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Eska Norma Sebelas Maret University

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1 Eska Norma Sebelas Maret University
Writing Report Text Eska Norma Sebelas Maret University

2 Standar Kompetensi Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks esei berbentuk report, narrative, dan analytical exposition dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari

3 Kompetensi Dasar Mengung-kapkan makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa tulis secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk: report, narrative, dan analytical exposition.

4 Tujuan Pembelajaran Siswa dapat membuat kalimat dengan tenses simple present tense; Siswa dapat membuat pertanyaan dengan tenses simple present tense; Siswa dapat membuat outline dari pertanyaan yang telah dibuat; Siswa dapat menuliskan gagasan utama berdasarkan outline yang telah dibuat; Siswa dapat membuat paragraph dari gagasan utama yang ada; Siswa dapat menuliskan teks report secara utuh.

5 Nilai dan Materi yang Diintegrasikan
Religius Percaya diri Jujur Disiplin Kerja keras Demokrasi Cinta ilmu

6 Historical Place

7 List some vocabulary about Monas

8 List some vocabulary about Borobudur temple

9 List some vocabulary about Prambanan temple

10 Make group of 4 Make cluster mapping
Write the topic in the middle of the paper Write some questions related to the topic in the outer side Write the answers in the outer side of the questions

11 Task 1: Arrange the following paragraph into the right order
The three pyramids at Giza are the largest and finest of their kind. The Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops at Giza, built around 2650 BC, is the largest and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a solid mass of limestone blocks covering 5.3 hectares. Originally it was 147 meters high and took twenty years to build. The only true pyramids ever built were in Egypt where they were burial places of the ancient rulers of Egypt, the Pharaohs. They are square in plan, with triangular sides sloping to meet each other at an apex. Pyramid-like structures, not true pyramids, were also built by the ancient Mesopotamians and the Mayas in Central America and Mexico. The entrance to the pyramid is in the northern wall and a small passage leads through various other chambers to the burial chamber itself deep within the pyramid. 2,1,4,3

12 Task 2: complete the following jumbled text
Hajj is the most popular holiday in my country. It is an __1__ holiday, and it is in the last month of the__2__. People come from far away to __3__and Mecca to __4__these holy__5__. Cities Year Is visiting Islamic Medina Visit

13 Some people do not __6__to the holy cities because they do not __7__money or they __8__not well. The Quran __9__that these people can go to Mecca or Medina another year. At least __10__during their lives, they go to Mecca. People who __11__not __12__to holy cities fast on the feast of hajj. On the second day, Muslims __13__together with friends. They __14__meat and the children __15__new clothes. Travel Go Cook One time Do Gather Wear Says Are Have Goes Did

14 Outline Model Topic: Eiffel
Eiffel is very famous tower in the world. Eiffel is built In Paris, France. It was built by….. Many visitors come every day, around….. In one day 2. It is very beautiful. The fresh park is surrounding it. There are many lamps at night. 3. Eiffel tower is very big and tall. It is about….. Height It is about …. Wide

15 Home work Make an outline about your group’s topic

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