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Internasionalisasi Perguruan Tinggi Antara Peluang dan Tantangan Chan Basaruddin – Fasilkom UI.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Internasionalisasi Perguruan Tinggi Antara Peluang dan Tantangan Chan Basaruddin – Fasilkom UI."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Internasionalisasi Perguruan Tinggi Antara Peluang dan Tantangan Chan Basaruddin – Fasilkom UI

2 Apakah Internasionalisasi PT itu? I... statusisasi university... “The process of integrating an international, inter-cultural and/or global dimension in the goals, functions (teaching/learning, research, services) and delivery of higher education”

3 Mengapa Internasionalisasi? Meningkatkan daya saing perguruan tinggi – Daya saing lulusan di pasar kerja global – Daya tarik PT bagi mahasiswa asing – Akses pada sumber daya global (research funding) Membuka wawasan dosen dan mahasiswa – Pemahaman atas multikulturalisme (learning to live together) Trademark kualitas

4 Bentuk Internasionalisasi (Kaiming Cheng) One-way Communication: setting up web- page Outbound: faculties & students go abroad Inbound: hosting faculties/students exchanges Admit int’l students Recruit int’l faculties Overseas presence Franchaising

5 Critical Success Factors World class research: ticket for reputation in global academic community International faculties: for conducive int’l environment Governance: HEI must be autonomous Quality Assurance: essential for CQI (Kaizen) ICT: facilitate modern approach of learning

6 Strategies and approaches National level: Apex Universities – Concentrate resources to a select few – Provide a sound legal infrastructure for governance – A specific set of targets to achieve Institution level: – Rigorous and comprehensive planning – Focus and niche  CoE Feed the eagle and starve the turkey

7 Trend Perkembangan Global Pendidikan sepanjang hayat – Retraining dan knowledge recharging Masifikasi Pendidikan Tinggi – Menuju universal higher education Pendidikan terbuka dan jarak jauh – MOOCs – Free education

8 new competencies

9 Technology meets Design

10 Giorgio Armani-Samsung mobile

11 Razr de lujo con piel de lagarta

12 fashion phones





17 creativity invent experiment think out of the box take chances break the rules make mistakes and have fun…

18 Changing education needs and practices new skills lifelong learning

19 from innocence

20 … to wisdom

21 University today postgraduate studies first degree

22 University of the future? Continuing Professional Development Career Change Studies Graduate Studies Undergraduate Studies On-campus On-line Citizenship & Life Skills Hybrid Itinerant Multiple

23 “In the early twenty-first century, people will be able to study what they want, when they want, where they want, and in the language they prefer, electronically.“ Peter Knight, July 1994

24 How to regulate National Qualification Framework (NQF) – Follow up to the ratification of UNESCO convention on degree, study and credits – Should cover the needs for job market and mutual recognition of degrees for advanced studies National QA and Accreditation system – Internationally recognized accreditation system – Credible and independent agencies

25 Main challenges/ Success Stories Quality and relevance Ethics and values Equity Financial sustainability Flexibility

26 Absolute Achievement vs. Value Added A B C D E F achievement entrygraduation

27 University Ranking Ada yang biased ke research – Shang Hai Jiao Tong It’s zero-sum game – Jika ada yang naik maka harus ada yang turun Ada yang tidak mengukur mutu akademik – Webometric Bermanfaat sebagai pemacu – Tapi tidak boleh menjadi tujuan

28 Benefits Risks More internationally oriented students and staff Improved academic quality Increased revenue generation Opportunities for brain gain Greater international understanding and solidarity Innovations in curriculum, teaching and research Foster ‘national and international’ citizenship Loss of cultural or national identity Jeopardize quality of education Growing elitism in access to international education opportunities Overuse of English as a medium of instruction Commodification and commercialisation of education programmes

29 Penutup Internasionalisasi adalah suatu keharusan, karena Pendidikan Tinggi bersifat global – Pendidikan tinggi sbg tradeable services Mutu adalah kunci utama dalam internasionalisasi – Perlu dipilih focus/niche Perguruan Tinggi harus mengikuti perkembangan global TIK merupakan salah satu CSF dalam internasionalisasi


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