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E-commerce Usaha Kecil Menengah

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1 E-commerce Usaha Kecil Menengah
Onno W. Purbo

2 Fokus Universitas – sumber pengetahuan Masyarakat – partner ekonomi

3 Lokasi Materi

4 Sedikit Filosofi-nya

5 Strata Informasi Data Informasi Pengetahuan (knowledge)
Kebijakan (wisdom)

6 Transaksi di e-commerce
Transaksi uang Transaksi barang Transaksi informasi Transaksi pengetahuan / jasa

7 Filosofi-nya Rizki & pahala – sesuai dengan amal & ibadah.
Dunia elektronik mengeffisienkan amal & ibadah untuk orang banyak.

8 Pemberdayaan UKM (SME)
Model Teknologi Network Knowledge Management Support Konsekuensi-nya e-commerce E-Commerce sederhana E-Commerce Bisnis to Customer E-Commerce Bisnis to Bisnis


10 Resource By Region Resource By Type
By Expertise

11 Some References Http://
(Canada Technology Network) (Australian Science & Technology Council) (National Technology DataBank) (Technology Transfer Information Center)

12 Model

13 Knowledge Economy What is knowledge? Knowledge Management

14 What is Knowledge? Building block of a modern organization.
Knowledge is Perishable. Becomes Obsolete Quickly. Always changing. Renewing is key to competitive advantages. Knowledge = Power. Share it and it will multiply.

15 The Three Types Of Knowledge
Search and delivery Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge Potential knowledge People Information People Data People Collaboration Content Mgmt. Analysis Key Points: This concept of connections, then, requires us to better understand the types of knowledge we are dealing with. People to people connections are really all about tapping into “Tacit Knowledge,” the knowledge trapped in people’s heads. To do this, businesses need a technology platform that supports rich collaboration between people. In most businesses, there is already a vast amount of knowledge captured in documents, on web sites, and the like. Connecting people to this “Explicit Knowledge” requires a platform than offers rich content management services. The raw data in the databases of an organization represents not knowledge, but “Potential Knowledge,” which can be unlocked by powerful analysis tools applied by knowledge workers to these databases of information. Regardless of where this knowledge resides, people need to find it, or, better yet, have it delivered to them when the system determines it may be helpful or relevant to them. In addition, all of these connections generate a tremendous amount of activity, activity which, if tracked, helps workers to find the best knowledge. By tracking how often a documents within a set are accessed, for instance, people can make estimates as to which document is “the best” on a given topic. Tracking which people most frequently answer questions posed over can give an approximation as to who the “experts” are in your organization, and so on. These five services define the Microsoft approach to providing customers a Knowledge Management platform. Tracking

16 Mencari Model Sederhana

17 Kondisi Ideal

18 Digital Library

19 System

20 Model Sederhana

21 Knowledge Commerce Mempercepat Perputaran Pengetahuan
Memajukan Pengetahuan Percepatan menjadikan Pakar .. Pendidikan Informal

22 E-Comm Teori-nya ...

23 Strategi Perdagangan Harga Bersaing Mutu Tinggi
Ketepatan Waktu sampai ke Pasar


25 Tipe e-commerce Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Customer (B2C)
80% transaksi e-commerce. Business-to-Customer (B2C) Business-to-Government (B2G) Business-to-Partners Community-to-Community (C2C) Citizen-to-Citizen (C2C)

26 E-Commerce sederhana

27 Langkah Sederhana Shopping, Buka Wawasan & Kenali Medan.
Fokus yang di suka / di kuasai. Silaturahmi, Community Building. Transaksi e-commerce sederhana. Ganti telp, fax  . Transaksi elektronik informasi / pengetahuan. Transaksi fisik - barang. Transaksi fisik - duit manual  ..

28 Kenali Medan Search Engine Keyword
Keyword FAQ, whitepapers, hal yang disukai. Mailinglist community.

29 Community Building Aktif di mailing list Subscribe via:
Subscribe via: Responds responds responds Rizki equivalent dengan kecepatan meresponds. Silaturahmi & community building.

30 Produksi Informasi Tulis artikel Tulis buku Terbitkan di:

31 E-Commerce Rumit

32 Isu utama e-commerce Payment Method Certificate Authority (CA)
Internet Infrastructure Web. . Regulasi – cyberlaw.

33 Payment Method Transaksi model ATM.
Pembayaran 2 pihak tanpa perantara. Pembayaran 2 pihak dengan perantara. Micropayment. Anonymous Digital Cash.

34 Business-to-Customer
Biasanya Web.

35 Bisnis-2-Customer CA Merchant Bank GUI (Web Browser) Customer Bank
Shopping Cart Transaction Server Order Processor Product Search Delivery Service Product Database

36 Business-to-Business

37 Start e-Commerce Indonesia (CommerceNet)
IndosatCom EDI Indonesia Luar Negeri

38 Standard e-Commerce Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) (Microsoft) Open Trading Protocol (OTP) Sun, IBM, Oracle Open Profiling Standard (OPS) Socket Secure Layer (SSL) Netscape Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) Visa & MasterCard

39 Electronic Data Interchange

40 Electronic Data Interchange

41 Electronic Data Interchange

42 Electronic Data Interchange

43 Electronic Data Interchange

44 Electronic Data Interchange

45 Electronic Data Interchange

46 Electronic Data Interchange

47 Electronic Data Interchange

48 Electronic Data Interchange

49 Example of EDI Message ST*850*00001 BEG*00*SA*EDI-9966***850816
TAX* N1*ST*THE CORNER STORE*09* N3*601 FIRST STREET N4*CROSSROADS*NY*10016 N3*900 EASY STREET PER*PD*JOHN JONES**TE* ITD*01*03*2.000***10**30 FOB*CC*****OR DTM*002*851018 PO1*1* *LB* *QT*PN* CTT*2* SE*22*00001

50 Easy To Transport via E-mail Easy to Transport via Internet
Example of EDI Message ST*850*00001 BEG*00*SA*EDI-9966***850816 TAX* N1*ST*THE CORNER STORE*09* N3*601 FIRST STREET N4*CROSSROADS*NY*10016 N3*900 EASY STREET PER*PD*JOHN JONES**TE* ITD*01*03*2.000***10**30 FOB*CC*****OR DTM*002*851018 PO1*1* *LB* *QT*PN* CTT*2* SE*22*00001 ASCII Text Message Easy To Transport via Easy to Transport via Internet Easy to Protect, say using PGP, PEM etc.

51 Practical Implementation
W. Houser, J. Griffin & C. Hage, “Request for Comments: 1865: EDI Meets the Internet - Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on the Internet”, January 1996.

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