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Invitation card Comparison

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1 Invitation card Comparison

2 Invitation card Comparison

3 You are invited to the greatest party ever
You are invited to the greatest party ever. Please phone if you can’t come

for : Diana date : May29 time : 6.30 p.m. place: Jl Sriwijaya 45. given by : Elena

5 1. Who celebrates the birthday party?
a. Elena b. Elena’s friends c. Diana d. Diana’s friends

6 2. What should Diana do if she can’t come to the party?
a. Tell Elena directly. b. Give a birthday card. c. Phone Elena soon. d. Give the invitation card back to Elena.

The underlined word is similar to … a. anxiously and desperately. b. warmly and sincerely. c. strongly and urgently. d. carefully and kindly

8 4. When will the party take place?
a. In the morning. b. In the afternoon. c. In the evening. d. At night.

9 at my sister’s birthday.
Hi Susan, Come to my home on Wednesday 11, 4 p.m. 2/7 Shirley Rd. Share your happiness at my sister’s birthday. Dillon

10 1. Who invites Susan to the birthday party?
a. Dillon. b. Susan. c. Dillon’s sister. d. Susan' sister.

11 2. Whose birthday party is it?
a. Dillon’s b. Susan’s c. Dillon’s sister’s d. Susan‘s sister’s

12 3. Where is the party held? a. Susan’s home b. 2/7 Shirley Rd c. In a restaurant d. At school

13 Comparison Perbandingan Sama (postive) Lebih (comparative)
Paling (superlative)

14 Yang diperbandingkan:
Adjective (kata sifat/kata keadaan) Adverb (kata keterangan) Quantifier (kata penunjuk jumlah)

15 Adjective: kata sifat/kata keadaan
Kata yang menjelaskan keadaan suatu benda atau orang. Diletakkan setelah be (is, am are, was, were) atau sebelum benda yang dijelaskannya Tina is beautiful. I met beautiful girl yesterday.

16 Adverb : Kata keterangan
Adverb of manner adalah kata keterangan cara Digunakan untuk menjelaskan kata kerja. Diletakkan setelah kata kerja yang diterangkannya. Adverb bisa berasal dari Adjective + ly Ani walks slowly. The man worked hard.

17 Quantifier : kata penunjuk jumlah
A few : sedikit untuk benda yang bisa dihitung. A little : sedikit untuk benda yang tidak bisa dihitung. Much : banyak untuk benda yang tidak Many : banyak untuk benda yang bisa

18 REGULAR FORM 1 syllable (1suku kata) tall big cheap taller bigger
cheaper tallest biggest cheapest 3 syllable (3 suku kata) Interesting beautiful more interesting more most interesting ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

19 2 syllable (1 suku kata) Note: y becomes i Ending in er, y, ly, ow
Clever Pretty Crazy narrow + er cleverer prettier Crazier narrower +est cleverest prettiest Craziest narrowest Careful Modern stupid + more more careful more modern more stupid + most most careful most modern most stupid ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

20 further (untuk jarak dan waktu)
IRREGULAR FORM good bad far old better worse further (untuk jarak dan waktu) farther (jarak) older (orang dan barang) elder (orang) best worst further farther oldest eldest ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

21 tukan dalam kalimat) Construction (pemben- As-----as
The water is as cold as ice Not as----as He is not as tall as his brother. ------than Mary is taller than Jane The -----of This box is the biggest of them all. The ….in (places) This house is the largest in the town. ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

22 1 syllable (1 suku kata) low late hard +er lower later harder +est
REGULAR FORM 1 syllable (1 suku kata) low late hard +er lower later harder +est lowest latest hardest 2 or more syllable (2 suku kata atau lebih) quickly accurately +more more quickly more accurately +most most quickly most accurately ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

23 He wrote as quickly as possible. ------than
Irregular form well badly late far better worse later farther further best worst last furthest Construction As----as He wrote as quickly as possible. ------than They arrived earlier than I did. of all. He ran the fastest of all. ADJECTIVE POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

24 He has as much money as his father does. ------than
Kata penunjuk jumlah few little many much fewer less more fewest least most Construct- ion As----as He has as much money as his father does. ------than I drink less coke than he does. of all. They bought the most books of all. Quantity POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE

25 1. Asti : How far is it your house from here?
Lia : It’s about kilometers Asti : Mine is too. So my house is ….yours from here. a. far b. farther c. farthest d. as far as

26 2. Nany : How is your father?
Dian : Well, his illness was …we first thought so he should stay in hospital for a few days. Nany : Oh, I am sorry to hear that. a. as serious as b. more serious than c. the most serious d. as seriously as

27 3. Dimas : You like this jacket, don’t you?
Why don’t you buy it? Alex : I have tried it on but it is too small. I need a …size but they don’t have. a. large b. more large c. larger d. the largest

28 4. Nia : Is this the room we are going to
rent ? Lisa : Yes, It is ….I could find. The others are much more expensive. a. cheap b. cheaper c. the cheapest d. the most cheap

29 5. Didi : What is…sport in the world?
Gandi : Football. a. popular b. more popular c. the most popular d. as popular as

30 6. Vita : Will you join the English debate
competition? Ade : I’d love to but I think you’d better ask Eliza to join. She can speak English … I do. a. as fluent as b. more fluent than c. fluently d. more fluently than

31 7. Rian : Let’s go by car. Rista : Why don’t you use the motorcycle. It will need … going by car. a. more time than b. as little time as c. less time than d. fewer time than

32 8. Kiky : How was your exam? Nino : It was …I expected. Kiky : So you are sure you will pass it, aren’t you? Nino : Yes, I am really sure. a. more difficult than b. easier than c. more easily than d. the easiest

33 9. Mother : The weather is still unpleasant today.
Father : Yes, but it is …yesterday. Mother : But you still must bring the coat. Father : All right, dear. a. worse than b. better than c. the best d. the worst

34 10. Hanna : I am sorry, I came late.
I have tried to get here … I could. Rissa : All right. a. as fast as b. faster than c. the fastest d. more faster


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