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Messages Appeals. messages rational Emotional Emotional vs rational appeals EmotionalRational try to bond the consumer with the product, but The effects.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Messages Appeals. messages rational Emotional Emotional vs rational appeals EmotionalRational try to bond the consumer with the product, but The effects."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Messages Appeals


3 messages rational Emotional

4 Emotional vs rational appeals EmotionalRational try to bond the consumer with the product, but The effects of emotional ads are very hard to gauge. appeals are easier to recall. Feeling = hard to reachThinking = data interpretation If succeed, Emotional appeals have been found to have a strong effect on attitudes towards both the advertisement and the product.

5 MESSAGES APPEAL RATIONAL LOGICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE EMOTIONAL Personal Appeal Social Appeal Fear Appeal Humor Appeal Moral appeal GREY AREA / COMBINATION The definition often overlap ; it’s not mutually exclusive

6 Untuk menginformasikan dan membangkitkan diri audiens dengan menunjukkan bahwa produk tersebut akan menghasilkan manfaat yang dikatakan (pentingnya produk social tersebut) Daya tarik rasional:

7 LOGICAL APPEALS “ If I give enough good reasons I can ’ t possibly be wrong” Berikan alasan-alasan yang masuk akal mengenai masalah ataupun program yang kita tawarkan

8 SCIENTIFIC EFINDENCE : Fact, Figures and statistics..(2) use statistics and figures to display aspects of the product and its popularity in particular. using proven facts and numbers (ex: statistics) -surveillance-immunization-needed-to- eliminating-polio/

9 EMOTIONAL APPEALS Emotional Appeal Personal Appeal Social Appeal Humor Appeal Fear Appeal Related to an individual’s psychological and social needs for purchasing certain products and services. attempts to create positive or negative emotions in the viewer (ex: joy, jealousy, sadness, rage, etc.)

10 Membangkitkan emosi positif atau negatif yang akan memotivasi khalayak. Daya tarik emosional positif dapat berupa humor, cinta dan kebahagiaan sedangkan. Daya tarik emosional negatif dapat berupa rasa takut, rasa bersalah dan rasa malu. Daya tarik emosional: 2454347/

11 a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others (related with messengers) Personal Appeal..(1) check_out_go_goa_gone_girl_puja_gupta_in_a_vegan_dress_for_pet a/ This is also sex appeal,

12 Some personal emotions that can drive individuals to purchase products include safety, fear, love, humor, joy, happiness, sentiment, stimulation, pride, self esteem, pleasure, comfort, ambition, nostalgia etc. Personal Appeal..(2)

13 Social factors cause people to make purchases (to change) and include such aspects as recognition, respect, involvement, affiliation, rejection, acceptance, status and approval. Social Appeals bullying/

14 For people concerning positive value. Plays into your need to help save the planet, give to charity or help find a cure for a disease. Social appeal..(2) : be a hero no-to-plastic/

15 Humor can be an excellent tool to catch the viewer’s attention and help in achieving instant recall which can work well for the sale of the product. Humor can be used effectively when it is related to some benefit that the customer can derive without which the joke might overpower the message. HUMOR APPEALS..(1) This is also masculin or sex appeal /review-got-milk-magic-milk-straws/

16 Overall, humorous ads do get attention Distraction: Humorous ads inhibit the consumer from counter arguing (thinking of reasons not to agree with the message), increasing the likelihood of message acceptance. HUMOR APPEALS.. en_peta_euthanises_animals_they_are_bad_though/?r ef=readnext

17 Advertising that attempts to create fear to sell products. You should “buy” or “adopt” this product or something bad could happen to us, our families and friends, or country FEAR APPEALS..(1) 394151/

18 FEAR APPEALS..(2) Fear is also an important factor that can have incredible influence on individuals. Fear is often used to good effect in advertising and marketing campaigns of beauty and health products including insurance. Advertising experts indicate that using moderate levels of fear in advertising can prove to be effective. Don’t talk while driving 0/30/changing-thoughts-changing-future/

19 Ditujukan kepada khalayak untuk memberitahu mengenai apa yang baik dan benar, biasanya digunakan untuk mendesak mereka supaya mendukung usaha- usaha sosial. Daya tarik moral: 87324281004578356422222235976

20 Other appeals... Sex draws attention to the ad but may be counterproductive unless the product itself is related to sex Sexual AppealsSexual Appeals: m/2014/11/21/350mc-peta-advertisements/

21 Messenger Appeals

22 SPOKEPERSON / ENDORSER PERSONALITY SYMBOLS : Focus on person / non person personality as a main character of the adv– (both celebrity / non celebrity endorsers) Ex : got milk : character of celebrity – creative, smart - bill gates = vaccine

23 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Using good-looking models in ads to suggest we’ll “look like the models” if we buy the product.

24 PERSONALITY SYMBOL : PRODUCT PERSONIFICATION (A CARTOON CHARACTER) Uses a cartoon character or imaginary character to entice an audience (ex : children) to want the product. Personifikasi produk perupakan karakter yang diciptakan berdasarkan adanya suatu produk untuk menguatkan image produk tersebut. Ex : karakter gigi membuat anak tidak takut untuk periksa gigi dalam gerakan periksa gigi setiap 6 bulan sekali picture.html

25 TECHNICAL EXPERTISE : Focus on expertise of the endorser  Ex : Dr oz – dokter yang dipercaya untuk masalah diet protein-diet-aids-weight-loss-prevent- diabetes-and-heart-disease

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