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Presentasi berjudul: "BEBERAPA KETENTUAN DALAM PENULISAN BUTIR SOAL UN."— Transcript presentasi:


2 Pada bagian ‘text’/bacaan (reading comprehension), pertanyaan tentang gambaran umum seharusnya mengarah kepada pertanyaan tentang tema/topik bacaan secara keseluruhan. Contoh yang salah : What is the purpose of the text? Contoh yang benar: What is the text about?

3 Contoh pertanyaan: The text tells (us) about ..../The text (generally) talks about .... the West road accident the writer’s bad experience the damage of the writer’s car the pedestrian’s accident on the road What does the text (generally) tell us about?/ What is the text about? A pharmacist A drug therapist A medical expert A veterinarian

4 Infromasi tertentu: menanyakan detil tertentu yang terdapat dalam teks yang disajikan. Pilihan jawaban berbentuk kata/frasa yang secara khusus mengarahkan pilihan jawaban pada suatu hal tertentu. Contoh pertanyaan: Who stole the magic candle from the old woman? The wanderer. The princess. The genies. The devil Where should we throw a flat stone? On the ground. On the square two. Inside the square one. At the border of the square.

5 Informasi rinci: Menanyakan infromasi yang rinci. Pilihan jawaban berupa kalimat atau anak kalimat (klausa) yang pilihan jawabannya merupakan keragamana cara. Contoh pertanyaan: Why did Dayang Sumbi refuse to marry Sangkuriang? Sakuriang had shot Tumang, her husband. She realized that she fell in love with her son. She knew that Sangkuriang was a naughty man. Sangkuriang had done the wrong thing in hunting. Why does Garuda continue its activities? Because .... other international carriers stopped their flights to Jakarta there is no notification of danger of volcanic ash volcanic ash causes damage to ther aircrafts Soekarno Hatta Airport was unsafe

6 Infromasi tersirat: Berupa pertanyaan atas infromasi yang tidak dinyatakan secara tertulis, tetapi dapat disimpulkan setelah membaca teks yang disajikan. Pilihan jawaban berbentuk frasa/ anak kalimat/ kalimat yang diungkapkan dengan kata-kata yang berbeda tetapi maknanya sama dengan kesimpulan dari bacaan. From the text above we can conclude that .... peaches cone from Persia China imported peaches from Persia the name persicas for peaches is wrong the modern consensus decided the name of the fruit From the story, we understand that.... the dove was hurt by the hunter the ant swam quickly for saving his life the ant and the dove helped each other the hunter wanted to hurt both creatures

7 Pikiran utama paragraph:
Menanyakan pokokpikiran utama paragraph tertentu dari teks yang disajikan.Pilihan jawaban berupa kalimat, dan bukan dalam bentuk frasa/klausa. Contoh pertanyaan: The main idea of the first paragraph is … . the writer bought a present for her grandpa the writer prepared everything for the party the writer’s uncle bought some drinks and flowers the writer and her family celebrated their grandpa’s birthday What is the main idea of the second paragraph? Androcles came to help the lion. The lion asked Androcles for help. A large thorn pressed into the lion’s paw. The lion showed his gratitude to Androcles.

8 Makna kata/frasa: Menanyakan sinonim atau kata yang memiliki persamaan arti dari suatu kata/frase tertentu dari teks yang disajikan.Pilihan jawaban berupa kata/frasa yang memiliki arti paling mendekati dengan makna kata/frasa tersebut dalam teks. Contoh pertanyaan: “Quickly Androcles pulled out the thorn and wrapped …” (Paragraph 2) The underlined words mean … relieved. released. replaced. removed.

9 “Hop through the squares …” The underlined word means …. walk jump step touch The phrases ‘Tons of fun’ has similar meaning to …. the fun is heavy there are many fun books visitors will get a great pleasure the tracks make people fun

10  Tujuan komunikatif: Berupa pertanyaan yang menanyakan tujuan penulisan teks tersebut. Pilihan jawaban untuk pertanyaan berupa frasa yang mengandung maksud dengan menggunakan ‘to+infinitive’. Contoh pertanyaan: What is the purpose of the text?/ What is the writer’s intention? To share the writer’s opinion. To inform a good news. To tell the writer’s school program. To describe the writer’s activities.

11 The writer writes the text in order to … the Seasoned Fried Beef Slice. tell how to make show how to get describe what is teach how to serve The purpose of the writer in writing the text is … . to describe about fruits and vegetables to advertise the benefit of consuming fruits and vegetables to give information about the consumptions (of) fruits and vegetables to inform the reader about the danger of eating fruits and vegetables

12 Pesan moral: Berupa pertanyaan mengenai pelajaran hidup atau pesan moral yang diperoleh setelah membaca teks yang disajikan. Pilihan jawaban berupa kalimat lengkap atau merupakan pepatah/ungkapan (proverb) atau kalimat lainnya. Contoh pertanyaan: What is the moral value of the text? Do not steal anything from the sleeping one. One must think smart from others. Trick is one way to gain something. Foolishness is a source of faulty. What can we learn from the story? Mother’s love to her child never ends. Mother is the best person on earth. King always protects his mother. Children’s death is disheartening.

13 Hindarilah pertanyaan kata TRUE/NOT, TRUE/EXCEPT/CORRECT/INCORRECT pada pertanyaan.
Contoh pertanyaan yang dihindari: Which of the following statements is TRUE about Sarah? She goes jogging three hours on Sundays. She does not watch TV at home every night. On Sunday, she does the house chores for two hours. She always has dinner in the late afternoon every Sunday. Which is The CORRECT answer based on the text? Have 2 years experience. Possess college degree. Fluent in foreign language. Live in Bandung Area.

14 Which of the following statements is INCORRECT based on the text? The party was held outside the house. The writer helped her sister making a cake. The writer’s grandpa liked the birthday present. The writer grandma told story about grandpa.

15 Hindarilah pertanyaan tersirat yang mengharuskan siswa melakukan penghitungan (waktu/ruang/benda/dll) Contoh pertanyaan: How old is SMP Abdi Negara? 7 8 9 10 When did Marilyn and Jeff get married? In 1987. In 1982. In 1978. In 1972.

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