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1 Pertemuan 14 Brand Management Matakuliah: J0114 – Manajemen Pemasaran Tahun: 2005 Versi: 1.

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Presentasi berjudul: "1 Pertemuan 14 Brand Management Matakuliah: J0114 – Manajemen Pemasaran Tahun: 2005 Versi: 1."— Transcript presentasi:

1 1 Pertemuan 14 Brand Management Matakuliah: J0114 – Manajemen Pemasaran Tahun: 2005 Versi: 1

2 2 Learning Outcomes Mahasiswa dapat menjelaskan konsep dan peran brand sebagai suatu strategi dalam pemasaran

3 3 Outline Materi Konsep Brand Brand Equity Brand Strategy Brand Quality

4 4 Brand Management Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand. It seeks to increase the product's perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand franchise and brand equity. Marketers see a brand as an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a brand will continue with present and future purchases of the same product. This may increase sales by making a comparison with competing products more favorable. It may also enable the manufacturer to charge more for the product. The value of the brand is determined by the amount of profit it generates for the manufacturer. This results from a combination of increased sales and increased price.productproduct linebrand brand equity

5 5 A good brand name should: be legally protectable be easy to pronounce be easy to remember be easy to recognize attract attention suggest product benefits (eg.:Easy off) or suggest usage suggest the company or product imageimage distinguish the product's positioning relative to the competitionpositioning

6 6 Konsep Brand a brand is the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected with a product or service. A brand typically includes a name, logo, and other visual elements such as images or symbols. It also encompasses the set of expectations associated with a product or service which typicaly arise in the minds of people. Such people include employees of the brand owner, people involved with distribution, sale or supply of the product or service, and ultimately consumers.symbolicproductservicelogoimages symbolsset expectations consumers In other contexts the term "brand" may be used where the legal term trademark is more appropriatetrademark

7 7 Brand may mean: Brand, the symbolic embodiment a product or serviceBrand The imprinting of brand marks on live skin, see Livestock branding and Branding persons.Livestock brandingBranding persons Brand, an anarchist magazine published since 1898Brand Brand, a play written in 1865 by Henrik IbsenBrand Brand Brewery, a Dutch beer breweryBrand Brewery

8 8 Brand Equity Brand equity is the value built-up in a brand. The value of a company's brand equity can be calculated by comparing the expected future revenue from the branded product with the expected future revenue from an equivalent non- branded product. This calculation is at best an approximation. This value can comprise both tangible, functional attributes (eg. TWICE the cleaning power or HALF the fat) and intangible, emotional attributes (eg. The brand for people with style and good taste).brandproduct

9 9 Trade Mark A trademark (Commonwealth English: trade mark)[1] is a distinctive sign of some kind which is used by a business to identify itself and its products and services to consumers, and to set the business and its products or services apart from those of other businesses. A trademark is a type of intellectual property, and in particular, a type of industrial propertyCommonwealth English[1]signbusinessproductsservicesconsumers intellectual propertyindustrial property

10 10 Lini Produk, Merk dan Kemasan Lini Produk merupakan kumpulan dari produk yang berhubungan erat karena memiliki fungsi yang serupa, dijual kepada kelompok konnsumen yang sama, dipasarkan melalui saluran distribusi sejenis atau dengan harga jual dalam satu skala tertentu.

11 11 Manfaat Merk : a.Memudahkan penjual utuk mengelola pesanan b.Perlindungan hukum c.Kesetiaan konsumen pada produk d.Membantu penjual dalam mengelompokan pasar ke dalam segmen-segmen e.Citra perusahaan

12 12 Fungsi Kemasan dan Label a.Perlindungan terhadap produk dan konsumen b.Identifikasi / informasi c.Promosi

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