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Pertemuan 6 Unit 3 – Companies

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1 Pertemuan 6 Unit 3 – Companies
Matakuliah : G0682 / Bahasa Inggris Ekonomi 1 Tahun : 2005 Versi : versi/revisi Pertemuan 6 Unit 3 – Companies

2 Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa dapat : Mendemonstrasikan teknik presentasi dan menerangkan kosakata yang berhubungan dengan perusahaan, kinerja perusahaan, sejarah perusahaan dan dapat mempergunakan present simple dan present continous dengan benar (C3).

3 Class Discussion Which of these companies would you like to work for? Why? A family owned company A multinational company Your own company (be self-employed)

4 Class Discussion Which of these business sectors do you work in (or would you like to work in)? Can you name a company in each sector? Telecommunications/ Media Engineering Retailing Construction Tourism Banking and finance Transport Vehicle manufacturing IT (Information Technology)/ Electronics Food and drink Pharmaceutical Other

5 Vocabulary Exercises Company Vocabulary
Do Exercise A, B, on page 22 – 23.

6 Vocabulary Exercises (Contd…)
Complete the chart below with the information on the box Peugeot Bennetton container ship operator American Express French Japanese Italian drug and chemical maker drinks supplier Company Main activity Nationality Cisco Systems Internet equipment supplier American Car manufacturer Bacardi Martini Spanish Travel and financial services provider Bayer German Clothing manufacturer Sony Electronic goods maker Maersk Danish

7 Reading: Company website
What clothing companies do you like? Why do you like them? What are the most successful clothing companies in your country? Read the text about Zodiac, a highly successful clothing company, and complete the chart. The information is from its company website (p.24) Do exercises D and E (p.25).

8 Present simple Give factual information about company activities
e.g. Zodiak has its headquarters in Seatle Talk about routine activities e.g. I always check my first thing in the morning Some verbs are almost always used in the present simple rather than the present continous, for example, like, want, know, need

9 Present continous Describe ongoing situations and projects.
e.g. We ‘re constantly improving the way we sell our products. Describe temporary situations. e.g. She ‘s staying in Paris till the end of the month Talk about future arrangement. e.g. We ‘re opening a new store next week. Do exercises A and B on page 26

10 Skills: Presenting your company
Which of these suggestions do you agree with? Find out as much as possible about your audience. Introduce yourself (name, position, company) Start with a joke Outline the structure of your talk Vary the tone of your voice Refer to your notes as often as possible Use clear visual aids Summarise your main points

11 Listen to a presentation (3.3) about Tara Fashions. Complete the chart.
Where is the head office Cordoba Spain What does it sell Who are its customers? Annual turnover? Annual net profits? Number of stores: in Spain? in other European cities Strengths? Future plans

12 The profile of Sisco System
Additional Resources Mahasiswa membaca The profile of Sisco System dan mencari arti kata-kata yang sulit dalam kamus. The profile of Sisco System

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