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Webinar. For Oregon Virtual Schools 35 minute presentation 10 minute questions This will be produced using WebEx which does not allow the presented to see the chat or take polls. The presentation is done by sharing the screen of the presenter. Need to have open: Phet webpage, Movig Man, Waves on a string, Skate park, Geometric Optics, Balloons and static electricity, Moving Man, Trish :Introduce self Mention that I have been using Phet since 2004 in HS chem and physics Handouts for workshop  Table of contents (white)  How We Learn (purple)  Examples of PhET content alignment for Elementary, Middle School and High School (yellow)  PhET Guidelines for Inquiry Use -writing/recognizing activities (green) Also available on the PhET website at  Moving Man activity with guideline alignment demonstrated (pink)  Energy Skater Sample: Lesson Plan, Student Directions, Sample Clicker Questions (blue) The Physics Education Technology PRODI PEND. FISIKA FKIP UNIVERSITAS HALU OLEO KENDARI, 2014

2 Workshop Goals Become familiar with PhET simulations to teaching critical thinking What makes PhET sims unique learning tools? How can they be used in class? (easy, effective) Plan for sim use in your class Identify useful PhET sims Practice activities using sims Develop your own activity

3 Pendahuluan Peranan Lab dalam Pembelajaran Sains
Lab Maya (Virtual Lab) dalam pembelajaran Sains Keterampilan Berpikir kritis dalam pembelajaran sains

4 Berpikir Kritis (Critical Thinking)
Ennis (1985), berpikir kritis merupakan bagian dari pola berpikir tingkat tinggi yang bersifat konvergen. Berpikir kritis menggunakan dasar proses berpikir untuk menganalisi argumen dan memunculkan gagasan terhadap tiap-tiap makna dan interpretasi, untuk mengembangkan pola penalaran yang kohesif dan logis, memahami asumsi dan bias yang mendasari tiap-tiap posisi, serta memberikan model presentasi yang dapat dipercaya, ringkas dan meyakinkan. Facione (1998), inti berpikir kritis adalah deskripsi yang rinci dari sejumlah karakteristik yang berhubungan, yang meliputi analisis, inferensi, eksplanasi, evaluasi, pengaturan diri, dan interpretasi

5 Indikator Keterampilan Berpikir Kritis (R. Ennis, 1985)

6 Session Outline What are PhET simulations and who creates them?
How can PhET simulations help students learn? Explore the simulations and activities Discuss how to find ideas for use Just read

7 Suite of >100 interactive sims on science!
What is PhET? We build and study interactive sims Demo sims: CCK, Build an atom (game), Equation Grapher, (Mention- Estimation, Arithmetic) We have a post-doc who is specifically working on Math sims for MS Suite of >100 interactive sims on science!

8 Physics Education Technology Website
Suite of interactive simulations (~60) Covering intro physics, modern physics, bit of chemistry Design based on research Extensive user testing (usability, interpretation, learning) Free! Online or downloadable. (~80 Mbytes) Easy to use and incorporate in class THEN DEMONSTRATE CCK: Say: About 60 simulations have been created, covering topics in physics and chemistry. The sims are all available for free on the PhET website, and can be downloaded. This is the PhET homepage. When this slide is up clicking on Physics should link to the installed web page on Trish’s computer. We should check these before the workshop. Once the webpage is open, we are going to go through the following: Simulations are grouped under these topics. (scroll) Clicking on the icon launches a simulation. (scroll) (But don’t launch one yet.) Linda, I am not sure whether you want to go through SS or not. We could put the next part later . I did this morning and it seemed to peek interest. Soluble Salt Step through features using silver bromide counters and legend, how to grab and move shaker, open and close faucets Calibrated volume on edge of beaker, Change to Strontium Phosphate (4 shakes of do not dissolve)

9 Where is PhET? Or download! (400 MB)
Specifically pointing to MS section. Demonstrate website if most have seen phet skip showing website

10 Adaptable for Variety of Learners
Make easy to use CCK in middle school: “Make the light bulb light” CCK in high school: “Explain why the light dims when you turn the heater on” Delete this slide

11 Compare these tools? Thoughts on these tools …

12 Designed to support inquiry learning
Use accurate, dynamic visual representations Show the invisible Create a game-like environment Make simulations highly interactive Provide real-time, animated feedback as students play Implicitly scaffold inquiry through design of controls and representations Allow actions that would be difficult or impossible in the real world Provide an intuitive interface, usable without instructions

13 Use of PhET sims in class
Lecture/classroom Visual Aid, Demo complement, Interactive Lecture Demos, & Concept tests Lab and Recitation Group activity, Exploration & discovery Get feedback of how they would use sims in their class. Interactive engagement Connecting representations Homework Pre-class assignment – introduce new ideas Post instruction – develop robust understanding

Ideas for Next steps Try ideas from teachers Use Key Word Search to find a sim, then scroll down for ideas Watch for Gold Star Inquiry Activities Think about your learning goals use Key Word search to find sims Search for sims by Topic or Grade level Read handouts from webinar Watch iTunes PhET videos GO TO ACTIVITIES DATABASE



17 Sample lesson ideas These following supplemental slides have examples of ways to use PhET that could be used.

18 Simulation Extends Lab Concepts
? Qualitative lab: Use the motion probe to graph position and velocity of some motion, also make motions to fit given graphs Quantitative lab: Use Moving man to accurately interpret and draw position, velocity and acceleration graphs for common situations and explain reasoning.

19 Lecture – Interactive Lecture Demos
Sketch position vs time and velocity vs time graphs for when Moving Man: walks steadily towards the tree for 6 seconds, then stands still for 6 seconds, and then towards the house twice as fast as before for 6 seconds. + - Position time Velocity 5 s 10 s 20 s 15 s Thornton and Sokoloff, 1997

20 Moving Man walks steadily towards the tree for 6 seconds, then stands still for 6 seconds, and then towards the house twice as fast as before for 6 seconds A B Velocity + - time Position 5 s 10 s 20 s 15 s Velocity + - time Position 5 s 10 s 20 s 15 s Velocity + - time Position 5 s 10 s 20 s 15 s C Velocity + - time Position 5 s 10 s 20 s 15 s D

21 Demonstration in Slow Motion
Show waves on a string the simulation slows down the motion so that the students can see what is happening. Show a tygon tube demo if possible (this would be a movie file)

22 Electromagnetics PhET Simulation

23 Demo Scientific Model Electrostatics – Traditional balloon demos
- Charge transfer, Coulomb attraction, Polarization Shows underlying models (if possible Have a balloon to show traditional demomovie file and then the sim) Simple, but effective

24 Replace Expensive Equipment
Challenge: Use the simulation to see how the design of a lens effects how it works. Run the sim and show how the students can change the lens and see the effect. Say “This would be very difficult to do with real equipment.”

25 Contoh Perangkat Pembelajaran berbasis PhET Simulation
1. Circuit Electric : Hukum Ohm 2. Electromagnetics Faraday


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