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Perangkat Lunak Authoring. Authoring Tools software programs that let you create content without the need to write programming code.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Perangkat Lunak Authoring. Authoring Tools software programs that let you create content without the need to write programming code."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Perangkat Lunak Authoring

2 Authoring Tools software programs that let you create content without the need to write programming code

3 Purpose Of Authoring Tools Provide a framework for organizing and editing elements of multimedia projects

4 Why should we use Authoring Tools? It generally takes about 1/8th the time to develop an interactive multimedia project. This means 1/8 the cost of programmer time and likely increased re-use of code

5 Definisi  Serupa dengan IDE  Memungkinkan integrasi teks, video dan animasi dalam presentasi yg interaktif  Memungkinkan mengembangkan perangkat lunak dg drag & drop elemennya  Mereduksi penggunaan bahasa pemrograman

6 Kemampuan PL Authoring  Produksi video  Animasi  Game  Training interaktif  Simulasi  Prototipe  visualisasi

7 Kategori  Authoring berbasis halaman (page-based/ card-based)  Authoring berbasis ikon (icon-based, even-driven)  Authoring berbasis waktu (Time-Based)  Authoring berorientasi objek (object- oriented)  Authoring DVD

8 Authoring berbasis halaman  elements organized as pages in a book (or a stack of cards)  best used when elements can be viewed individually  authoring tool organizes the sequence of viewing

9 Contoh Page-Based  HyperCard (Mac)  SuperCard (Mac/Windows)  Media Object (Mac/Windows)  ToolBook (Win)  Visual Basic (Win)  PowerPoint (Win)

10 ToolBook

11 SuperCard

12 Hypercard

13 Authoring berbasis ikon  elements and events are organized in a structural framework (or process)  Menggunakan konsep flowchart utk membuat aliran elemen-elemen multimedia  when navigation is complex, charts are useful for development  similar to visual programming--graphically depict the projects logic and then add content

14 Icon based

15 Contoh Icon-Based, Even-Driven  Authorware Professional (Mac/Windows)  Icon Author (Win)  Quest (Win)

16 Authoring berbasis waktu  Drag objects and actions onto the timeline, and they will appear or disappear at a specific point in time  elements and events are organized along a timeline  best used when project has a beginning and end with a message to send  developer sets playback speed  elements are triggered at given time in sequence of events  very popular

17 Contoh time-based  Macromedia Flash  Macromedia Director (Mac/Windows)  Action!

18 Authoring berbasis objek  elements and events are objects that have a hierarchical order (parents and children)  message passing allows objects to do things depending on their property settings  particularly useful for games and for simulating real-life situations

19 Contoh object-oriented  mTropolis (Mac/Windows)  AppleMedia Tool  MediaForge (Win)

20 Authoring DVD  Pinnacle Impression DVD  Sonic ReelDVD  Ulead DVD Workshop

21 Pinnacle Impression  Mempunyai fasilitas compelling  Mempunyai fasilitas menciptakan judul yg profesional interaktif  Mempunyai 8 audiotrack, 32 subtitle track  Menu gerakan gaya hollywood, multiangle title, mendukung dolby digital

22 Sonic ReelDVD  Dirancang khusus untuk video dan aplikasi perusahaan  Mempunyai fasilitas storyboard yg menampilkan aliran proyek, timeline dari klip video, windows yang simultan utk melihat dan mengetes navigasi proyek  Mempunyai 8 audiotrack dan 32 subtitle track serta dolby digital

23 Sonic ReelDVD  Storyboard editor - Provides a complete overview of each element in the DVD-Video project  Timeline view - Enables easy trimming of video, adding of chapter points, audio and subtitle tracks  Multiple audio and subtitle streams - Gives DVDs international appeal with eight audio streams and 32 subtitle streams  Integrated project preview - Allows projects to be proofed directly from the hard drive, before writing to DVD  Subtitle editor - Makes it quick and easy to add subtitles on-the-fly  Slideshows - Turns a collection of stills into an interactive slideshow with or without audio  Broad range of device support - Enables titles to be recorded to DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW and DLT tapes  Dolby-certified Dolby Digital audio encoding

24 Ulead DVD Workshop  Dirancang utk profesionalis video kreatif  Mempunyai fasilitas MPEG Direct utk menangkap DVD  Mempunyai fasilitas menu diam dinamis dan bergerak  Mempunyai fasilitas transcoding MPEG kualitas tinggi  Dapat menciptakan DVD, VCD, CVCD dan movie interaktif

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