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Presentasi berjudul: "PERALATAN PENCAMPURAN (MIXING EQUIPMENT)"— Transcript presentasi:

Dr. Ir. Meika Syahbana Rusli, MSc

2 Jenis agregat komponen dalam suatu campuran :
Tujuan Pencampuran: Bergabungnya bahan menjadi suatu campuran yang sedapat mungkin memiliki kesamaan penyebaran yang sempurna Jenis agregat komponen dalam suatu campuran : Campuran gas ; Contoh : udara Campuran bahan cair; Contoh : larutan, emulsi Campuran bahan padat-bahan cair; Contoh : suspensi, pasta Campuran bahan cair-gas; Contoh : minuman yang mengandung CO2

3 5. Campuran bahan padat; Contoh : pakan ternak, adukan semen pasir 6. Campuran gas-bahan padat; Contoh : asap Homogenisasi campuran jenis 1 dan 6 dilakukan dengan bantuan aliran turbulen melalui pompa Homogenisasi campuran jenis 2 s/d 5 dilakukan melalui : A. pengadukan B. pencampuran bahan viskous C. pencampuran bahan padat

4 Pengadukan bahan cair Tujuan : a. Mensuspensikan bahan/partikel padat
b. Menggabungkan bahan-bahan cair yang dapat saling bercampur c. Mendispersikan gas dalam bentuk gelembung gas halus d. Mendispersikan bahan cair lain yang tidak dapat e. Meningkatkan pindah panas antara bahan cair dan penukar panas Dalam suatu proses pengadukan, beberapa tujuan tersebut diatas dicapai secara sekaligus. Contoh : proses hidrogenasi katalitis minyak nabati

5 Rancangan alat pengauk (agitators)
Secara umum agitator terdiri dari : 1. bejana (vessel) 2. sumbu berputar (As) 3. pengaduk (impeller) 4. penggerak (motor) 5. pemecah aliran (buffle)

6 Lee Agitators All Lee agitators feature a unique offset frame construction which brings the points of the scrapers to the centerline, thus insuring uniform scraping action throughout the entire processing cycle. Lee agitators also offer sanitary advantages and an opportunity to reduce operating costs as they do not have to be removed and broken down for cleaning. Lee agitators are available in various standard styles and sizes, also.

7 Other features include:
Exclusive centerline scraper assembly assures uniform scraping and complete mixing. Scrapers are hinged to the frame above and back of the center at a steep pitch, thus moving the heated film of the product continuously toward the center of the kettle. Option of fixed or variable speed, electric or hydraulic motors. Agitator drive mounted in a heavy stainless steel channel with special lip seal to prevent leakage into product. Choice of hydraulic cylinders for easy tilt-out of agitator. USDA approved scraper blades available in a choice of quality materials, including: molded nylon, nickel alloy castings, and Teflon. Fully-enclosed gear box with heavy-duty gears assures reliability and long life. Lee assembles, tests and runs all agitator assemblies before shipment. Standard agitator is supplied with a USDA approved bottom support bushing. All scraped-surface agitators can be installed at an incline in hemispherical bottom vessels.


9 Tipe-tipe impeller Radial impeller

10 Axial impeller

11 Specialty Impellers

12 Pengadukan bahan viskous
Karakteristik bahan campuran Viskositas tinggi Plastis Berbentuk pasta Karakteristik proses pencampuran Memerlukan gaya gunting (shear force) yang lebih besar Memerlukan energi spesifik yang lebih besar (sampai 1kwh/kg) Tidak ada aliran bahan menuju pengaduk Peralatan pencampuran Muller mixer Change can mixer kneaders


14 Dispersion kneader

1. It has an automatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing effect. 2. Easy to clean chamber and changing colours. 3. It mixes compounds in 6~10 minutes per batch equivalent to 2 units of mixing Roller. 4. Pressurized and sealing mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevented environmental pollution. 5. Easy to installation, operation and maintenance to lower the running cost.


17 Excellent for kneading and mixing of highly viscous materials like dough, putty, rubber solutions, adhesives, polymers etc. The mixing action is a combination of smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining as the material is processed between the sigma blades and the container walls. Jacket arrangement is provided for heating or cooling application. In bigger models the container is tilted by a hydraulic cylinder to ensure complete discharge of mass.

MODEL TOTAL VOLUMETRIC CAP. IN LTRS. HP HYDRAULIC TILTING HP SK 6 6 1.5 N.A SK 25 25 3 SK 50 60 5 SK 125 125 10 SK 225 225 20 SK 500 500 30 2 SK 1000 1000 SK 1500 1500 75 SK 3000 3000 300 7.5

19 Pony mixer

20 Pencampuran partikel padat
Karakteristik proses pencampuran Bahan padat datat mengalir Prinsip hampir sama dengan pencampuran bahan viskous Membutuhkan tenaga yang lebih ringan/kecil dari pada pencampuran bahan pasta Tidak ada aliran bahan ke pengaduk dengan sendirinya Cara kerja : kocokan mekanik, angkat dan jatuhkan dan menggelindingkan bahan

21 Jenis-jenis mesin pencampur bahan padat antara lain :
1. Ribbon blender 2. Vertical screw mixer 3. Double cone mixer 4. Twin shell blender

22 Double Cone Mixer


24 APPLICATION Foodstuff, General chemicals, Feed, Plastic, Dye, Cosmetics, Drugs, Plastic powder, Resin powder addition...etc. FEATURE 1. The mixing barrel and blades are made of stainless steel, always keeping clean and away from dirt. The mixing barrel can be tilted freely at the angle of 0°~360° degrees for discharging and cleaning purpose. 2. The safety device can protect the safety of operator and machine. The automatic stopping device can be set with in the range of minutes for automatic stopping.

25 Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m) From Floor To Outlet : 450 m/m
Model Full Volume (KG/L) Power(HP) Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m) DC-50 50/ 120 1 1350X800X1500 DC-100 100/ 260 2 1700X1000X1650 DC-200 200/ 500 3 2100X1200X1850 From Floor To Outlet : 450 m/m

26 Gardner Double Cone Blender

27 Gardner Double Cone Blender
GARDNER Double Cone Blenders incorporate a gentle, low energy tumbling action, ideal for blending the most delicate and fragile products. It is also the best way to mix very heavy and abrasive products. Features Capacities range from 2 to 100,000 litres. Hygienic design with no internal seals. Automated loading option via pneumatic conveying system. Custom built to suit customer requirements.

28 Benefits Gentle blending of delicate materials.
Hygienic and easy to clean. Each blender features KEMUTEC's unique multi shear deflector plates for the improved blending efficiency of free flowing powders and granules. Minimal attrition when blending abrasive materials. Total discharge of product with minimal retention

29 Plough Mixers


31 Gardner Plough Mixers Gardner Plough Mixers are high energy, high shear, and high-speed mixers with cylindrical short aspect ratio mixing chambers. Extra shear can be achieved by adding side cutters or intensifiers. Gardner Plough Mixers are available with 'Easy Clean' cantilevered shaft, subject to application. Features Hygienic design Capacities in the range of 50 to 20,000 litres Custom built to suit customer requirements

32 Benefits Alternative trough shapes are available to suit specific application requirements Rapid mix times High-energy mixes

33 Ribbon Mixer

34 With Oil Spraying Device

35 APPLICATION Foodstuff, Feed, Dye, Pigment, Chemical, Spice, Fertilizer...etc. FEATURE 1. The inner and outer layers dual-spiral "S" sign crossing of upper and lower mixing type is adopted. Mixing effectiveness is good. Speed is fast. Powder dust will not fly in operation. 2. Complete and through blending of raw materials by ribbon agitator which create two layers and counter movement of flows.

36 Mixing Principle Instruction

37 Mixing Principle Instruction With Oil Spraying Device

38 Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m) From Floor To Outlet : 600 m/m
Model Full Volume(Kg/L) Power(HP) Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m) RM-100 100/260 2 2210X600X1450 RM-200 200/500 3 2310X710X1660 RM-300 300/700 5 2310X900X1750 RM-500 500/1200 71/2 2790X960X1830 RM-1000 1000/2400 15 3420X1220X2150 RM-2000 2000/4800 25 3900X1350X2450 From Floor To Outlet : 600 m/m

39 Gardner Ribbon Mixers



42 Gardner Ribbon Mixers Gardner U-trough Ribbon Mixers are tried and tested units for the consistent batch and continuous blending of powder and granules. Gardner Ribbon Mixers are available with 'Easy Clean' cantilevered shaft, subject to application. Features Hygienic design to suit today's stringent requirements. Capacities in the range of 3.5 to 20,000 litres Custom built manufacture to suit customer requirements

43 Benefits Mixing times are rapid whilst maintaining a gentle action
Minor ingredients are dispersed homogeneously without the need for pre-mixing

44 Rotary Cone Mixer

45 Feature : 1. This machine can mix all powder of powder is uniform.
2. The machine adopt outer-inner rotation and grain of powder is uniform. 3. The mixing barrel can be tilted freely at the angle of degrees for discharging and cleaning purpose. 4. The automatic stopping device can be set within  the range of 0-60 minutes for automatic stopping. 5. Easy to operate, easy to wash, clean and move. It is very suitable for GMP food and pharmaceutical factories.

46 Inner Oil Spraying Device

47 Mixing Wing

48 With Oil Spraying Device

49 Mixing Principle Instruction

50 Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m)
Model Full Volume (KG/L) Power(HP) Dimension Of Machine(LxWxH)(m/m) Shaft Outer-barrel RC-50 50/ 120 1 2 1800X750X1560 RC-100 100/ 260 3 1900X880X1700 RC-200 200/ 500 2300X1200X1900 RC-300 300/ 700 5 2430X1300X2100 RC-500 500/ 1200 71/2 2800X1450X2400 RC-1000 1000/ 2400 15 3500X1700X2700 From Floor To Outlet : 450 m/m


52 General     This Mixer is applicable for mixing powdery or granular materials in pharmaceutical and other industries.     It consists of two V-Type cylinders of different altitudes, and through mechanical transmission, the materials in these cylinders are made to move back and forth and turn over again and again, thereby achieving the goal of uniform mixing.    This Mixer has the following distinguishing features, no blind angle in the cylinders, no accumulation of materials, high speed, and short mixing time. With the body made of stainless steel and both inner and outer walls polished, the cylinders have elegant appearance the charging of materials can be made either by manual operation or through vacuum suction. For discharging, rotating valves and rapid swivel heads are adopted.

53 Main Technical Specifications
 Model (Cubic Ft.)  Capacity (liter)  Rotor Speed  Power  Dimension (L x W x H)  Net Weight  2  20  15 rpm  0.37 kw  1180 x 820 x 1200 mm  200 kg  5  60  18 rpm  0.57 kw  1620 x 1400 x 1700 mm  250 kg  10  120  1.5 kw  2100 x 1600 x 2400 mm  450 kg  18  200  2200 x 2000 x 2800 mm  500 kg  35  400  12 rpm  2.2 kw  3100 x 2300 x 3100 mm  700 kg  53  600  10 rpm  3 kw  3420 x 2600 x 3500 mm  900 kg  70  800  3700 x 2800 x 3550 mm  1000 kg  105  1200  9 rpm  4 kw  4200 x 2850 x 3800 mm  1100 kg

54 Edge Runner / Mixer Muller


56 For mixing of foundry chemicals, pastes,moulding sand, foundry fluxes, food colours etc where an amount of binder or aggalomerate is to be blended into the material. Also used for densification of the mix. The pan is stationary inside which rotate heavy duty mullers / rollers . The heavy wide rollers ride over the material where intensive crushing, shearing and mixing action takes place. Scrappers and ploughs are provided for directing the mass into the path of the rollers.The machine is also available with granite rolls and pan.

57 MODEL DIA. OF PAN IN FT. WORKING CAP IN KGS HP C – 2 2 25 C – 3 3 85 C – 4 4 170 7.5 C – 5 5 400 10 C – 6 6 700 20

58 FRIGMA MIXER For low energy blending of a wide range of dry and semi wet materials used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and allied industries. The mixer consists of an orbiting helical screw rotating on its axis in a conical vessel. The material is carried upwards as well as rotated around the conical vessel. Reversing the direction of the screw aids discharge of material. Capacities are available from 100 kgs to 2000 kgs with various optional attachments.





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