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Pengantar Teknologi Web Blog dan Social Networks.

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1 Pengantar Teknologi Web Blog dan Social Networks

2 Blog Diary online Web-based publication Last entry first Frequently and easily updateable Allows you to build social networks Modern blogs harness the power of RSS

3 Apa perbedaanya? Email and bulletin boards are largely one way communications limited to individuals or a small group of people. Blogs are multidimensional in that they can be networked to several different people or groups of people thanks to RSS people who are interested in a blog will always be kept up to date

4 Applications Learning and teaching Knowledge sharing Relationship forming Advocacy Personal Knowledge Management Community building (relationship forming) Marketing

5 Manfaat Blog Punya banyak teman (bahkan "fans")Punya banyak teman (bahkan "fans") Punya media sendiri di ranah maya Punya media sendiri di ranah maya Makin rajin membaca Makin rajin membaca Mengasah kemampuan berargumen Mengasah kemampuan berargumen Mengasah kemampuan menulis Mengasah kemampuan menulis

6 Bahkan… PUBLISHER: Pendapatan dari iklan / sponsorPUBLISHER: Pendapatan dari iklan / sponsor –Bisa melalui Google AdSense PAID BLOGGER: Penulis berhonorPAID BLOGGER: Penulis berhonor RESOURCE PERSON: Jadi narasumber, konsultanRESOURCE PERSON: Jadi narasumber, konsultan E-RETAILER: Jadi pebisnis online (produk/jasa)E-RETAILER: Jadi pebisnis online (produk/jasa)

7 Blog in education Tutor created content –Course information, administrative content, publication tool, research tool Learner created/led content –Personal reflections, comments on course literature, discussions –Peer feedback for blog posts –Learner interaction outside of course time

8 A different way to learn… Traditional Blogs and RSS

9 Jenis-jenis Blog Blog Berbasis Teks Blog Berbasis Teks Blog Foto (Photoblog) Blog Foto (Photoblog) Blog Audio (Podcasting) Blog Audio (Podcasting) Blog Video (Vblog) Blog Video (Vblog)

10 Topik Blog Topik Pribadi / Personal –Seperti buku harian, berisi peristiwa sehari-hari yang dialami, bebas Topik Umum –Seputar topik-topik yang ada di dalam masyarakat, bisa juga menulis yg sedang trend Topik khusus / hobi / Professional –Berisi hal-hal keahlian khusus, misalnya blog dokter berisi penyakit2, blog dosen informatika, berisi topik2 komputer, dll Topik Perusahaan / Coorporate


12 Blog detik

13 Fitur Blog Blog statistik –Pengunjung Blog Komentar Tag Posting, edit, dan hapus tulisan Links –Link ke blog orang lain Pages –Halaman pada blog kita Kustomisasi tampilan blog kita –Termasuk Widgets dan Themes

14 Themes

15 Widgets

16 Kebutuhan Membangun Blog Client: –Browser, javascript, flash Server: –Web server, server side scripting language –AJAX untuk interaktfivitas Database server: Table: blogs, users, comments, themes, dll

17 RSS Lightweight XML format for sharing content Ties together conversations – allows for review of many resources Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication Pull, rather than push

18 Aggregators Kumpulan RSS-RSS dari blog-blog Desktop standalone: Integrated: Web-based:

19 Reality RSS will be bigger than blogging. Not everyone is a blogger Everyone is a potential RSS subscriber Personal blogging and work may not always be wise

20 Social Networking Adalah sebuah peta dari semua pertalian antara struktur sosial organisasi yang diikat oleh satu atau lebih tipe relasi, seperti ide, teman, perdagangan atau link web. (‏ Istilah ini saat ini dikaitkan dengan online social networking melalui web (disebut social site). –Website Social networking memberikan fungsi seperti komunitas online bagi pemakai Internet.

21 Social Networking Social networking biasanya melakukan pengelompokan individu atau organisasi bersama-sama. Perlu hati-hati: –Ada seseorang yang menyatakan bukan dirinya yang sebenarnya.

22 Types of Social Networking Sites General sites geared toward teens Schools and colleges Cultures (e.g., African American, Hispanic, European, Canadian) Business Music and videos Sports (e.g., football and golf)

23 Social Networking

24 Social Network Service


26 Social Graph “the information a social network collects about a user” Includes contact information, location, associations, personal information, work history, personal preferences, who you’re friends with, etc. This is changing: –Facebook’s Beacon feature: other sites you’ve visited –Application usage –Could include photo contents

27 Social Web Identitas: siapakah Anda? Reputasi: apa pendapat orang tentang Anda? Keberadaan: dimanakah Anda? Hubungan: Anda terhubung dengan siapa? Siapa yang Anda percaya? Kelompok: bagaimana Anda mengorganisasikan hubungan? Percakapan: apa yang Anda diskusikan? Berbagi: content apa yang Anda sediakan bagi yang lain untuk beriteraksi?

28 Social network usage

29 Technology Various technologies that help in creating Social Networks are: 1)Email 2)Blogs 3)Social Networking Software like Orkut, LinkedIn etc.

30 Technology : LinkedIn What is Your Network? When your connections invite their connections, your Network starts to grow. Your Network is your connections, their connections, and so on out from you at the center. How do you classify users? Your Network contains professionals out to “three degrees” — that is, friends-of-friends-of-friends. If each person had 10 connections (and some have many more) then your network would contain 10,000 professionals. How do you see who is in your Network? LinkedIn lets you see your network as one large group of searchable professional profiles.

31 Technology: LinkedIn (1)

32 Technology: LinkedIn (2) How to find people you need ?

33 Technology : LinkedIn (3) Finding Jobs

34 Tips for Socializing Safely Think about how different sites work before deciding to join a site. Keep some control over the information you post. Keep vital information to yourself. Make sure your screen name doesn’t reveal too much about you.

35 Tips for Socializing Safely Online continued Post only information that you are comfortable with others seeing and knowing about you. Remember, once your information is posted, you can’t take it back. Someone can forward this information and millions of people have access. Consider not posting your picture. Don’t flirt with strangers online. Source: Federal Trade Commission –

36 Another tips Beware of where you are going or browsing. –Malware & viruses Do not put any information like your credit card number or phone or email address online! Always make sure if you’re signing into a website, the URL matches where you want to go. –“Phishing”: sites are fake websites designed I don’t think that children should have access to social networks. –Beware: pedophiles Always do: allow view from your friends list! Be aware that any photo or video you post yourself online can be downloaded by any user, one way or another.

37 What can u do? Be a user Build applications Advertise your product efficiently Build a social network –You won’t be the new MySpace or StudiVZ, but… –You can create your own highly-focused virtual social network or… –Enhance your existing offering by making it social

38 Mobile Social Network Mobile Social Network is social network where one or more individuals of similar interests or commonalities, conversing and connecting with one another using the mobile phone. Every online social network application is going to have a mobile component –Internet social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook is to turn mobile –Facebook has launched a platform for operators designed to make its social networking application work better on portable devices. –Why? advantage over the computer-based communities

39 Feature In most mobile communities (mobile social network), mobile phone users can now create their own profiles, make friends, participate in chat rooms, create chat rooms, hold private conversations, share photos and videos, share blogs by using their mobile phone. Most of the mobile social networks seek to capitalize on location information. An extension of the online site

40 Adv & DisAdv Advantages –More Coverage –Mobility –Save time:upload a photo to Flickr in this two- or three-minute gap while waiting for a bus –Other capabilities: GPS Disadvantages –text input speed (Qwerty? 2 vs 10) –Screen size (Qvga, be very aware of image rendering speeds) –Bandwidth & cost (be aware of download) –No standards

41 types Web based –twitter PC based –IMs: AOL, ICQ, YAHOO, MSN (Windows Live) –Games Phone based –SMS

42 Trends Everything goes mobile (Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, MySpace) Flash (Adobe) Flash Lite (Adobe) SilverlightMobile (Microsoft) Enable an enhanced multimedia experience


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