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The Research Report. Learning Outcomes Students should be able to writing research report.

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1 The Research Report

2 Learning Outcomes Students should be able to writing research report

3 Outlines The research proposal The report The written report Integral part of the report Oral presentation

4 The Research Proposal Before any research study is undertaken, there should be an agreement between the person who authorizes the study and the researcher through the research proposal. The research proposal drawn up by the investigator is the result of a planned, organized and careful effort, and contains the following: – The broad goals of the study – The specific problem to be investigated – Details of the procedures to be followed – Details of the research design, with the emphasize on the sampling design, data collection method and data analysis – Time frame of the study

5 The Report Writing the report concisely, convincingly, and with clarity is as important than conducting a perfect research study. The contents and organization of written report and oral presentation depend on the purpose of the research study and the audience to which it is targeted

6 The Written Report The written report enables the manager to weigh the facts and argument presented therein and implement the acceptable recommendations, with a view to closing the gap between existing state and desired state. The written report depend on its purpose: – To offer details on some specific areas of interest – To sell an idea, so it has to be more detailed and convincing – Giving alternatives to solve a problem in a given situation – To identify the problem and provide the final solutions – To announce the findings of basic study

7 Characteristics of a Well-Written Report Well-written report has: – Clarity – Conciseness – Coherence – The right emphasis on important aspects – Meaningful organization of paragraphs – Smooth transition from one topic to the next – Apt choice of words – Specific

8 Content of the Research Report A title The beginning: – A table of content – The research proposal – Letter of authorization – Executive summary or synopsis Introductory section detailing – the purpose of the study, – background to the study, – problem identification, – the use of the research The body of report contains: – the framework of the study, – hypotheses (if any), – sampling design, – data collection method, – analysis of data and the results obtained The final part of the report presents – the findings and conclusions – recommendation

9 Students’ Guidelines for Writing Proposals Daftar Pustaka Lampiran : Kuesioner penelitian (jika menggunakan kuesioner) Format penulisan : - font : Untuk judul Bab dab Sub Bab  Tahoma 11 – Bold : Untuk isi  Tahoma 10 - spasi : 1,5 - kertas: Kwarto / A4 - nomor halaman: dimulai dari Bab I, : pada halaman yg ada judul Bab  nomor halaman di bagian tengah – bawah : pada halaman isi yg lain  nomor halaman di bagian kanan atas - Tabel : diberi nomor ( X.nn  X : nomor bab, nn  nomor urut tabel dalam bab tsb). Nomor tabel dan judul tabel dituliskan di atas tabel. - Gambar : diberi nomor dng format sama seperti tabel, tetapi nomor dan judul gambar dituliskan di bagian bawah dari gambar.

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