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What are the elements of a web page?. DfM DfM

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1 What are the elements of a web page?

2 DfM DfM eEY eEY

3 Element Title Web address Content – information- text, graphics & other media types Design – style page, font, color, background, visual elements Structure – layout of the page, title, headings, tables, frames, navigational tools, footers Hyperlinks

4 UNESCO ICTLIP Module 6. Lesson 14 Table / Navigational tools Web page Elements Document title Address (URL) Banner Web page title Footer / Copyright Graphic elements Hyperlinks Content Search tool Navigational tools Frames Hyperlinks

5 WebE Process Overview Formulation of the problem Planning WebApp requirements analysis Architectural, navigational, and interface design System implementation using specialized languages and tools associated with the Web Configuration management, quality control, and maintenance mechanisms are established early

6 Web Rapid Application Development „Waterfall Model „Modified Waterfall Model

7 Web Rapid Application Development Tidak ada standarisasi baku Tidiki „Tanpa perancangan / diskusi „Proses pembuatan cepat „Dianjurkan untuk website skala kecil


9 Waterfall Model Mempunyai banyak tahap „Dikerjakan oleh kelompok besar / team „Sangat terstruktur „Proses lama untuk perancangan



12 Modified Waterfall Model - Memperbaiki Waterfall Model „- Perbedaan pada problem definition & requirement diulang-ulang sampai hasil tidak berubah



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