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Communicating In Crisis

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1 Communicating In Crisis
Dian Anggraeni Zulkarnain, M.Si

2 Crisis In Public Relations
Natural disaster crisis. Industrial accident crisis Product failure crisis Public perception crisis Industrial relation crisis Business management crisis Criminal event crisis Management turnover crisis Hostile takeover crisis Stimulate Extensive News Media coverage Affect your reputation, image /credibility in negative way Public

3 What can and must- be managed is the response.
Public and political environment in which the crisis is occurring The Culture and inner workings of the organization facing the crisis Human nature – how will the person and groups involved most likely react to the crisis itself, to attempt to alleviate it, and to various communication, events or activities?

4 Understand How People Typically Respond To Issues
1% 45% 8% % % Immediately Leaning Opinion Leaning Immediately Favorable Favorable Leaders Unfavorable Unfavorable Zealots, Have Willing to Have Zealots, minds made opinion discuss, open opinion minds made up as soon won’t do minded won’t do up as soon as the hear anything will drive anything as they hear to the issue about it decision about it of the issue

5 Ciri-ciri Perusahaan Krisis
KEADAAN FISIK Tidak terurus, lampu redup, toliet kotor, seragam petugas lama tak berganti, mobil tua, pabrik bekerja di bawah titik optimal SDM Malas, datang dan pulang seenaknya, pemimpin jarang hadir, banyak terlihat tidak bekerja, hanya kumpul-kumpul dan bergosip. Karyawan yang bagus banyak mengundurkan diri. PRODUK ANDALAN Hampir tidak ada, hanya menyelesaikan yang sudah ada saja. Banyak retur dan defect KONFLIK Hampir setiap hari terdengar, perasaan resah dan gelisah ENERGI Hampir tidak ada DEMO KARYAWAN Tinggi, takut di PHK PROSES HUKUM Meningkat dan datang dari mana-mana BAGIAN KEUANGAN Hidup dalam suasana stres. Dikejar tagihan-tagihan yang tak terbayar oleh debt collector Rhenald Kasali, 2005

6 CASE: There’s A Syringe In My Pepsi Can!
CASE BRIEF: The PEPSI Corporation faced a crisis in 1993 which started with claims of syringes being found in cans of diet Pepsi. Pepsi urged stores not to remove the product from shelves while it had the cans and the situation investigated. This led to an arrest, which Pepsi made public and then followed with their first video news release, showing the production process to demonstrate that such tampering was impossible within their factories. A second video news release displayed the man arrested. A third video news release showed surveillance from a convenience store where a woman was caught replicating the tampering incident.

7 The company simultaneously publicly worked with the FDA during the crisis. The corporation was completely open with the public throughout, and every employee of Pepsi was kept aware of the details. This made public communications effective throughout the crisis. After the crisis had been resolved, the corporation ran a series of special campaigns designed to thank the public for standing by the corporation, along with coupons for further compensation. This case served as a design for how to handle other crisis situations

8 The Public Relations Impact
Identify four primary publics to be addressed: The news media Customer (those who purchased the product for retail sale) Consumers Employees and local Pepsi-Cola bottlers.

9 INTERNAL ACTIONS: 1. The public affairs department: Media relations specialists prepared to respond to media inquiries and to provide regular updates of facts and development. Strategy approach: ONE CLEAR VOICE A second team wrote and produced video news releases, audiotapes, press releases, charts, and diagrams of the production process and photos for external and internal distribution.

10 2. Consumer Relations Had 24 people manning the 24-hour toll free hotlines, taking calls from consumers, hearing reports and comments, and monitoring public opinion as it developed. Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Assigned technical and quality assurance specialist to work with FDA and local health department to evaluate and track each complaint Sales and marketing personnel Responsible for maintaining relationship with its customers- Supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and others who sold Pepsi product for the consumer. Manufacturing Experts Assisted the FDA and developed simple, easy to understand explanations of the filling line process for the news media and the public. The Legal Department Involved at all stages of the reporting and communication process

Put public safety first Look at the problem through the perspective of the public and address their concerns. Find the problem and fix Pepsi was convinced the problem was not within its production facilities, so it worked with regulatory authorities to demonstrate the security of their plants, and to investigate and respond to all complaints. Communicate frequently, quickly, and regularly. Use both broadcast and print communicating tools. Be honest, available and informed about what the media needs and be prepared to meet those needs. Take full responsibility for resolving the crisis Pepsi realizes quickly that this was a problem that the public expected it to help resolve. Pointing fingers at consumers or ducking responsibility was never an option even though most on the crisis response team felt the reports of foreign objects were hoaxes.

Menyerang pihak yang memojokkan perusahaan dengan memberikan fakta dan menjelaskan kepada publik bahwa tuduhan tidak beralasan. Contoh kasus: ASTRO TANTANG INDOVISION BUKTIKAN MIGRASI PELANGGAN UNIVERISTAS BOROBUDUR GUGAT MARISSA HAQUE Perusahaan bisa merespon krisis dengan melakukan penyangkalan ASTRO TOLAK TUDUHAN MONOPOLI SIARAN LANGSUNG LIGA INGGRIS PT. TATA DISANTARA KLARIFIKASI ISU KORUPSI DAN KKN Melakukan pembenaran kepada publik. Meskipun hal masalah tersebut memancing polemik di masyarakat.

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