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Pengantar Teknologi Mobile Wiki System. Mass Collaboration What is the largest volunteer mass collaboration project in the history of humankind?

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Presentasi berjudul: "Pengantar Teknologi Mobile Wiki System. Mass Collaboration What is the largest volunteer mass collaboration project in the history of humankind?"— Transcript presentasi:

1 Pengantar Teknologi Mobile Wiki System

2 Mass Collaboration What is the largest volunteer mass collaboration project in the history of humankind?

3 Wikipedia

4 Wikis: what for? Wikipedia Documentation Collaboration -> flexible, simple freeform project management Intranet or extranet Great for unstructured content, can be structured with categories, tags, data trackers

5 Why use a wiki? Easy to learn – no HTML required Easy way to share knowledge Easy way to collaborate across borders Ability to revert back to old versions Ability to track who’s done what & where Fostering collaboration among friends and/or colleagues

6 Wikis: Collections of Pages Main PageContact UsResources edit Wiki pages look like web pages Anyone with a web browser can read a wiki site Anyone with the proper permissions can edit a wiki site

7 Wikis: Collaborative Spaces Great places for brainstorming Use to draft policies A way to share the secretary responsibilities in a meeting Empowers the user

8 Wiki features Use a standard web-browser Shared, editable Wysiwyg + wiki syntax for simple links and formatting Powerful revision control: Every single change is tracked. Who/what/when + ability to show the difference Email notification of changes (opt-in)

9 History Wikipedia adalah proyek bersama untuk mewujudkan Ensiklopedia terlengkap dalam semua bahasa di dunia, termasuk bahasa Indonesia Wikipedia berawal sebagai projek sampingan Nupedia, ensiklopedia bebas online yang artikelnya ditulis oleh para ahli. Larry Sanger, yang mendirikan Nupedia bersama Jimmy Wales, melontarkan ide mengenai ensiklopedia berbasis wiki pada 10 Januari 2001 di milis Nupedia. Lima hari kemudian Wikipedia pun secara resmi diluncurkan.

10 Tentang Wikipedia Wikipedia disediakan gratis oleh sebuah organisasi nirlaba, Yayasan Wikimedia, yang juga mengendalikan beberapa proyek multibahasa yang lain, diantaranya : Wiktionary (Kamus ) Wikibooks (Buku dan manual ) Wikiquote (Koleksi kutipan) Wikinews(Sumber berita) Wikiversity(Materi belajar) Wikispecies(Direktori spesies)

11 Tentang Wikipedia Kini ada 13.000 kontributor aktif yang mengerjakan 7.000.000 artikel dalam lebih dari 250 bahasa. Saat ini terdapat 82.188 artikel dalam bahasa Indonesia Tujuan wikipedia adalah mendukung perkembangan pengetahuan bebas, menyediakan isi pengetahuan kepada khalayak ramai secara bebas dan gratis, tanpa iklan.

12 Fasilitas Wikipedia Portal Pencarian Artikel Peristiwa terkini Komunitas Menyunting Naskah/Artikel Setiap orang boleh menyunting atau mengubah semua halaman di Wikipedia Menyumbang Artikel

13 Cara Pengumpulan Informasi Sumbangan artikel dari user yang telah terdaftar Suntingan/penambahan dari user yg telah terdaftar

14 Collaborative Process Writing

15 Wiki Authorship

16 Editing A Page Click on the Edit This Page tab to display edit window To create/amend: –Enter text (blank line for new paragraphs) –[[link]] create a link to another entry in Wikipedia called foo –[ foo] creates an external link –Other simple commands –That’s it!!

17 History Of The Entry Notice that the history of various versions of the entry are available If a page is vandalised, a previous version can be retrieved If page authors have logged in, you can identify the user name (and user if details added)

18 What Else Is Available? Section on Further Education gives: –Overview –Lists of FE colleges in UK Some issues: –Are you included? (some entries in directory lead to non- existent pages) –What does the entry say about you?

19 Quality, Style, etc. Wikipedia is meant to be an encyclopaedia Conventions: –No advertising –Entries should be about significant content –Quality content –Entries by self-interested parties may not be neutral Issues: –Get feel for conventions first –Peer-reviewing? –Prepare for negative feedback from Wikipedia ‘angels’

20 Wikipedia and Copyright Do you own the copyright of the materials you upload to Wikipedia? If not, plagiarism detection may raise queries? Wikipedia Mike_Walker_%28jazz_guitarist%29 Mike_Walker_%28jazz_guitarist%29 title=Rapper_sword&direction=prev &oldid=96555067 title=Rapper_sword&direction=prev &oldid=96555067 Have you assigned Creative Commons rights to materials you have upload to Wikipedia? If not, as this can be a barrier to reuse of materials by others, the materials may be removed

21 Creating your own wiki projects Wiki software Wikipedia article on wikis – Wikipedia wiki comparison chart – ki_software ki_software Wikipedia list of wiki farms –

22 Sticky issues with wikis The main challenges: Authorship Assignments (task-design) Audience and Privacy Accountability/Assessment

23 * from on 3/26/05 An Introduction to the world of wikis Key characteristics* Documents are created collectively Pages are easy to create and update “Generally, there is no review before modifications are accepted” Often “wikis are open to the general public” and “even registration of a user account is not always required.”

24 Examples of Wiki Uses Association for Library Service to Children Wiki Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® Wiki (Best Practices) ALA 2007 Annual Conference Wiki for Washington, D.C. (Info sharing/Conf planning) Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki (knowledgebase) Arbor Wiki- an area guide of Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Area/Travel Guide) Princeton Public Library’s Book Lovers Wiki (book reviews, patron feedback) St. Joseph County Public Library Subject Guides (Part of Web site)


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