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Presentasi berjudul: "DATA WAREHOUSING IN SQL SERVER 2005/2008 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE."— Transcript presentasi:


2 Experience with BI Developing end-to-end BI prototype for Plan International Extensive project experience with Reporting Services Books, courses, exams and played Developed numerous reporting apps that should have been BI solutions!

3 Concepts Business Intelligence –Organisation-wide perspective –Combining data from diverse systems –High level aggregation to detailed drill-down Relational data not designed for BI –Narrow focus on specific business requirement –OLTP for speed of entry and integrity –OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) for aggregating large data volumes

4 Core Processes ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) –Import, clean and combine diverse data –Store in Data Warehouse Star Schema –Relational structure for OLAP, not OLTP Cubes –Pre-aggregate results (sum, count) Reporting (Data Mining and Prediction)

5 SQL Server 2005 SQL Server Management Studio –Design and query databases –Replaces Enterprise Manager, Query Analyser –Manage Servers (DB, AS, RS, IS) SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio –VS.NET 2005 projects –Design, build and deploy

6 Business Intelligence Studio Integration Services –Data import and transform (replaces DTS) –Merge data into Star Schema Analysis Services –Design and populate Cubes Report Model –ERD for reporting Report Server –Design and publish reports

7 Star Schema Star focuses on business area –Sales, Logistics Fact Table stores numeric measures –Order Value, Order Quantity Dimension Tables –How data is analysed (aggregates and heirarchies) –Product, Customer, Time

8 DATA WAREHOUSE = BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Business Intelligence (BI) refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making. –historical, current, and predictive views –reporting, OLAP, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics. A data warehouse is a repository of an organization's electronically stored data. Data warehouses are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis. –business intelligence tools, tools to extract, transform, and load data into the repository, and tools to manage and retrieve metadata.

9 BI IN SQL SERVER 2005 ComponentSQL Server 2005 Extract, transformation, and load (ETL)SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Relational data warehouseSQL Server 2005 relational database Multidimensional database SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) Data miningSQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Managed reportingSQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Ad hoc reportingSQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Ad hoc query and analysis Microsoft Office products (Excel, Office Web Components, Data Analyzer, SharePoint Portal) Database development tools SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio Database management tools SQL Server 2005 SQL Server Management Studio

10 BASIC CONCEPTS Universal Dimensional Model Cube –Drill-down –Roll-up Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) …

11 Database AdventureWorks Microsoft Corp menyediakan sample database bernama adventureWorks yang berada dibawah shema dbo dan data yang bukan berada dalam schema dbo. 11

12 Link download: Pilih data yang akan diambil, misal: AdventureWorksBI.msiAdventureWorksBI.msi dan AdventureWorksDB.msi Kemudian Install dan secara otomatis, lokasi hasil instalasi sample database tersebut adalah: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\ Buka SQL Server Management Studio dan ambil (attach) database tersebut. 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

18 18 Dua data tersebut terdiri atas berbagai tabel yang saling berelasi, untuk database AdventureWorksDW sudah terdiri atas banyak tabel fakta dan dimensi-dimensinya yang berbentuk: - Star Schema - Snowflake Schema - Constellation Schema

19 19 Dari database tersebut juga dapat dibuat beberapa kubus menggunakan SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, misalnya dari tabel Fakta Internet Sales.

20 To create a new Analysis Services project, follow these steps: Select Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio from the Programs menu to launch Business Intelligence Development Studio.

21 To define a Data source for the new cube, follow these steps: Right-click on the Data Sources folder in Solution Explorer and select New Data Source.

22 To create a new data source view, follow these steps: Right-click on the Data Source Views folder in Solution Explorer and select New Data Source View.

23 BIDS will automatically display the schema of the new data source view

24 To create the new cube, follow these steps: Right-click on the Cubes folder in Solution Explorer and select New Cube.

25 Deploying,Processing, Browsing a Cube


27 Terminologies Cube The basic unit of storage and analysis in Analysis Services is the cube. A cube is a collection of data that’s been aggregated to allow queries to return data quickly. Dimension Each cube has one or more dimensions, each based on one or more dimension tables. A dimension represents a category for analyzing business data Fact table A fact table contains the basic information that you wish to summarize. This might be order detail information, payroll records, or anything else that’s amenable to summing and averaging.

28 WHERE TO GET SQL SERVER UNCC MSDNAA:UNCC MSDNAA –http://msdn04.e- x?campus=uncc_cithttp://msdn04.e- x?campus=uncc_cit SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

29 Deploy pada Visual Studio dan SQL Server

30 Proyek-proyek SQL server yang dibuat dengan memakai Visual Studio secara default hanya akan menghasilkan intermediate code, belum mengalokasikan user level cubes secara fisik.

31 Deployment berefek pada dua hal: 1.Menghasilkan executable-code file 2.Mengalokasikan user-level cubes di database-database Maka artinya untuk mendapatkan analisis lebih jauh dari suatu database ke kubus (misal data mining), maka terlebih dahulu proyek harus mengalami deployment

32 Langkah Deploy Proyek:

33 atau…

34 Jika tidak terjadi masalah (instalasi lengkap) maka akan muncul tampilan di sudut kanan bawah seperti ini:

35 Setelah proses deploy selesai, barulah tab-tab diatas dapat berfungsi sepenuhnya Isi dari kubus

36 Menampilkan Isi Data Kubus

37 37


39 Drag data ke browser

40 Drag data yang lain

41 Ambil nilai (drag measure) ke tengah-tengah antara baris kota (dari tabel dimensi Customer) dan kolom warna dari tabel dimensi Product))

42 Data lain dapat ditambahkan sesuai dengan keperluan…



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