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Session 5- Desain Material Media PR Ambang Priyonggo, M.A.

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1 Session 5- Desain Material Media PR Ambang Priyonggo, M.A.
Penulisan Media PR Session 5- Desain Material Media PR Ambang Priyonggo, M.A.

2 Pentingnya desain Desain menjadi elemen penting dalam sukses komunikasi Jika tulisan Anda tidak sebegitu bagus, namun tampilan desainnya begitu bagus, maka tentu akan dapat menutupi kekurangan itu. Ingatlah, pembaca menilai dari penampilan luar terlebih dulu, baru sajian dalam..

3 Apa itu desain? Segala aktivitas yang berkaitan dengan mengatur segala unsur yang ada di sekitar kita sedemikian rupa. Ini termasuk pula merencanakan, mengorganisasi material fisik, dan membentuk lalu mengolah lingkungan sekitar kita itu sesuai dengan kehendak yang kita inginkan.

4 Desain materi publikasi PR
Dalam materi publikasi PR, prinsip-prinsip desain harus selalu menjadi acuan... Apa pun format, medium, tujuan, ataupun audiensnya. Dalam tiap kesempatan mendesain suatu materi publikasi, kita memplot suatu langkah visual yang menjadi blueprint (cetak biru) bagi arsitektur publikasi kita. Seperti halnya membangun gedung, publikasi membutuhkan rencana struktur yang menggabungkan unsur pragmatis dan estetis...

5 Desain yang bagus selalu memperhatikan hal-hal berikut
Format Medium Intent Audiens

6 Format Horisontal/vertical Color/blac and white Folded (like in poster) Size: poster size, brochure size, full format size (newspaper, 16x21 / 17x22 inchi, 5-9 kolom); tabloid format (10x14 / 12x 18 inchi, 2-6 kolom); Magazine (7 x 10 / 8 x 11 inchi, 1-3 kolom)


8 Medium Poster Brosur Majalah Tabloid Koran

9 Intent Niat/tujuan dari publikasi menjadi pertimbangan pula dari perencanaan desain.

10 Audiens Rencana publikasi sudah harus mempertimbangkan siapa target audiens yang ingin mereka capai.



13 The Design Principles Balance Rythm Unity Scale Proportion
Visual Hierarchy

14 Balance

15 Rythm

16 Unity

17 Scale

18 Proportion

19 Visual Hierarchy

20 Concepting layout: Dummy
Other important considerations (beyond the news gathering, news writing and copy editing aspects) are the techniques for putting the material together. You will also need to know what makes an attractive appearance and draws and holds the reader's eye. LAYOUT

21 Concepting layout: Dummy
Layout is the planning of the position and page that each piece of copy or art will occupy in your publication. This includes your choosing the styles and sizes of headlines desired, the kinds and sizes of type to be used and deciding how to use them, and indicating these plans on the layout sheets.

22 The use of dummy Paste-up dummies ensure a high degree of accuracy in page makeup because they give the publisher a better overall picture of what you want


24 What you should know in designing the dummy for in-house magazine...








32 Typography

33 “Words mean more than what is set down on paper
“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning” [Maya Angelou) [Maya Angelou]

34 Typography Type is one of the most important design elements of any newspaper or magazine but one that is often overlooked. Type plays a major part in the look of any publication.

35 Clarity... The first concern of selecting a type is, of course, CLARITY. Type must be legible...

36 Meaning behind types... Like hand writing, typefaces reflect certain characteristics such as: refinement, dignity, boldness or strength. Properly used, they can convey the feeling or mood of a message. They may be WARM, BRISK, DIGNIFIED, MODERN or OLD-FASHIONED—whatever is needed to emphazize or suggest the thought expressed in the story.

37 STRONG (arial black) Weak (Browallia New) I am a conservative (Blackadder ITC) Easy-going person (Bradley Hand ITC)

38 What is type ? Type is a method of converting language into symbol that are readily understood by those trained to read.

39 What is Font? Font is a single design of type, usually available in a range of different style.

40 Serifs and san serifs Serifs= the small cross strokes at the ends of the main lines of a letter

41 Six main classes of types

42 Roman Roman is the type most commonly used for the text of magazines, newspapers and books. It is chosen because most readers are familiar with it and Because it is the easiest to read in smaller sizes and in lengthy articles. Roman types are divided into two classifications: modern and old style. The chief difference between modern and old style roman is found in the serifs. The old style letter has soft, rounded serifs, while the modern letter has heavier shadings and thin, clean-cut hairlines.

43 Gothic The gothic letter is constructed of lines of even weight. It has no serifs (known in the printing profession as "saris serif"); it is perfectly plain. Gothic type is popular for use on posters and as headlines.

44 TEXT Text type is sometimes referred to as "Old English." Text was the first type style used in the history of printing. Although it is still used frequently, it is generally limited to a few lines of copy. As far as newspaper work is concerned, it should be limited to something formal, such as religious announcements, prayers, programs and invitations.

45 Italic In italic type, the letters are slanted and made to match almost every reman, gothic and contemporary type style in use today. Italic is used in text matter to show emphasis. Although italic was originally used for text, it was rather hard to read in lengthy articles and it is seldom used for this purpose today.

46 Contemporary The past 50 years have been highly significant in typographic history. The old gothics have had their faces lifted, and new streamlined faces have appeared everywhere. Contemporary type refers to the thousands of modern, artistic faces used in a variety of ways, such as advertisements, labels on cans and boxes, display composition and television commercials. In general, modern types feature more lightface than bold.

47 Anatomy of letters



50 Point 72 = 1 inch (28.34 cm) Font Size
Type in the UK and US is measured in point sizes Point 72 = 1 inch (28.34 cm)

51 72 pt type 48 pt type 36 pt type 24 pt type 28 pt type 18 pt type

52 What is leading? Leading is additional space inserteb between lines of type...

53 Desktop Publishing

54 DTP Software There are several desktop publishing software programs for both Macintosh and PC-based computer systems You should be aware that although these programs are similar in terms of overall operation, they vary widely in their capabilities and functions.

55 The softwares Page layout: Adobe indesign Quark Express
Adobe Page Maker Supporting Adobe photoshop Corel draw Macromedia Freehand


57 The display.... Adobe InDesign

58 The Display... Page Maker

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