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Perpustakaan Di Era Globalisasi?

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Presentasi berjudul: "Perpustakaan Di Era Globalisasi?"— Transcript presentasi:

1 Perpustakaan Di Era Globalisasi?
Onno W. Purbo

2 Onno W. Purbo Bekas PNS Bekas Dosen ITB Penulis IT
Bekas Ketua Perpustakaan Pusat di Institut Teknologi Bandung

3 Contoh Digital Library
Indonesia DLN Internet Public Library

4 Indonesia DLN





9 InterNet Public Library




13 System

14 Process Element

15 Tools All Free, can be downloaded from Internet Server
Web server (apache) Indexer (Wais/Isis, Harvest, Swish-E, Dienst,Isite) CGI (YNIS, wwwwais, perl scripts, PHP, dll) Database (POSTGRESQL, Mysql, Msql, dll) OS (Unix FreeBSD, Linux) Mail achiving (hypermail, MhonArc, Procmail) Client Web Browser (IE, Netscape) Adobe Acrobat reader All Free, can be downloaded from Internet

16 Knowledge Management

17 What is Knowledge? Information Data + Context Knowledge
Information + Experience

18 What is Knowledge?

19 What is Knowledge? Building block of a modern organization.
Knowledge is Perishable. Becomes Obsolete Quickly. Always changing. Renewing is key to competitive advantages. Knowledge = Power. Share it and it will multiply.

20 The Three Types Of Knowledge
Search and delivery Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge Potential knowledge People Information People Data People Collaboration Content Mgmt. Analysis Key Points: This concept of connections, then, requires us to better understand the types of knowledge we are dealing with. People to people connections are really all about tapping into “Tacit Knowledge,” the knowledge trapped in people’s heads. To do this, businesses need a technology platform that supports rich collaboration between people. In most businesses, there is already a vast amount of knowledge captured in documents, on web sites, and the like. Connecting people to this “Explicit Knowledge” requires a platform than offers rich content management services. The raw data in the databases of an organization represents not knowledge, but “Potential Knowledge,” which can be unlocked by powerful analysis tools applied by knowledge workers to these databases of information. Regardless of where this knowledge resides, people need to find it, or, better yet, have it delivered to them when the system determines it may be helpful or relevant to them. In addition, all of these connections generate a tremendous amount of activity, activity which, if tracked, helps workers to find the best knowledge. By tracking how often a documents within a set are accessed, for instance, people can make estimates as to which document is “the best” on a given topic. Tracking which people most frequently answer questions posed over can give an approximation as to who the “experts” are in your organization, and so on. These five services define the Microsoft approach to providing customers a Knowledge Management platform. Tracking

21 KM Landscape

22 Filosofy Dasar ….

23 Model Sirkulasi Pengetahuan ..
Perpustakaan Sebagai Media Distribusi

24 Filosofi Dasar

25 Perseptive Seorang Penulis
Nilai Seseorang Tergantung Pada Manfaat Seseorang Untuk Orang Lain .. Semakin banyak orang yang memperoleh manfaat … semakin tinggi nilai seseorang tersebut …

26 Example of Tactical Actions
Publish CDROM Publish 30+ Title of Books Give talks, seminars, workshops 3-4 talks / week, 2-3 cities / week. Join ~100 Internet mailing lists 600 s / day


28 Web Share

29 Discussion Platform

30 Share Disk

31 Publish ~40 Books ..

32 Pertentangan Filosofy
Teaching based vs. Learning Based Konsumen Informasi vs. Produsen Knowledge Copyright vs. Copyleft Badan Akreditasi vs. Masyarakat Akreditasi vs Pengakuan Masyarakat Ijazah vs. Pengakuan Masyarakat Pendidikan Formal vs. Informal Kurikulum Nasional vs. No Kurikulum

33 Kenyataan Perpustakaan …
Pengalaman Onno W. Purbo sebagai kepala perpustakaan pusat ITB tahun

34 Kondisi Real .. 80-90 Pegawai Banyak Honorer Rp ,- / bulan Boro-boro fungsional pustakawan  .. Dana pengadaan buku Rp. 2.5 juta / tahun. Harga buku text ratusan ribu ..

35 Perjuangan Panjang .. Trust & Transparansi!
based, tidak ada rapat fisik.

36 Beberapa hasil .. Memutar uang Rp. 60 juta / event
THR ~Rp / orang Digital Library Network Memperoleh bantuan dari Canada dll dalam orde puluhan ribu US$ (bukan utangan).

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