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Pertemuan 11 Akuisisi Pengetahuan

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1 Pertemuan 11 Akuisisi Pengetahuan
Matakuliah : H0383/Sistem Berbasis Pengetahuan Tahun : 2005 Versi : 1/0 Pertemuan 11 Akuisisi Pengetahuan

2 Menjelaskan prinsip akuisisi Pengetahuan pada expert systems
Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : Menjelaskan prinsip akuisisi Pengetahuan pada expert systems

3 Knowledge Engineering
Outline Materi Pengertian Metode Knowledge Engineering

4 Pengertian Sistem menyerap Pengetahuan dari Knowledge Engineer melalui representasi pengetahuan. Pengetahuan diserap oleh Knowledge Engineer dari sumber Pengetahuan melalui proses yg biasa disebut Knowledge Acquisition

5 Pengertian Source of Knowledge: documented and undocumented Level of knowledge: shallow(surface) and deep Categories of Knowledge: Declarative, procedural, semantic, episodic, metaknowledge

6 Difficulties of acquisition
Expressing the knowledge Transfer to machine Number of participants Structuring knowledge Other factors Expert unwilling / not time to corporate Testing and refining is complicated Tendency to collect from one source Preference to documented knowledge Interpersonal communication between expert and engineer Inconstantly expert knowledge

7 Skill of KL Engineer Computer skills Tolerance
Effective communication abilities, diplomacy Broad education Advanced, socially sophisticated verbal skill Fast learning capabilities Understanding of org and individual Intelligence Empathy and patience Persistence Logical thinking Self confidence

8 Process of knowledge acquisition
(Hayes-Roth)  Identification (output: requirement) Conceptualization : Find concept to represent knowledge (output:concept) Formalization: Design structure to organize knowledge (output: structure) Implementation: Formulate rule(frame, etc) (output:Rules) Testing: validate rule that organize knowledge

9 Methods of acquisition:
Interview: structured and unstructured(informal) Tracking method: protocol analysis Observation Expert driven Repertory Grid analysis Induction Documented acquisition

10 Measure of validation:
Accuracy : How well the system reflect the reality Adaptability: possibility for future development/ change Completeness: Portion of necessary knowledge that Is included in the knowledge base. Breadth: how well the domain is covered. Depth: degree of detail knowledge Reliability Robustness Sensitivity: impact of change in knowledge base on quality of output

11 Penutup Tugas seorang Knowledge Engineer adalah mengambil intisari knowledge dari sumbernya. Sumber terbagi dua yaitu documented (buku, tulisan dll) dan undocumented (domain experts) Knowledge Engineer harus dapat menterjemahkan Pengetahuan tsb. ke dalam sistem berbasis Pengetahuan

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