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Toward Sustainable Island Case Study : Untung Jawa Island Lead Cohort 15 Group Project.

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1 Toward Sustainable Island Case Study : Untung Jawa Island Lead Cohort 15 Group Project

2 OUTLINE Objective of Concept Development 2 Visioning Untung Jawa Island 2030 4 Mapping Issues 5 Sustainable Development vs Sustainable Island 3 Background Project 1 Analysis & Recommendation 6 Conclusion 7

3 Background Project  Indonesia as archipelago consisting more than 17,000 islands – mostly made of small islands – and each of them has its own potential, include not fully- explored natural resources. These could become the source for future economic growth.  Unlike the big islands, small islands in Indonesia tend to be under developed.  The under developed islands have lots of issues, such as clean water sources, land use, waste management, nature conservation, and limited resources. Therefore solutions for those issues need to explored.  The solutions should consider the local characteristics of each island (culture, geography, climate, and other local potential)  Sustainable Island becomes relevant and integrates three bottom lines of development (economy, social, and environment)  The study of Toward Sustainable Island :Case Study of Untung Jawa Island is a concept which has been developed by Lead Associate Cohort 15.  Lead Associate Cohort 15 aims to provide alternative development concept for small islands in Indonesia by emphasizing the balance of economy, social, and environment align with marine and fisheries development policy based on green economy principles in Indonesia (pro poor, pro job, pro growth and pro enviroment)

4 Objective of Concept Development Mapping the issues related sustainable development for small islands in Indonesia, Developing sustainable island concept for small island in Indonesia by maximizing local potential, improving the quality of coastal biodiversity, and increasing the quality of life of local people Identifying baseline indicators and measure improvement gaps to develop green economy recommendations towards Sustainable island

5 Sustainable Island  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Based on Our Common Future, UN, 1987: Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs  Sustainable development should be ‘economically viable’, ‘socially just’, ‘environmentally sound’.  SUSTAINABLE ISLAND: Sustainable Island living personalizes a process that enables everybody to enjoy a decent living and a good quality of life in terms of satisfying their needs (economic, social, ecological and cultural) and creates an enabling environment for the future generation to fulfill its aspirations. … addresses the control and distribution of resources and the decentralization of decision-making. Furthermore, it is based on core values such as a culture of partnership based on shared vision, good governance, autonomy of the community, and participatory approaches. CONCEPT PAPER ON SUSTAINABLE ISLAND LIVING - AIMS CIVIL SOCIETY PLATFORM. CEDREFI, Republic of Mauritius. From Sustainable Island Living to Sustainable Development: Time for Action ( SustIslLivconcept06.pdf) forecastcom-launches-new-website-our-planet-is-in-danger.html

6 Green Economy “the process of reconfiguring businesses and infrastructure to deliver better returns on natural, human and economic capital investments, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions, extracting and using less natural resources, creating less waste and reducing social disparities”. – UNEP “Green Economy is economic development model with the objective to balance the interdependency between human, natural ecosystems and economic activities with the challenge of climate change and global warming” – Indonesian Ministry of Environment Indonesia’s triple track strategy for improving prosperity (Bappenas) : Pro-growth : Pro-poor: Pro-job Pro-environment to anticipate climate change

7 Vision of Untung Jawa Island 2030 Vision of Kepulauan Seribu district: “Ladang dan Taman Kehidupan Bahari yang Berkelanjutan” “Islands of sustainable livelihood and marine park” Vision of Pulau Untung Jawa: “Pulau Pemukiman Wisata Bahari yang Berkelanjutan” “Sustainable marine eco-tourism island” Vision proposed by LEAD Associates Cohort 15 : “Pulau Pemukiman Wisata Bahari yang sehat secara ekonomi (economically viable), terjadi keseimbangan ekologis dan kualitas keanekaragaman hayati pesisir dan laut (ecological carrying capacity), serta tingginya kualitas hubungan social (social capital)” “Sustainable marine eco-tourism island that is economically viable, ecological and social capital balanced”

8 Overview Untung Jawa Island  Untung Jawa Island is one of the islands in Kepulauan Seribu, with unleashed potentials in fisheries, mass tourism, creative industries and yet alarming issues in environment, social and economic aspects  Accessibility:Untung Jawa Island is only 30 minutes away or 2 kilometres from Tanjung Pasir Harbour, Tangerang, Banten or only one hour away or 2.8 kilometres from Muara Angke Harbour, North Jakarta  Population: 553 household  Number of house: 333  The boundary of Untung Island is as follow:  North : Pari island and Panggang island  East : Kabupaten Bekasi  South : West Jakarta and North Jakarta  West : Kabupaten Tangerang

9 Map of Untung Jawa Island

10 Indicators for a Sustainable Island  Amount of solid waste (ton/year)  Amount of effluent (cubic/year)  Average fuel consumption for boat transportation (liter/year)  Average percentage of island spatial planning (green area vs housing settlement)  Average amount of water consumption (cubic/year)  Demographic data (population, gender, profession)  Average revenue per year  Number of economic facility  Amount of business investment (rupiah/year)  Jumlah komoditi laut yang dihasilkan nelayan lokal (kg/tahun)  luasan dan jumlah unit budidaya laut di perairan sekitar  Jumlah Budidaya Ikan Menurut Jenisnya  Jumlah operator wisata/pengelola wisata  Jumlah fasilitas akomodasi  Jumlah kunjungan wisatawan (domestik & internasional)  GDP  Jumlah penduduk berdasarkan usia (produktif – non produktif) (orang/tahun)  Jumlah fasilitas pendidikan (dasar hingga atas)  Jumlah penduduk berdasarkan mata pencaharian (orang/tahun)  Jumlah rata-rata pendapatan penduduk (rupiah/orang/tahun) EnvironmentEconomySocial

11 Issues Mapping of Untung Jawa Island SectorIssueRemark Economy Volatile Pricing for goods and services (kuadran 2) 1.High dependency on external resources 2.Fluctuative fuel pricing 3.No local warehouse for basic needs Imbalance economy growth with carrying capacity – Green GDP (kuadran 2) 1.Despite good economic growth (8% per year), the long-term impact on social and environmental condition will be severe 2.Resource quality to support economic growth Limited access which inhibits future economic growth - transportation capacity (kuadran 4) Limitation of transportation infrastructure for economy activity inter-islands.

12 Issues Mapping of Untung Jawa Island SectorIssueRemark Environment Waste (kuadran 2) 1.Effluent 2.Solid waste from 13 rivers 3.Coral reef ecosystem destruction Abrasion (kuadran 2)The decrease of green area at the southern part of the island Fresh water sources (kuadran 2) 1.Limited source of fresh water 2.Highly dependent on RO installation

13 Issues Mapping of Untung Jawa Island SectorIssueRemark Social Limited access of drinking water (kuadran 2) 1.Potential fresh water crisis due to RO operation disruption 2.Potential health issue associated with water quality Limited higher education facility (kuadran 1) Higher cost inhibits people to higher education Population (kuadran 4)Existing number of people already higher than carrying capacity provided (esp. water, illegal settlement)

14 Issues based on systems ProblemAnalysisObjectiveIndicatorRecommendation/alter native solution Pertumbuhan populasi - society Pertambahan penduduk yang tidak terkendali akan mempengaruhi carrying capacity pulau Pengendalian populasi dikaitkan dengan pendapatan lokal (PAD)  berkaitan dengan supply dan demand pangan Perlunya pembatasan jumlah turis  pengendalian populasi  pengaturan dan pengawasan tata guna lahan  Jumlah penduduk pulau untung jawa  desity index  Angka kelahiran  Angka kematian  Regulasi pembatasan kelahiran  reviving KB Program  Limbah Jakarta - environment  Large amount of solid waste & domestic effluents fm 13- polluted-rivers flowing from Jakarta into Teluk Jakarta & Kepulauan Seribu  Demand community- based environmental quality improvement & preservation in mainland Jabodetabek  XX% solid waste & domestic effluents from 13-rivers flowing from Jakarta decreased  Policy advocacy & development to the Governments of Jakarta & Bodetabek for clean rivers program  Training government on waste managementnt plan  Training Community for composting & recycling  waste to energy scheme  waste to business Infrastruktur Transportatio n - economy  Pertambahan penduduk menyebabkan meningkatnya kebutuhan akan transporasi  Jumlah dan infrastruktur transportasi yang ada saat ini belum mencukupi kebutuhan  Penyediaan sistem transportasi yang efektif (jumlah, infrastruktur, moda, kapasitas, frekuensi transportasi)  Pengaturan jadwal dan tujuan sesuai load factor passanger  Pengaturan jadwal berdasarkan trend passanger  Penyediaan moda transportasi  Membangun depo bahan kebutuhan dasar rumah tangga

15 c Tujuan : Berkurangnya aliran sampah dari Jabotabek ke Pulau Untung Jawa sebesar xx% Pengelolaan DAS di daerah hulu Jabodetabek dan pesisir Penertiban pemanfaatan daerah sekitar DAS (permukiman kumuh, dll) Peningkatan kapasitas para pemangku kepentingan yang hidup di sekitar DAS dalam pengelolaan dan pembuangan limbah/sampah Rehabilitasi lahan kritis pada DAS Penerapan insentif dan disinsentif akan pengelolaan DAS kepada para pemangku kepentingan Kementerian Kehutanan Pemerintah Kabupaten & Provinsi Masyarakat Lokal CSO Kementerian PU Kementerian LH Ketua Masyarakat Recommendation Green Economy of Sustainable Islands - Environment Aspect - Kementrian Perencanaan Kelautan dan Perikanan Swasta

16 c Tujuan : Penyediaan sistem transportasi yang efektif (jumlah, infrastruktur, moda, kapasitas, frekuensi transportasi) Strategy and coordination across sectors Law and regulation enforcement Infrastructure development Sistem penjadwalan transportasi Membangun depo bahan kebutuhan dasar rumah tangga Kementerian/Dinas Perhubungan Dinas Perdagangan Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata / PemProv NGO/LSM Masyarakat Recommendation Green Economy of Sustainable Islands - Economy Aspect - Angkutan Sungai, Danau dan Penyeberangan Swasta Koperasi Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum

17 c Tujuan : Pengendalian Populasi di Pulau Untung Jawa Family planning and Migration Control Education & Outreach Birth Regulation & Incentives Health Facilities / KB Kementerian Kesehatan Masyarakat Lokal NGO/LSM Ketua Masyarakat Recommendation Green Economy of Sustainable Islands - Social Aspect - BKKBN Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup Departemen Sosial Private company

18 Conclusion  To achieve the following objectives in Pulau Untung Jawa:  To decrease waste flow from Jabodetabek to Pulau Untung Jawa  To promote effective transportation mechanism  To improve population control continuous improvement is highly needed using holistic multi-stakeholder approaches  Untapped potentials must be unleash through strengthened Ownership and Leadership, based on green economy pillars: pro-job, pro-poor, pro-growth and pro- environment  LEAD Associate Cohort 15 will take concrete roles i.e. leverage C15 expertise to support sustainable plan in Pulau Untung Jawa  Present & discuss the recommendation to local government & stakeholders  Immediate activity: community-based activities for mangrove replantation CHANGE! YES, WE CAN!


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