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BIODATA Nama : Safia Anggraeni Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Madiun, 5 April 1966

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Presentasi berjudul: "BIODATA Nama : Safia Anggraeni Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Madiun, 5 April 1966"— Transcript presentasi:

1 BIODATA Nama : Safia Anggraeni Tempat/Tgl Lahir : Madiun, 5 April 1966
Alamat rumah : Jl Nangka No.11 Utan Kayu- Jakarta Timur No.Telphone : Pendidikan : D.III Akuntansi STIE Perbanas Jakarta S-1 Akuntansi -FE-UNJ S-2 Magister Administrasi Pendidikan-UHAMKA S-3 Manajemen Pendidikan- UNJ Riwayat Pekerjaan : : PT.Bank Rakyat Indonesia : Dosen UMJ sekarang : Wakil Rektor II Institut Bisnis Muhammadiyah Bekasi

Oleh : Safia Anggraeni, M.Pd. @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

3 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
DESKRIPSI MATA KULIAH Dalam perkuliahan ini dibahas : introduction, family, routine activity, applying for a job, management, describing trends and presentation skills. Perkuliahan ini juga mengkaji isu-isu dan masalah yang dihadapi ketika berkomunikasi dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

4 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
Daftar Pustaka Study English IELTS PREPARATION, university of Technology Sydney, Gramedia. Betty Schrampfer Azar, Understanding and Using English Grammar. Second edition. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1989. Lin Lougheed, AELTS Practice exams: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. 2010 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

5 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
Penilaian 1. Tugas : a. Mandiri b. partisipasi dalam kelas 2. Kehadiran 3. UTS ( ujian Tengah Semester) 4. UAS ( Ujian Akhir Semester Masing-masing bobotnya : 25 % @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

6 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
SILABUS Pertemuan Materi 1. Introduction I 2. Introduction II 3. Family 4. Routine Activity 5. Applying for Job I 6. Applying for Job II 7. Riview 8. Midterm Test @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

7 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
Silabus ( lanjutan) Pertemuan Materi 9 Part of Speech 10. 11. Reading 12. 13. Presentation Skill 14. 15. 16. Final Test @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

8 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
Introduction Name Spelling of name Address. Telephone number, address Marital status Field of study or work Daily activity, hobbies .etc. Reason for studying here @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

9 Family and Routine Activity
Discribing your routine activity. Discribing your family Write a short autobiographical paragraph telling who you are, what do you do, what your plans are for the next four years. @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

10 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
THE SIMPLE TENSES 1. SIMPLE PRESENT in general, simple present expresses events or situations that exist always, usually, habitually; that exist now, have existed in the past, and probably will exist in the future. 2. SIMPLE PAST At one particular time in the past, this happened. It began and ended in the past. 3. SIMPLE FUTURE At one particular time in the future, this will happen. @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

11 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
THE SIMPLE PRESENT The simple present says that something was true in the past, is true in the present, and will be true in the future. It is used for general statements of fact. a. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. b. the world is round The simple present is used to express habitual or everyday activity. a. I study for two hours every night. b. He always eats a sandwich for lunch Certain verb are not used in the progressive tenses. with these verbs, the simple present may indicate situation that exists right now, at the moment of speaking. a. He needs a pen right now b. I know this grammar @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

12 FINAL –S/ -ES (a) NOUN + -S Friends are important
NOUN + -ES I like my friend A final –s or –es is added to a noun to make a noun plural Friend = a singular noun friends = a plural noun (b) VERB + -S John works at the bank VERB = -ES She watches birds A final –s or –es is added to a simple present verb when the subject is a singular noun ( mary, my father, the machine), or third person singular pronoun ( she, he, it) SPELLING ; FINAL –S VS -ES (c) Sing  sings song  songs for most words ( whether a verb or a noun ) simply a final –s is added to spell the word correctly (d) Wash  washes box  boxes Watch  watches Class  classes Buzz  buzzex Final –es is added to words that end in –sh, -ch, -s, -z, and -x (e) Toy  toys Buy  buys (f) Baby  babies Cry  cries For words that end in –y : In (e): if –y is preceded by a vowel,only –s is added In (f) : if –y is preceded by a consonant, the –y is changed to –i and -es is added.

13 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
THE SIMPLE PAST The simple past indicates that an activity or situation began and ended at the particular time in the past a. I walked to school yesterday b. He bought a new car three days ago if the sentece contains when and has the simple past in both clauses, the action in the “when clause” happens first. a. I stood under a tree when it began to rain. b. When she heard a strange noise, she got up to investigate @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

14 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
SIMPLE FUTURE Will or be going to is used to express future time In speech, going to is often pronounced “gonna” The use of shall with I or We to express future time is possible but uncommond in American English. Shall is used much more frequently in British than American English. @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

15 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
PART OF SPEECH Verb Noun Adjective Adverb Preposition @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

16 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
BUSINESS LETTER Lay Out of a business letters The Heading The Date The inside Address The Salutation The Body of the letter The complimentary Close The Signature @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

17 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
APPLICATION LETTERS The address of the writer The date of writing the application The name and address of the company The salutation The introductory or opening paragraph The body of application The concluding paragraph The subscription The signature @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

18 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
CURRICULUM VITAE Personal data Educational background Work experience Location of credentials file, which includes letters of recommendation @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

19 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
READING Management Function Marketing Why Finance The Role of Computer in Business Modern Banking An Accounting overview @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

20 @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi
SPEAKING Presentation Skill Preparing 1 object Make a powerpoint Presentation in front of the class 10 minutes @InstitutBisnisMuhammadiyahBekasi

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