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Jelly Candy.

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1 Jelly Candy

2 OVERVIEW Supersaturation Principles of sugar confectionery processing
Factors affecting the production and storage of sweets Jelly Candy (Tomato & Rosella)

3 What happens when you heat a sugar solution?

4 Supersaturation  Supersaturation is an unstable state.
 The sugar molecules will begin to crystallize back into a solid at the least provocation.

5 Principles of Sugar Confectionery Production
Balance the recipe Prepare raw material Mixing Boil the mixture Cool and shape Packaging

6 Factors affecting the production and storage of sweets
The degree of sucrose inversion The time and temperature of boiling The residual moisture content The addition of other ingredients

7 Degree of Sucrose Inversion
“The amount of invert sugar in the candy/sweets must be controlled!!!!” Tartaric, citric acid  can be used in controlling amount of inversion If too much  sticky candy (take up water from the air). If too little  insufficient to prevent crystallization of the sucrose. Ex : Hard candy needs 10-15% invert sugar

8 Sweet and Boiling Temperature
Jelly 105oC Syrup 110oC Fudge or Creams 115oC Caramels or Divinity 121oC Taffy or marshmallows 126.7oC Butterscotch or Popcorn Balls 137.7oC Peanut Brittle 150oC Glace or Barley Sugar 160oC

9 Candy Thermometer

10 Moisture Content The water left in the sweet will influence its storage behaviour. For sweets which contain more than 4% moisture, it is likely that sucrose will crystallize on storage.

11 Added ingredients The addition of certain ingredients can affect the temperature of boiling. Added ingredients also have an effect on the shelf-life of the sweet. Some ingredients  have a higher viscosity Some others  increasing deterioration (ex : rancidity (caused by fats)

12 Permen Jelly Rosella Pewarna alami Kandungan antioksidan yang tinggi
Efek anti hipertensi, kram otot, dan anti infeksi bakteri

13 Ekstraksi Kelopak Bunga Rosella

14 Bahan 1

15 Bahan 2

16 Pembuatan Bahan 1

17 Pembuatan Bahan 2

18 Tahapan Pencampuran

19 Tahap Pencetakan Permen yang sudah dicetak diloyang, didiamkan semalam
Tahap Pencetakan Permen yang sudah dicetak diloyang, didiamkan semalam. Lalu dicetak sesuai selera dan ditaburi dengan gula pasir


21 BAHAN - BAHAN BAHAN 1 BAHAN 2 Jenis Jumlah Satuan Gelatin 100 gram
Sari tomat 250 Pengering sdt Jenis Jumlah Satuan Agar-agar 2 bks Sari tomat 160 gram Gula pasir 600 Zitrunsuur 10 Glucose 80


Bahan A: campur sari tomat mendidih dan gelatin hingga gelatin larut. Masukkan serbuk pengering permen aduk kembali hingga rata,sisihkan. Bahan B: masak agar-agar dengan sari tomat hingga agar-agar larut. Masukkan gula pasir aduk kembali sampai gula larut. Masukkan zitrunsuur aduk kembali hingga tercampur rata Masukkan glukosa, aduk kembali hingga tercampur.

24 Cont….. Campur bahan A dan bahan B aduk hingga rata,lalu beri warna sesuai selera. Tuang diloyang / dicetak sesuai selera dan diamkan selama 1malam. Potong sesuai selera lalu taburi dengan gula pasir dan angin-anginkan hingga kering.


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