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Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Creativity

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1 Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Creativity
Oleh: Meily Margaretha

2 Innovation Process by which new goods and services or new production and operating systems are developed.

3 Innovation and spectacular success for Organization
Honda changed the face of the small motorbike market when introduced small 50cc motorcycles. Mary Kay changed the natured of the way cosmetics are sold when it introduced its at-home cosmetics parties and personalized style of selling.

4 Technological Change Quantum Technological Change
A fundamental shift in technology that results in innovation of new kinds of goods and services. The shifts from vinyl records to tape to CD to MP3 represent quantum technological changes in the recording industry. Incremental Technological Change Change that refines existing technology and leads to gradual improvements or refinements of products over time. Intel has produced a series of improvements in its original 4004 microprocessor, include 8008,8086,286,386 and Pentium Chips

5 Technology cycle Quantum innovations occur rarely
Technological discontinuity Dominant design emerges Era of incremental change and innovation during which competition is based on technology Technological discontinuity may occur again and the process starts all over

6 Technological Change and Length of The Product Life Cycle

7 Determinants of the length of the product life cycle
Rate of technological change Faster the rate of change, the shorter the product life cycle. Role of fads and fashion Determine the attractiveness of products to customers

8 Entrepreneurship as Creative Destruction
New companies use new global and technological opportunities to make better products that drive old, inefficient companies out of business. (Ex. Home Video Games)

9 Intrapreneurs and Creativity
Intrapreneurs: Leaders of innovation and new product development in established organizations. Creativity: ideas going beyond the current boundaries, whether those boundaries are based on technology, knowledge, social norms, or beliefs Most people are creative at some time May involve combining and synthesizing new things Hubungan Intrapreneurs dan Entrepreneurs??

10 Managing The Innovation Process
Project management Cross-functional teams Skunk Works = task force

11 Creating a Culture for Innovation
1 Organizational Structure 2 People 3 Property Rights

12 Innovation and Information Technology
Information efficiencies: the cost and time savings that occur when IT allows employees to perform current tasks at a higher level Enables employees to assume additional tasks Enables employees to expand their roles in the organization due to advances in the ability to gather and analyze data also allows information efficiencies

13 IT and Organizational Structure and Culture
IT affects the innovation process through its many effects on organizational structure IT gives lower level employees more detailed and current knowledge of consumer and market trends and opportunities IT means that fewer levels of managers are needed to handle problem solving and decision making IT can produce information synergies Facilitates increased communication and coordination between decentralized decision makers and top managers IT promotes innovation through its effect on organizational culture by facilitating the sharing of beliefs, values, and norms

14 Innovation at The GAP Merek GAP menjadi sangat populer pada tahun 1990an dan tahun 2000 tingkat penjualannya meningkat $10 triliun untuk yang pertama kalinya. GAP sempat mengalami kejatuhan tahun Mengapa???

15 CEO GAP-Millard berupaya meningkatkan penjualan dengan mendirikan berbagai toko yang menawarkan berbagai pakaian untuk konsumen. Mis: Kid Gap Store, Baby Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy. Millard mendelegasikan tanggungjawab berinovasi pada ketiga presiden dari divisi utamanya.

16 Keputusan mendelegasikan tanggungjawab berinovasi ternyata gagal karena ketiga presiden dari setiap divisi tidak mampu memprediksi keinginan konsumen. Miller melakukan pengendalian secara terpusat dan menggunakan IT untuk mempercepat proses desain.


Materi: Determinan Struktur Organisasi: Spesialisasi dan Koordinasi s/d. Inovasi, Intrapreneurship dan Kreatifitas Soal Ujian: Essay/Uraian. Jaga kesehatan!! Siapkan hal-hal administratif (baju, celana, sepatu, KRS, KTM) menjelang UTS!! Siapkan mental & Stop SKS!! Jangan terlambat & perhatikan jadwal ujian!! Jangan menyontek!!

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