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Kiat Survive Portal Onno W. Purbo

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1 Kiat Survive Portal Onno W. Purbo

2 Outline Filosofy Ke arah pengetahuan

3 Alat yang dibutuhkan.. Computer Communication Content

4 Kiat Survive.. Content Community Vs. Hit rate Transfer rate

5 Filosofi

6 Strata Informasi Data Informasi Knowledge (Pengetahuan) Wisdom

7 What is Knowledge?

8 Transaksi di e-commerce Transaksi informasi Transaksi uang Transaksi barang Transaksi pengetahuan / jasa

9 Trend ke transaksi fisik E-commerce

10 Isu utama e-commerce Payment Method Certificate Authority (CA) Internet Infrastructure Web. . Regulasi – cyberlaw.

11 Trend ke transaksi non-fisik K-commerce Knowledge commerce

12 What is Knowledge? Information Data + Context Knowledge Information + Experience

13 What is Knowledge? Building block of a modern organization. Knowledge is Perishable. Becomes Obsolete Quickly. Always changing. Renewing is key to competitive advantages. Knowledge = Power. Share it and it will multiply.

14 Potential knowledge Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge The Three Types Of Knowledge CollaborationAnalysis Content Mgmt. Tracking Search and delivery People People Information People Data People

15 Path Towards Knowledge Based Society Evaluate KM Landscape

16 Evaluation Areas People Processes & Technology Business Relation Management

17 KM Landscape

18 Knowledge Commerce Mempercepat Perputaran Pengetahuan Memajukan Pengetahuan Percepatan menjadikan Pakar.. Pendidikan Informal

19 Filosofi Dasar Rizki & pahala – sesuai dengan amal & ibadah. Dunia elektronik mengeffisienkan amal & ibadah untuk orang banyak.

20 The Platform

21 Mencari Model Sederhana

22 Model Sederhana

23 Kembangan Model Redaksi / Reviewer Portal Database

24 Kondisi Ideal

25 Isu Penting Kondisi Ideal Input Create Knowledge Input Multimedia Multisource

26 Isu Kondisi Ideal Proses Centrallized / distributed Standarisasi database Search capability Content Rating (ICRA)

27 Isu Kondisi Ideal Output Customized Asynchronous Cepat Push Technology ?

28 Kondisi Nyata Perantara ke Masyarakat Media Massa / LSM

29 Platform Knowledge

30 Digital Library

31 System

32 Process Element

33 Tools Server Web server (apache) Indexer (Wais/Isis, Harvest, Swish-E, Dienst,Isite) CGI (YNIS, wwwwais, perl scripts, PHP, dll) Database (POSTGRESQL, Mysql, Msql, dll) OS (Unix FreeBSD, Linux) Mail achiving (hypermail, MhonArc, Procmail) Client Web Browser (IE, Netscape) Adobe Acrobat reader All Free, can be downloaded from Internet

34 Implementation

35 Catalog Map

36 Catalog Search Databases collection Librarian response Select database Search result Catalog view Ordering

37 Terima Kasih

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