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Office Adsress : Kavling Taman Wisata Blok C10 No.24, Pondok Ungu Permai Bekasi Utara. Telp: 021-97346209. Hp. 085710174007.

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1 Office Adsress : Kavling Taman Wisata Blok C10 No.24, Pondok Ungu Permai Bekasi Utara. Telp: 021-97346209. Hp. 085710174007. Email:

2 THE COMPANY Sarana Solusi was incorporated in Indonesia in 2006 with key activities in light manufacturing, trading and contracting, and exclusive distribution of some product lines. CURRENT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES A) Air Filter Business 1. Fabrication of Pre Filters for HVAC applications Our Pre Filters are uniquely designed around a complete range of high quality anodized aluminum frames, luxurious large filter area of various high quality media types and grades, and various choice of holding the filter media ranging from double pleated liner, single pleated liner and welded wire frames. Aluminium frame widths : Nominal ½” (14mm), Nominal ¾” (18mm), Nominal 1” (22mm) and Nominal 2” (46mm) Media types : Permanent Honeycomb Web Net filter (Saranet media CB66), Washable Synthetic Fibre media (R10 to R20), Aluminum media (T10), and Carbon Impregnated Foam media (T10 to T35). Media holding : Single Pleated Liner with adhesive, Double Pleated Liner, Single Wire frame, and Interlocking Wire frames

3 2. Supply of Medium and Hepa Filters Undertake supply and replacement of medium and hepa filters Various types : Bag filters, Rigid filter, etc……… Various brands : ACS, Farr, AAF, Cleantech, etc…… 3. Contract replacement of facility filter systems Undertake maintenance jobs of supply, replace and install expired filters in building facilities. Redesign and replacement of filter rail systems Customize expired filter media and frames

4 B) Heat Exchanger Business 1. Supply of replacement or customized finned tube coils Undertake jobs to replace, customize or enhance capacity performance or corrosion resistance of heat exchanger coils : Wide range of tube sizes : 3/8”, 1/2“, 5/8” and 3/4” for airconditioning applications and 1/2” low fpi type for low temperature refrigeration application. Standard aluminium fin coils : Plain aluminium fin with copper tube. Pre-coated aluminium fin coils : Blue hydrophilic aluminium fins or Epoxy Gold aluminium fins with copper tube. Standard copper fin coils : Plain copper fins with copper tube. Medium duty corrosion resistant coated fin coils : Black CEDC aluminium or copper fins with copper tube. Heavy duty corrosion resistant coated fin coils : Phenolic or Urethane acrylic coated copper fins with copper tube. Stainless steel fin coils : Stainless steel fins with stainless tube.

5 2. Supply of heat exchangers Undertake supply and replacement of heat exchangers Types of heat exchangers : Brazed plate heat exchangers, tube-in-tube heat exchangers, tube-in- shell heat exchangers, serpentine tube heat exchangers, etc Special applications : Heat exchangers for high corrosion environment 3. Supply of high pressure injected polyurethane insulated panels Undertake supply and replacement of injected rigid polyurethane insulated panels Various thickness : 0.5” upwards Extruded standard aluminium profile systems : Flexible knockdown framing system to complement polyurethane insulated panels, or single sided panels Extruded thermal break profile systems : High thermal insulation framing system for polyurethane insulated panels

6 C) HVAC Parts Trading 1. Supply of air exchange parts Undertake supply and replacement of blowers, fan blades and motors Various imported blowers and fan blades : Gerbhart, Nicotra, Yilida, Kemao, Torin Various imported motors : Yongan, Headline, AO Smith. Booster fan box Hazard zone applications : Blowers and fan blades for high corrosion environment, motors for hazard zone (explosion proof) applications 2. Supply of hermetic compressors Undertake supply and replacement of refrigerant compressors Various imported makes : Panasonic rotary hermetic compressors, Copeland scroll compressors, Danfoss tandem ready scroll compressors Environment friendly Non-CFC refrigerant : Equipment designed for non CFC (Dupont R417A) and retrofit for Green Labelling Hazard zone applications : Customized hermetic compressors for hazard zone (explosion proof) environment complete with certification (upon request)

7 3. Supply of components and accessories Undertake the supply and replacement for HVAC components and accessories : Air mixing dampers : Low leakage dampers constructed from precision extruded aluminium frame and blades, and low temperature tolerant engineering plastic gears complete with motorized actuators or manual handles. Moisture eliminator : Efficient moisture eliminator modules constructed from precision extruded aluminium frame and rubberized PVC extruded eliminator fins. Various AHU accessories : Nylon hinges, latch and handles, viewports, pressure outlet nozzles, internal lighting, spring isolators and rubber mountings, access doors/man-holes Electronic controllers : Dedicated electronic controllers for single circuit systems, sequential controllers for multi circuit systems, water cooled package air conditioner controllers, mini chiller controller, and modular chiller controller, and phase failure relay

8 D) Customized & Specialized HVAC Equipment 1. Supply of standard and customized HVAC equipment Undertake the supply and replacement of standard or customized HVAC equipment Light Commercial applications : Ceiling Concealed Unit (DX/CW), FCU (DX/CW) Packaged applications : Special double skin and vibration isolated Air Cooled Package, Water Cooled Package and RoofTop Package units. Commercial applications : Special single/double skin and vibration damped Ducted Split systems (DX/CW). Central system application : Modular AHU (DX/CW) and Economic AHU Condenser applications : Flexible and wide range of Single Split and Multi Split air cooled series, Remote air cooled series Split water cooled series Chiller applications : Range of small mini chiller series, modular series, and medium chiller series.

9 2. Supply of Specialized HVAC equipment Undertake the design, supply and installation/replacement of specialized HVAC equipment Offshore/Onshore hazard zone HVAC equipment : Anti explosion and anti corrosion compliance equipment for the oil & gas industry. Clean room HVAC equipment : Low height high static clean room compliant equipment complete with active/passive sterile features (for surgery room applications). 3. Supply of Cooling Tower Total Water Treatment System Undertake supply and install EcoSoft Total Water Treatment system for cooling towers involving effective electronic descaling and environmental friendly bacterial/organic removal Complete modules : Full system comprising of filtration module, uv/ionization module, electronic descaling module, and TDS control

10 PROJECT REFERENCES A) HVAC FOR COMMERCIAL & OFFICE BUILDINGS PanakukangMall, Sulawesi Ducted Split type Jamsostek Building, Jakarta Ducted Split type Bakmi Japos Karawaci, Jakarta Ducted Split type Gedung Arsip National, Jakarta Ducted Split type AmbarukmoMall, Yogjakarta Ducted FCU type Artha Gading Mall, Jakarta Ducted FCU type Padang mall, Padang Ducted FCU type Pangrango Plaza, Jakarta Ducted FCU type BalikpapanMall, BalikpapanDucted FCU type Departmen Perdagangan, Jakarta Ducted FCU type ManadoMall,Manado Ducted FCU type KooperasiWahana Kalpika, Jakarta Ducted FCU type Palembang IndahMall, Palembang Modular AHU Sawangan Town Square, Depok Ducted FCU type Bale Pakuan, Bandung Ducted FCU type MallMollies, Bandung Ducted FCU type Hypermarket Mall Bella Nova, Jakarta Water Cooled Package Mall Belleza, Jakarta Ducted Split type Yogya Supermarket, Bandung Ducted Split type

11 Apartment Bellagio Residency, Jakarta Multisplit condensing units Apartment Bellagio Mansion, Jakarta Multisplit condensing units Apartment Shangri La, Jakarta Multisplit condensing units Bali Cottage, Bali Multisplit condensing units Apartment Capital Residence, Jakarta Modular AHU Hotel Quality,Makassar Ducted FCU type Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bali Ducted FCU type Hotel Kunir, Jakarta Ducted FCU type Hotel Novotel, Bandung Modular AHU, FCU Hotel Bumi Minang, Padang Ducted FCU type Hotel Swiss Belle, Acheh FCU Apartment Belleza, Jakarta FCU Hotel Sanur, Bali FCU Hotel Gunung Sahari, Jakarta FCU Hotel Mulia, Jakarta FCU Hotel Athletic, Jakarta Ceiling Water Cooled Package Hotel Four Season, Jakarta Modular AHU Hotel Aryadutta,Medan Modular AHU / FCU Hotel Grand Indonesia Ducted Split type B). HVAC FOR APARTMENTS & HOTELS

12 C). HVAC FOR INDUSTRY San Miguel, Cibitung Ducted Split type PT Central Agro Mima, Pegaden Ducted Split type PTMayora, cibitung Ducted Split type PT Indofood, Jakarta Ducted Split type Batik Semar, Solo Condensing Unit PT PLTU, Jambi Modular AHU PT Connocco, Jambi RoofTop Package PT Bayu(Bio Farma) Ducted FCU type PT Unilever, Cibitung Ducted FCU type PT Indofood, Jakarta Ducted FCU type PT Sakatama, Surabaya Modular AHU PT Asaba, Jakarta Ducted FCU type PT Nestle Indonesia, Surabaya Modular AHU PLN, Bojong Ducted FCU type Prospek Motor, Jakarta Ducted FCU type

13 D). HVAC FOR HOSPITAL & SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS Gereja Bethani Central Plaza, Jakarta Ducted Split type RS Pluit, Jakarta Ducted FCU type RS Surianti Suroso,Jakarta Ducted FCU type RS Puri Kedoya, Jakarta Ducted FCU type STEKPI, Kalibata Aircooled Chiller 120TR Balai Pengobatan Mata, Cikampek Modular AHU ABRI PortableMilitary AC

14 E). COIL REPLACEMENT Hotel Omni Batavia, Jakarta Hotel Palembang, Palembang Mall Gajah Mada,Jakarta Mall Pondok Indah, Jakarta Mall Ambassador, Jakarta Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Mall Panakukang Trade Center, Sulawesi Gedung Telkom, Jakarta Gedung BNI 46, Jakarta Gedung BRI, Jakarta Gedung Dirjen Pajak, Jakarta PT Krakatau Steel Gedung Departmen Keuangan, Jakarta RS Husada, Jakarta PLTU Suralaya, Suralaya Hero Supermarket, Bekasi Diamond Dept Store, Makassar

15 F). BLOWER REPLACEMENT Hotel Le Grandeur PT Aqua, Klaten PT Aqua Mekar Sari, Sukabumi ITC Mangga Dua TVRI Pusat, Jakarta Mal Cijantung Sahid Hotel, Jakarta

16 Product Slide Shows

17 Air Filter

18 Watercool Package – 45 Hp

19 Single split condensers series II – 6 Hp

20 Remote Condenser - 200hp

21 Ducted Condensers

22 Factory Front

23 Coil Fabrication Shop

24 Metal Fabrication Shop

25 PU Foaming Line

26 Sub Assy & Insulation Section

27 FGI & Distribution Area

28 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS ONE OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY …We believe that we can do business together very soon… Thank You Very Much

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