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Program Orientasi Mata Kuliah Bahasa Inggris I PKK Semester Ganjil 2014/2015.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Program Orientasi Mata Kuliah Bahasa Inggris I PKK Semester Ganjil 2014/2015."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Program Orientasi Mata Kuliah Bahasa Inggris I PKK Semester Ganjil 2014/2015

2 Bahasa Inggris I PKK Jenis program : Blended –learning (in-class & online) Perkuliahan tatap muka : Sesi 1 & 2 Online program akan memberikan kesempatan mahasiswa belajar sesuai kemampuan & pada waktu yang diinginkan. Tujuan : Mahasiswa akan memiliki : 1. Pengetahuan dasar Bahasa Inggris 2. Kemampuan dasar (listening, reading, grammar, vocab) 3. Pengetahuan E-learning technology 4. Sikap sebagai “ Autonomous learner” 5. Minat/motivasi belajar Bahasa Inggris

3 Materi Kuliah

4 Listening Skills (15 lessons) My working day *) Office jobs *) *) with print worksheets Free time activities *) for in-class sessions Describing a meal *) Welcoming and introducing visitors Requesting information Making appointments Hotel reservations At the bank Social networking and your business Online shopping Why e-learning is good Airport announcements Job interviews Complaining about a service LEVELS

5 Grammar (15 lessons) Tell me about you *) Where I work *) *) with print worksheets Where is it? *) for in-class sessions A boring weekend *) Food I love *) Japan and America Layout of an office Arranging meetings Taking business trips A good place to live Everyday questions Work experience Trouble in the office Executive meetings Working overseas LEVELS

6 Reading Skills (15 lessons) Green business *) Meeting to talk *) Good friends *) *) with print worksheets A rich culture *) for in-class sessions New products *) Work conditions Extreme sports Homes Unusual vacations Protecting the environment Geniuses of the world International business Tourist industry Creating brand awareness Managing diversity in the workplace LEVELS

7 Struktur Mata Kuliah SesiKegiatanMateri 1 -2Tatap muka di kelas Orientasi, demo, diskusi worksheets 3-7Online (Mhsw menyelesaikan 18 lessons )List, Gram, Read 8UTS (Mhsw membawa print-out study reports)Absensi Mahasiswa tidak diperbolehkan UTS bila tidak membawa print-out study report 9-15Online (Mhsw menyelesaikan 18 lessons)List, Gram, Read 16UAS (Mhsw membawa print-out study report)Absensi, Nilai Tugas Mahasiswa tidak diperbolehkan UAS bila tidak membawa print-out study report

8 Lesson passed jika score Lesson test ≥ 80.

9 Persyaratan mengikuti Bahasa Inggris I Setiap Mahasiswa harus mempunyai yang aktif. harus di lihat/diperiksa setiap hari selama masa perkuliahan Semua pengumuman & informasi akan disampaikan lewat Mahasiswa membeli workbook yang berisi worksheets, language summary, dan REGISTRATION CODE

10 REGISTRATION CODE terdapat di dalam workbook Registration code terdiri dari 20 huruf & angka

11 Kriteria Kelulusan Formula DPNA Absensi : 10 % UTS : 20% UAS : 20 % Tugas : 50 % Perhitungan nilai tugas Jumlah lessons (passed) Lulus Bhs Inggris I bila Nilai akhir minimal B

12 Mahasiswa bisa mendownload FREE apps Listen Up untuk listening practice. Mahasiswa juga bisa mengerjakan online program di iPad/ iPhone, dan hasil belajar akan ter update otomatis/ synced.

13 First time Registration To start the course, open a browser (Google, Internet explorer, Mozilla) and go to Then, input the 20-digits registration key as printed on your card enclosed in your workbook Learner support : (Ms. Irene)

14 REGISTRATION CODE terdapat di dalam workbook Registration code terdiri dari 20 huruf & angka


16 STEP2 STEP3 STEP4STEP5STEP6 STEP1 Reallyenglish Course Registration Access the registration pageAgree to the termsInput your address Create an accountConfirm course details Start studying! Open a browser and go to the URL printed on the card. Then, input the key printed on the card. When the end-user license agreement (EULA) appears, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement”, then click “Next”. Enter your address and click “Check”. *If this is the first time you are registering, you will be asked to make a User ID and password, and input your full name and address (in STEP4). * Follow these steps after receiving a Course Registration Card For first time users: create an ID and password, register your name and address, then click “Next”. This page lists the enrollment course(s) with completion information. Check “I understand my course requirements, then click “Next”. The “MyPage” screen displays the available courses. Begin studying by clicking “start lesson” under the course’s name. *Step 5 to 6: It may take a few seconds to process your registration. If MyPage doesn’t appear after a few seconds, refresh your browser. Once you have completed registration, you will receive an with the subject “Registration Complete”. This will include the login URL (which is different from your registration URL) and your User ID. Contact: Registration is complete!

17 Login Page Saran ID = Nama Password = NIM Setiap kali belajar, mahasiswa akan mengakses page ini.

18 My page

19 Lesson test Lesson passed jika score Lesson test ≥ 80.



22 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Demo Lesson : Practical English 6 Grammar Grammar : Listening : Reading :


24 2013 A selection of our customers



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