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Pengenalan Arduino.

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1 Pengenalan Arduino

2 Apa yang harus dikenali?
Pembuatnya Perangkat kerasnya Perangkat lunaknya Bagaimana menggunakannya

3 pembuatnya

4 Arduino

5 Filosofi Arduino Open source hardware/software prototyping platform
Physical computing: computer that can sense and control physical world compared to ordinary computer (PC)

6 Perangkat kerasnya

7 “Official” Arduino boards Arduino shields Ethernet Wireless SD
Uno Mega 2560 Mega ADK Ethernet BT LilyPad Fio Pro Nano Mini Pro Mini Ethernet Wireless SD Wireless Proto Motor Proto

8 Boards

9 Shields

10 “Unofficial” Boards and Shields
Adafruit Sparkfun DFRobot Itead Studio etc

11 Peta pin Complete schematic Atmel ATmega328P datasheet

12 Physical layout

13 Perangkat lunaknya

14 Lingkungan pengembangan
Arduino programming language berdasarkan Wiring ( Arduino development environment berdasarkan Processing ( Source code = Sketches Sekilas introduksi

15 Bagaimana menggunakannya?

16 Just go to the arduino reference manual, tutorials, etc scattered on the internet:D

17 “Official” Taman bermain (playground)
Reference manual It’s already downloaded together with the Arduino IDE or you could go to if you insist

18 End of slide show, click to show yet another end of slide show
Matur nuwun Thank you Syukron Danke

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