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2 (1). May be preceded by a or an in the singular,
PLURAL COUNTABLE NOUN a book one book books some books two books many books few books a few books A count noun: (1). May be preceded by a or an in the singular, (2). Takes a final -s or –es in the plural NON money some money a lot of money much money little money a little money A noncount noun: (1). Is not preceded by a or an; (2). Has no plural form; does not take a final –s

3 Following is a list of some common nouns which are usually or always used as noncount nouns:
Advice Information weather clothing fruit** homework water furniture Food work* housework rain jewelry baggage Bread evidence snow luggage Intelligence wind machinery cheese Slang ignorance air money Coffee vocabulary knowledge dew Music meat significance fog Postage milk fun hail Scenery pepper enjoyment courage Heat traffic rice happiness Honesty humidity butter salt Sadness luck lighting Sugar transportation

4 Work is used as a count noun when it means “ a work of art”; e. g
*Work is used as a count noun when it means “ a work of art”; e.g., There are many works of art in the museum. (Compare: I have some work to do tonight.) **Many food terms are used as count nouns when they mean “a kind of”;e.g. An orange is a fruit. (Compare: I had fruit for dessert.)

5 BE CAREFUL with the noun 'hair' which is normally uncountable in English:
She has long blonde hair It can also be countable when referring to individual hairs: My father's getting a few grey hairs now


7 Singular Plural boat boats hat hats house houses river rivers
Most nouns form the plural by adding -s or - es. Singular Plural boat boats hat hats house houses river rivers

8 A noun ending in -y preceded by a consonant makes the plural with -ies.
Singular Plural a cry cries a fly flies a nappy nappies a poppy poppies a city cities a lady ladies a baby babies

9 There are some irregular formations for noun plurals
There are some irregular formations for noun plurals. Some of the most common ones are listed below. Singular Plural woman women man men child children tooth teeth foot feet person people leaf leaves half halves knife knives wife wives life lives loaf loaves potato potatoes

10 cactus cacti focus foci fungus fungi nucleus nuclei syllabus syllabi/syllabuses analysis analyses diagnosis diagnoses oasis oases thesis theses crisis crises phenomenon phenomena criterion criteria datum data

11 Some nouns have the same form in the singular and the plural.
sheep fish species aircraft

12 quantifier + countable noun
Relasi Quantifier dengan Noun Determiner (Quantifier) Contoh Kalimat Kombinasi Quantifier dengan Noun quantifier + countable noun many Many people assume that his life is perfected. (Banyak orang menganggap bahwa hidup dia sempurna.) a few I have a few used clothes for the beggar. (Aku punya beberapa pakaian bekas untuk pengemis itu. few He only has few ties to attend the meeting. (Dia hanya punya sedikit dasi untuk menghadiri pertemuan.) several Several tourists from Norway are walking down the Kuta Beach. (Beberapa turis asal Norwegia sedang berjalan menyusuri Pantai Kuta.) a couple of A couple of swallows are flying to the south. (Sepasang burung layang-layang sedang terbang ke selatan.) none of None of his sport shoes is in a good condition. (Tidak satupun sepatu olahraganya dalam kondisi layak.)

13 quantifier + uncountable noun
much I don’t have much money in this time. (Saya tidak punya banyak uang saat ini.) a little Ria has a little money in her pocket. (Ria punya sedikit uang di kantongnya.) little There is only little water left in the kettle. (Hanya sedikit air tersisa di dalam ceret.) a great deal of, a good deal of I need a great deal of money to buy a lamborghini. (Saya membutuhkan uang yang banyak untuk membeli sebuah lamborghini.) no Because of his illness, he prefers the syrup with no sugar added. (Karena penyakitnya, dia memilih sirup tanpa penambahan gula.)

14 quantifier + countable / uncountable noun some
Would you mind giving me some advice? (Maukah kamu memberi saya beberapa nasehat?) Some students prefer to learn on their own for the exam while some others do not. (Beberapa siswa lebih suka belajar sendiri untuk ujian sedangkan beberapa yang lain tidak.) most of Most of the people are ekstrovert. (Kebanyakan orang adalah ekstrovert.) Most of the Indonesian people have brownish black skin. (Kebanyakan dari orang Indonesia mempunyai kulit sawo matang.) enough There’re not enough chairs for uninvited guests. (Disana tidak ada cukup kursi untuk tamu yang tidak diundang.) Do you have enough money to borrow me? (Apakah kamu punya cukup uang untuk meminjamkanku?) a lot of She has a lot of cats. (Dia mempunyai banyak kucing.) Do you need a lot of sugar? (Apakah kamu membutuhkan banyak gula?) lots of I have lots of time to accompany you. (Saya punya banyak waktu untuk menemanimu.) He has lots of jokes to make his friends laugh. (Dia punya banyak lelucon untuk membuat teman-temannya tertawa.) plenty of There are plenty of deer in the pasture. (Ada banyak rusa di padang rumput.) The corruptor has plenty of money in international bank. (Koruptor itu punya banyak uang di bank internasional.) a lack of A lack of vitamins can contribute to the occurance of various diseases. (Kurang vitamin dapat berkontribusi pada timbulnya berbagai penyakit.) The body odor can cause a lack of self-confidence. (Bau badan dapat menyebabkan kurang percaya diri.)

15 Numeral Fungsi Contoh Contoh Noun Phrase Cardinal Number express quantity (untuk mengekspresikan jumlah) one, two, ten one apple, two apples, ten apples Ordinal Number express sequence (untuk mengekspresikan tahapan) first, second, third first time, second opinion, third grade

16 How …….children do you and Tony have?
a an a few any a little much a lot of some many a lot How …….children do you and Tony have? I don't have patience and I find jigsaw puzzles boring. We only have carrots. We should go and buy some more. "Do we need any mushrooms?" "No, we have . Look, three bags!“ There was an explosion at the factory and people were injured. We don't know how many yet. When you make the pie, put wine in too. But not too much! It makes it really tasty. When you go out, buy me apple and a bottle of Coke. I don't need advice from you. You don't understand the problem! "Do you like this programme?" "Not . You can change the channel if you want.“ Lots of people in Spain like to take siesta during the hottest part of the day. I have been to America times. Twice in 1996 and again last year. Can you give me information about the buses in the city centre please? people think he is stupid, but he's actually quite intelligent.


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