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Politik Pemberitaan Media Penyiaran

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1 Politik Pemberitaan Media Penyiaran
Hermin Indah Wahyuni Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi Fisipol UGM


3 Gerbner about Television (cultivation theory-1998)
“Television is the source of the most broadly-shared images and messages in history. It is the mainstream of the common symbolic environment into which our children are born and in which we all live out our lives. While channels proliferate, their contents concentrate. For most viewers, new types of delivery system such as cable, satellite, and the internet mean even deeper penetration and integration of the dominant patterns of images and messages into everyday live”

4 Program Acara Televisi

5 Media Massa dan Kepentingan Politik (Diana C Mutz and Reeves 2005)
1. Hipotesis Media: Bentuk Media menentukan keberhasilan penyampaian berita politik 2. Hipotesis Isi Media: Isi media sebagai penentu keberhasilan penyampaian berita politik 3. Hipotesis “Penjelasan Politik”: Penggambaran dan penjelasan politik sebagai penentu keberhasilan penyampaian berita politik

6 Aplikasi 3 Hipotesis 1. Media malaise
2. “The argument evolved to blame television journalism for initiating the deleterious shifts in tone and content that subsequently spread to other political media. Because of the need to compete with television, print media began to mimic television” 3. Penggambaran politik di media: Kecenderungan untuk menyederhanakan, kecendenrungan menyalahkan pihak tertentu, dan kecenderungan menempatkan politik selalu negatif

7 Framing Framing refers to the way a story is told – its selective use of particular symbols, metaphors, and messengers, for example – and to the way these cues, in turn, trigger the shared and durable cultural models that people use to make sense of their world. “Frames are organizing principles that are socially shared and persistent over time that work symbolically to meaningfully structure the world (emphasis in the original)” (Reese).

8 Elemen Framing 1. Context: a. Thematic b. Episodic 2. Messenger 3. Visual 4. Numbers 5. Metaphors 6. Tone : style, mood, manners or philosophical outlook of a communication

9 Konteks Pertelevisian Indonesia

10 TV is King high reach & spread
But efficiency is decreasing, because of overcrowding Based on ABC+ , Urban Indonesia, Roy Morgan SS

11 Dinamika Pertelevisian di Indonesia
1940an hingga 1970 Pure public oriented 2002 hingga sekarang Mixed system oriented 1970 hingga 2002 Dual system between public and commercial UU No 32 tahun 2002 tentang Penyiaran: Lembaga Penyiaran Publik. Lembaga Penyiaran Swasta, Lembaga Penyiaran Berlangganan dan Lembaga Penyiaran Komunitas. Data statsitik televisi tahun 2011 11 stasiun televisi berizin siaran nasional 97 stasiun televisi berizin siaran daerah/lokal 30 stasiun televisi berlangganan (60% cabel, 20% satellite & 20% Terrestrial)

12 Kondisi Makro Pertelevisian Indonesia
TV Swasta sangat dominan TV publik dan TV komunitas belum kokoh Kepemilikan TV memiliki afiliasi kuat dengan politik Rawan/membahayakan konstruksi realitas Blocking Time untuk kepentingan politik tertentu sangat mungkin terjadi: open discourses untuk

13 Upaya Bagaimana sinergi agenda media, agenda publik dan agenda politik dapat direpresentasikan Memperkuat akuntabilitas media Memperkuat kontrol publik terhadap media

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