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Manajemen Proyek Sistem Informasi

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1 Manajemen Proyek Sistem Informasi
M. Chandra Saputra

2 Definition Project ? …………….. Manajemen ? Sistem Informasi

3 Definition Project Management Institute 2000: A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique purpose Archibald: A complex effort, usually less than 3 years in duration, made up of interrelated tasks, with a well-defined objective,schedule, and budget Operations, on the other hand , is work done in organizations to sustain the business.

4 Definition Archibald Program : A long term undertaking which is usually made up of more than 1 project Task : A short term effort (a few weeks to a few month) performed by one organization, which may combine with other tasks to form a project

5 Definition

6 Consider management techniques required to
Plan Organize Monitor Control

7 Effective SW project management focuses on 3 P
People Problem Process

8 Why ?

9 People Must be organized into effective teams
Motivated to do high-quality work Coordinated to achieve effective communication and results

10 Problem Must be communicated from customer to developer
Decomposed into its parts Positioned for work by SW team

11 Process Must be adapted to the people and problem
to get the SW developed: common process framework is selected set of work tasks chosen

12 Project Characteristics
Unik Sementara (ada awal, ada akhir) Dikembangkan secara progressif Membutuhkan sumber daya dari berbagai macam sumber Ada konsumen dan atau sponsor Ada ketidakpastian (ada asumsi dan resiko) Memiliki life-cycle

13 Project Management Goal

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