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1 EVALUASI & PENGENDALIAN STRATEGI Pertemuan 25 Matakuliah: J0134/ Manajemen Strategik Tahun: 2006.

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Presentasi berjudul: "1 EVALUASI & PENGENDALIAN STRATEGI Pertemuan 25 Matakuliah: J0134/ Manajemen Strategik Tahun: 2006."— Transcript presentasi:

1 1 EVALUASI & PENGENDALIAN STRATEGI Pertemuan 25 Matakuliah: J0134/ Manajemen Strategik Tahun: 2006

2 2 -- Strategies become obsolete -- Internal environments are dynamic -- External environments are dynamic Strategy Review, Evaluation&Control Vital to the organization’s well-being Alert management to potential/actual problems in a timely fashion Erroneous strategic decisions can have severe negative impact on organizations Complex & sensitive undertaking Overemphasis can be costly & counterproductive Strategy Evaluation

3 3 1.Examine the underlying bases of a firm’s strategy 2.Compare expected to actual results 3.Identify corrective actions to ensure that performance conforms to plans 3 Basic Activities Have assets increased Increase in profitability Increase in sales Increase in productivity Profit margins, ROI, & EPS ratios increased Appraisal of Strategic Performance

4 4 Consonance Consistency Feasibility Advantage Rummelt’s 4 Criteria

5 5 Strategy should not present inconsistent goals & policies Consistency Need for strategies to examine sets of trends Consonance Neither overtax resources or create unsolvable sub- problems Feasibility Creation or maintenance of competitive advantage Advantage

6 6 Kesulitan dalam Evaluasi Strategi 1.Semakin meningkatnya kompleksitas lingkungan 2.Sulitnya memprediksi masa depan secara akurat 3.Semakin banyaknya variabel 4.Tingkat keusangan rencana 5.Kejadian-kejadian domestik maupun global 6.Menurunnya rentang waktu bagi perencanaan yang pasti Merupakan inisiatif managerial Sebagai pemicu review atas objectives & values Menstimulasi kreatifitas dalam menghasilkan alternatif Evaluasi Strategi Seharusnya….

7 7 Evaluation Framework I. Review Underlying Bases Continue present course II. Measure Firm Performance III. Take Corrective Actions Differences? Yes NO Yes NO

8 8 Kerangka Evaluasi Strategi Review faktor yang mendasari strategi, review: –Dasar strategi (matriks EFE & IFE) –Efektifitas strategi (komparasi dengan pesaing) –Perubahan SWOT Mengukur performance: –Compare expected to actual results –Investigate deviations from plan –Evaluate individual performance –Progress toward stated objectives Melakukan tindakan koreksi

9 9 Kriteria Kuantitatif Evaluasi Strategi Financial Ratios –Compare performance over different periods –Compare performance to competitors –Compare performance to industry average –ROI, ROE, Profit margin, market share, D/E ratio, EPS, sales & aset growth Internal consistency of strategy Consistency with environment Appropriateness in view of resources Acceptable degree of risk Appropriate time frame Workability of the strategy Kriteria Kualitatif Evaluasi Strategi

10 10 Evaluate strategies from 4 perspectives: 1. Financial performance 2. Customer knowledge 3. Internal business processes 4. Learning & growth Balanced Scorecard Contingency Planning Alternative plans that can be put into effect if certain key events do not occur as expected Auditing Financial audits determine correspondence between assertions based on strategic plan & established criteria Environmental audits insure sound and safe practices

11 11 Balanced Scorecard Area of Objectives Measure or Target Time Expectati on Primary Responsibili ty Customers 1 2 Managers/Employees 1 2 Operations/Processes 1 2 Community/Social Responsibility 1 2 Business Ethics/Natural Environment 1 2 Financial 1 2

12 12 Economical Meaningful Generates useful information Timely information Provides accurate picture of events Karakteristik Evaluasi strategy Process is more an “art” than “science” Should strategies be visible or hidden from stakeholders Should process be more top-down or bottom up Tantangan Strategic Management

13 13 Strategy-Evaluation Assessment Matrix Continue courseYesNo Corrective actionsNoYesNo Corrective actionsYes No Corrective actionsNo Yes Corrective actionsYesNoYes Corrective actionsNoYes Corrective actionsYes Corrective actionsNo Result Has the firm progressed satisfactorily toward achieving its stated objectives? Have major changes occurred in the firm’s external strategic position? Have major changes occurred in the firm’s internal strategic position?

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