 100%  numbers of document/letter in the archive  100 1000 x 100%40 = 10% Bisnis dan Manajemen

41 Archive Removal Procedure 1.Removal by Time a. Step by Step Removal 1. Once on a fixed time span 2. Twice on a fixed time span 3. Minimum – Maximum time span based 2.Removal by it ways Bisnis dan Manajemen

42 Purpose of Archive Removal 1.Can saving the space of the room 2.To avoid the mound of increasing archive numbers 3.Can economize the use of tools 4.Increasing efficiency and work effectiveness 5.Saving evidence of responsibility 6.Save cost and energy Bisnis dan Manajemen

43 Archive Deleting Procedure 1.Selection 2.Making of kind of archive list which will be deleted (proceedings list) 3.Preparing place/tools for deleting 4.Preparing Deleting Official Record 5.Deleting the archive physically by burn it or cutting it to pieces. Seen by the witnesses Bisnis dan Manajemen

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