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SMED & Teknik Reduksi Set-Up

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1 SMED & Teknik Reduksi Set-Up

2 S M E D The SMED System ingle inute xchange of ie
SUTR/One Hour-Lean 201 The SMED System Step-by-step method to reduce setup time Developed by Shigeo Shingo Applicable in all industries Useful in streamlining other processes xchange of S M E D ingle inute ie setup in under 10 minutes “Single Minute Exchange of Die” it may have been more appropriate to title this idea as, “Single Digit…” But the acronym would not have had as much …’pizzazz.’ Draft: Version 2

3 Mereduksi Waktu Setup Put the “basics” in place
SUTR/One Hour-Lean 201 Mereduksi Waktu Setup Put the “basics” in place workplace organization 5 S’s visual controls Analyze and improve setup using SMED Internal Setup Work that must be done while the machine is stopped External Setup Work that can be done while the machine is running 5S-Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain Everything that can be done to eliminate distractions and other unsafe practices Everything that can be done to focus the employee on the ‘Task-at-Hand’ Then SMED can take off… Without the preliminaries…Who knows? Draft: Version 2

4 Dasar-Dasar SMED There are two types of setup tasks:
SUTR/One Hour-Lean 201 Dasar-Dasar SMED There are two types of setup tasks: internal (machine down) external (machine running) Eliminating or streamlining a setup task requires a clear understanding of that task’s real purpose and function When it comes to Internal vs. External, I try to remember that changing the saw blade on a rotary power saw is an INTERNAL OPERATION. The machine or process MUST be shut down while doing that critical step. That defines that step as INTERNAL. But getting the new blade from the store is EXTERNAL. The process or machine could be running while that is going on. When you come across that task that is just too darn dumb to be a needed task…you better check it out. Also focus on what we can do NOW. Time later to consider capital funding for SUTR. Focus first on no/low cost solutions The best setup is no setup! Draft: Version 2

5 1 Tahapan of SMED 1-Separate internal and external steps
SUTR/One Hour-Lean 201 Tahapan of SMED 1-Separate internal and external steps 2-Convert internal to external 3-Streamline all aspects of setup operations. These are the steps listed in the literature as the steps Shingo identified. There is a whole bunch more that is needed! Get a TEAM together; DOCUMENT the set up, ID the individual Operations & Timing and ANALYZE to DETERMINE INTERNAL & EXTERNAL operations. Then FORCE as many as possible from internal to external, consider STREAM-LINING ASAP. It is too easy to make the external longer than the internal. 1 Draft: Version 2

6 1 - Memisahkan Langkah Internal dan Langkah Eksternal
Studi aktual prosedur setup untuk membuat setup worksheet Amati beban kerja teknisi setup dan operator mesin selama proses setup

7 2 - Pindahkan Langkah Internal ke Langkah Eksternal
Pindahkan aktivitas-aktivitas ekternal ke operator, ketika mesin sedang running Pindahkan aktivitas-aktivitas setup pada saat mesin harus mati ke aktivitas eksternal Contoh pada produksi metal casting: temperatur mold harus dinaikkan untuk menghindari kerusakan hasil cetakan (castings). Pemanasan mold dapat dilakukan secara eksternal dengan menggunakan gas atau listrik, sebelum mold dipasangkan ke mesin

8 3 – Perbaiki dan Sempurnakan Semua Aspek pada Operasi Setup
Sederhanakan setup, menuju One Touch Exchange of Dies (OTED) Standardisasikan prosedur setup, hingga operator mesin dapat melakukan setup sendiri

9 Teknik Mengeliminasi Set-up
Kurangi atau eliminasi perbedaan- perbedaan antar part Membuat beberapa jenis part dalam satu langkah Dedikasikan mesin-mesin untuk membuat hanya satu item Tidak ada kebutuhan changeover Mesin tidak mahal dibanding biaya set-up Sedikit jumlah item berbeda yang diproduksi

10 Teknik-Teknik Mereduksi Setup
Memisahkan aktivitas-aktivitas internal dan eksternal: checklists Memperbaiki setup internal Tugas setup paralel Standardisasi baut dan mur Gunakan baut sekali putar (one turn bolt) Gunakan standard-sized holders and pins

11 Teknik-Teknik Mereduksi Setup
Menghilangkan adjustments Memasangkan part dan fixture ke mesin Men-set part dan fixture pada posisi yang tepat Men-set kombinasi yang tepat (speed, pressure, feed rates and temperature) agar part memenuhi spesifikasi. Memperbaiki setup eksternal Storage dekat ke mesin Setup kits and carts Material handling menggunakan rollers untuk menggeser material dan fixture.

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