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Karena ada fungsi-fungsi complementarity, transferability, dan intervening opportunity

3 RUTE Ketiga faktor yang ditawarkan Ullman mencerminkan terjadinya rute yang dapat melayani kebutuhan pergerakan. Rute adalah jalan penghubung antara dua komunitas atau dua tempat

4 COMPLEMENTARITY The relationships of two places (regions) when one place (region) has a surplus of a commodity while the order has a defisit of the same commodity. It is therefore a pre requisite of a trade. In the wider contex complementarity of place is dependents upon the concept of comparative and competitive advantage

5 COMPLEMENTARITY The relationships between activities at a given location in the sense that (a) certain activities need to use the products and services of and be in close contact with other specialized activities in order to function efficiently, (b)certain activities, together with other specialized activities, provode a more complete range of goods and services.

6 TRANSFERABILITY? The degree to which a good or services may be transported. It is one of Ullman’s bases for interactions and considers the transport cost characteristics of the different goods and services, emphasizing their ability to bear those relative to their value

The idea that the presence of closer opportunities greatly diminish the attractiveness of even slightly better but more distant ones.

8 ACCESSIBILITY A variable of a location. The concept expresses the ease with which a location maybe reached from other locations and therefore summarizes the relative opportunities for contact and interaction.

9 ACCESSIBILITY Accessibility has normally been measured in frictional or geometric terms which emphasize : (1) a connection component (that of being able to reach a location) (2) a movement component (that of being able to get there quickly and cheaply)

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