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Consumer Insight.

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1 Consumer Insight

2 consumer consumer • n. 1) a person or thing that eats or uses something. 2) a person who buys goods and services for personal use: [as modifier] consumer demand. (Oxford dictionary 7th edition)

3 customer customer • n. 1) a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. 2) a person of a specified kind that one has to deal with: he's a tough customer. (oxford dictionary 7th edition)

4 insight insight • n. 1) the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of something. › an understanding of this kind. 2) Psychiatry awareness by a mentally ill person that their mental experiences are not based in external reality. - DERIVATIVES insightful adj. insightfully adv. - ORIGIN ME: prob. of Scand. and Low Ger. origin. (oxford dictionary. 7th edition)

5 Insight a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation, or the ability to have such an understanding. (cambridge dictionary )

6 Insight merupakan perpaduan beberapa unsur yaitu :
Unsur deep: kedalaman pemahaman materi Unsur complex: mencakup kompleksitas dari masalah yang dibahas Unsur sudden: dari segi waktu, yaitu sesuatu yang dimengerti secara tiba-tiba (Maulana h 24)

7 Consumer Insight consumer insights merupakan suatu proses mencari tahu secara lebih mendalam dan holistik tentang latar belakang perbuatan, pemikiran dan perilaku seorang konsumen yang berhubungan dengan produk dan komunikasi iklannya Hasil dari consumer insight dapat digunakan untuk mengetahui “point of interest” dari target market, sehingga pemasar dapat memformulasikan strategi berdasar “point of interest” tersebut

8 Sesuatu yang insightful berarti berisikan informasi yang mendalam pada suatu objek permasalahan yang kompleks dan ditemukannya tidak setiap saat Jadi, consumer insight adalah proses mencari tahu secara lebih mendalam dan holistik, tentang latar belakang perbuatan, pemikiran, dan perilaku seorang konsumen yang berhubungan dengan produk dan komunikasi iklannya. (Maulana h 25)

9 Insight area Klasik psikologis

10 Area klasik berarti mencari tahu siapa konsumen kita, apa yang mereka lakukan, di mana mereka berada, apa yang mereka beli, apa yang ingin mereka beli, media apa yang mereka pilih untuk mereka lihat, dengar, dan baca. Area klasik apa yang konsumen pikirkan dan rasakan, apa tujuan dan strategi mereka, dan bagaimana mereka dipengaruhi oleh perilaku. Area Psikologis

11 Fungsi Consumer Insight..(1)
untuk mendapatkan saran untuk kelangsungan hidup dan penerimaan dari sebuah produk atau konsep baru. Product or concept testing; untuk mencari suatu fitur dalam suatu produk yang penting untuk konsumen dan kelebihan serta keuntungan yang bisa diberikan. Product features; untuk mengarahkan usaha-usaha kreatif. Penelitian memungkinkan organisasi untuk mengerti apakah sebuah pesan bisa dipahami, apakah suatu pesan sudah sesuai, apakah konsumen mempunyai keberatan yang tersembunyi, apakah ada peluang yang terlewatkan, dan sebagainya Creative guidance;

12 Fungsi Consumer Insight..(2)
untuk menemukan emosi dan perasaan tersembunyi di balik respon konsumen Missing features; Untuk mengetahui saluran apa yang dipilih konsumen dalam membeli barang dan harapan yang dimiliki konsumen ketika melakukan pembelian. Purchasing channel;

13 Contoh sukses Insight penambahan sayuran kering dan bawang goreng dalam produk mie instan dan slogan brilian ‘Just do It’ oleh Nike. konsep Rinso Ayo Main (RAM) ini juga berdampak terhadap kenaikan Rinso sebesar 21%. Sukses program RAM diawali dengan basis data riset yang menunjukkan persepsi negatif masyarakat yang merupakan sebuah insight yaitu anggapan bermain dan berkotor ria itu tidak baik buat anak-anak mereka. Amalia E. Maulana, op.cit., halaman 26

14 Kunci konsumer insight
Insights tidak harus datang dari brand manager saja, melainkan dari semua oang yang tergabung dalam organisasi, termasuk pemilik perusahaan. CI perlu dibudayakan dalam perusahaan. Adanya CI manager di organisasi adalah salah satu cara untuk menghimpun semua insight yang relevan dan disalurkan sesuai dengan kapasitasnya. Insights tidak berguna apabila tidak actionable. Tantangannya adalah bagaimana membuat informasi yang digali sebagai insights menjadi jelas dan dimengerti oleh tim pemasaran (termasuk di dalamnya product development dan research agency) dan kemudian diterjemahkan dalam suatu rencana yang nyata.

15 Basic option: Consumer insight techniques
These techniques aim at revealing the consumer’s latent expectations, desires and visions: In-depth Interviews Creative Focus Groups Dialogue groups between consumers and service providers Lifestyle Screening ml

16 Think Outside The Survey 14 Market Research Methods For Customer Insight

17 Fourteen Options for Customer Insights
1.Biometrics 2.Crowdsourcing 3.Ethnography 4.Expert Interviews 5.Idea Management 6.Instant Polls 7.Mobile Research 8.MROCs 9.Netnography 10.Neuromarketing 11.Prediction Markets 12.Social Media Research 13.Text Analytics 14.Video Research

18 There are now several companies that offer eye-tracking options so that you can analyze what interests the subject in a visual display, product package, ad, or web site. Other biometrics track heart rate and temperature to measure responses. Somewhat related is the emerging category of facial coding. Why is this methodology important? Because instead of relying on research participants to tell us what is important (emotions which they themselves can’t always articulate), biometric data sources capture actual physical reactions. While understanding physical measures of emotions and integrating that into market research is still evolving, it is already being used by several Fortune 500 companies. Biometrics

19 is often associated with the idea of having work completed, such as for design projects facilitated by sites like 99Designs and Crowdspring. Wikipedia is another famous example; an entirely crowdsourced, “living” encyclopedia. Crowdsourcing also includes the broader concept of asking a “crowd” for opinions or information Ex : An informal approach is to ask a question about market trends on a networking site such as LinkedIn. Another option is to ask Facebook fan page members what they think, for example, of a new ad. One could even argue that hosting a contest—such as asking customers to submit videos or tag lines—is a combination form of market research and crowdsourcing; by looking at the themes contestants focus on, the brand learns what is important to customers. For more formal crowdsourcing approaches, see idea management and prediction markets below. Crowdsourcing

20 Anthropology comes to market research
Anthropology comes to market research. Researchers who observe shoppers as they peruse grocery store aisles are the classic example, though there are many variations. We know we can learn a lot by observing consumer behavior—things people will not or cannot articulate in a survey or focus group. Some inspiring ethnographic research is being done by Kelley Styring of Insightfarm. Check out her fantastic book, In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag. While the market research application of ethnography is quite narrow as compared to its roots in anthropology, market researchers have gained a lot of insights by borrowing this methodology. Ethnography

21 Instant Pools You can do a one-question Facebook poll for free. How cool is that? Sure, one can argue that it is not true “market research”, but it can still be a useful data source. Willing to pay a little? Then you can purchase some minimum population requirements, such as country and gender. Facebook isn’t the only option; check out CrowdTap, InCrowd and PollBob; these are just a few of the companies that integrate simple polling platforms with sample or social network access for same day research. But keep an eye on them—these tools are getting more sophisticated, and will soon blur the lines with traditional online survey platforms that offer panel access. Instant pools

22 Building your own community is expensive, but depending on the volume of research you do, it can pay for itself in under a year. Market research online communities (MROCs) are a great option because they allow us to tap into known, qualified populations for our projects and give us the option of an ongoing dialogue. MROCs can be built with as few as fifty or as many as thousands of participants, who opt-in and typically go through a screening process. Engage in real-time discussions, encourage co-creation, post polls, test offers…the possibilities are many. Not sure if it is a fit for your organization? Then start small with a pilot project. MROCS (market research online community)

23 Mobile Research Imagine being able to push out survey questions—one-at-a-time or as a complete survey—to mobile devices. Now you can, and it means that you can conduct research during or immediately after an interaction with your brand. Imagine capturing shoppers’ immediate feedback on their in-store experience. How about collecting instant reactions from user group or conference attendees? Mobile research simply leverages the fact that most people have mobile phones—so why not send the survey to the most convenient device? Three of the many companies now offering specific products for this include SurveySwipe, Vovici and Zoomerang, among others. Mobile research

24 Netnography Ethnography observes human behavior in-person; netnography observes it online. Popularized by Rob Kozinets, the premise is that we can learn a lot by observing the content and characteristics of online behavior. The sheer volumes of publically accessible (and therefore observable) blogs, discussion groups, and other communities mean we have numerous places to observe online behavior. Distinctions should be made between netnography and social media research. Netnography studies a particular group or community (often over some measure of time), much like an anthropologic ethnographic study would. Social media research typically seeks to measure attitudes and behaviors more broadly; it is common for social media research to gather data from many thousands of sources. Unfortunately, these terms are sometimes used inconsistently, resulting in confusion. Netnography

25 Easily track what is being said about your brand, product, or even competitors across social media sites. Trackur can be tried out for free and Radian6 has a free 30-day membership.* For more in-depth social media research including sentiment analysis, customized reporting, and related services, check out Conversition’s evolisten, Crimson Hexagon, Cymfony, iTracks, NetBase and Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics. A wide variety of tools are available, and the applications of social media research range from simple early warning systems (alerting you to negative word of mouth) to in-depth brand perception analysis. Social Media research

26 Text analytics and social media research go hand-in-hand, but text analytics can be applied to any text source. W hether it is website feedback forms, comments on your company blog, open-ended survey responses, or even customer letters, any bucket of text can be analyzed with text analytics tools. These tools run the gamut from very simple (and cheap) to very sophisticated (and pricey). Want a free option? Dump any bucket of text into a word cloud tool and you will get counts of how often a particular word comes up. Take the example of customer feedback forms or blog comments: wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many times certain key phrases come up? Advanced tools are available from companies such as Clarabridge, IBM and Lexalytics. OK, to be precise, text analytics is a tool, not a methodology. But because it can be applied in so many ways, it fundamentally changes how we can derive meaning from various sources. This makes it an exception worth adding to our list. Text analytic

27 New platforms are available that allow you to collect video-based research input. Maybe you want to see facial expressions. In some projects, emotional response can be very important. Or maybe you just want to give research participants an alternative mode of sharing feedback. Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) is one such survey provider with a panel of webcam-equipped research participants available, Mindswarms is another. SurveyGizmo has hinted it will be adding video response support by year-end 2011. Video Research

28 Neuromarketing A very close but distinct cousin to biometrics, the neuromarketing concept seems simple enough: by imaging or monitoring brain activity, we can objectively measure human response to visual displays or other experiences. However, opinions on validity, best practices, and even ethics of neuromarketing are diverse. Yet, there are plenty of avid believers, and the idea that we can measure brain activity to determine what is going to be most effective (such as in an ad, product package, and in one famous case, even a magazine cover) is enticing. Too good to be true for marketers? Perhaps. But a development worth watching. Neuromarketing

29 Forget the phone tag, scheduling hassles, recording errors, and transcription delays of yesterday.
Now by simply tapping into existing communities, you can get expert feedback on your burning questions within a day. At a minimum, posting questions on discussion groups is a great way to generate or refine hypotheses—always an important part of the research process. Check professional association communities, LinkedIn Groups, and MeetUp Groups to find relevant experts. Expert interviews

30 A common market research task is to discover customer needs and wants—sometimes in general, sometimes for a specific brand or product category. Platforms now exist that allow you to generate and assess ideas from select groups of interest—such as customers, employees, or broader groups. By creating an engaging user interface, these platforms make it easy for participants to submit ideas, vote on ideas and engage in conversations. Platforms include BrightIdea, IdeaScale, Spigit, and many more. How about facilitating this via Facebook? Check out Bulbstorm. If you have not heard of “idea management” before, think of it as a combination of idea brainstorming and concept testing rolled into one. Like coffee? Then check out the publically accessible example at MyStarbucksIdea. Idea Management

31 The categories of idea management and prediction markets overlap a bit
The categories of idea management and prediction markets overlap a bit. From a market research perspective, the key point is simple: using a web-based tool to generate, prioritize, and assess ideas (which, in this context, are predictions). Maybe you want to know what behaviors will be more common in your target market by 2015? Or which of several new product offerings will have the most demand in the next 12 months? Ask the crowd, whether a broad or narrow one, by hosting a prediction market. IdeaScale, Infosurv, and Inkling are just three of the platforms that offer free trials.* Some astounding results, in terms of prediction accuracy, have been reported in case studies by Best Buy and The Iowa Electronics Markets, among others. Prediction Market

32 categories

33 Contoh Consumer Insight
Judul : Wedding Organizer: Consumer Insight dan Segmentasi Pasar Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan interpretatif dan metodologi kualitatif, sedangkan metode yang dipilih adalah etnography. Teknik yang digunakan dalam pengumpulan datanya adalah pengumpulan data sekunder; observasi langsung; wawancara tidak terstruktur; dan wawancara mendalam. Teknik analisis datanya adalah analisis framework the theater metaphor.

34 Hasil analisis dari studi pendahuluan ini terbagi menjadi dua bagian yaitu consumer insight dan segmentasi pemasaran. Pertama yaitu segmentasi pasar wedding organizer yang telah dipetakan menjadi the socialite, the wedding dream, the workaholic couples, the not idea at all, the wishy washy, dan the thrifty. Kedua, hasil consumer insights yang diperoleh terbagi lagi berdasarkan berbagai stakeholer yaitu calon pengantin wanita, calon pengantin pria, orang tua pengantin, keluarga inti, dan saudara atau keluarga besar.


36 Tugas : Pilihlah salah satu model dari directional method of consumer insight untuk target market produk X (optional choices) Formulasikan proposal risetnya (progress proposal nextweek) dan Implementasikan riset tersebut (hasil UAS)

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