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Yogyakarta traditional food

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1 Yogyakarta traditional food
Speaking 3 Yogyakarta traditional food Presented By: Nelli ( ) Diyanti ( ) Lecturer : Siska Lidya Revianti, S.Pd. English Education Department Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta 2013

2 Content Introduction The purpose
The Kinds of Traditional food in Yogyakarta Conclude References

3 Introduction Yogyakarta, is a place that delight with countless restorans, warungs and street vendors or kaki lima from which to choose from.

4 The purpose Introduce the traditional food in Yogyakarta. So, the people will know it and maybe will try to found and taste the traditional food in Yogyakarta.

5 The kinds of traditional Food in Yogyakarta
Nasi Gudeg Nasi Langgi Sayur Brongkos Mangut Lele Sayur Bobor Ayam Goreng Kalasan Jadah Tempe Wedang Ronde Bakpia Pathok Yangko Geplak Kipo Kota Gede Gatot Tiwul Cethil Peyek tumpuk Salak Angkringan

6 Nasi Gudeg The first traditional food that very famous in Jogja is Gudeg. This food made from nangka or Jackfruit. The young Nangka boiled for several hours with palm sugar, spices, and coconut oil.

7 Nasi Langgi Nasi Langgi is one of the traditional food that consist of rendang, abon sapi, sambal ati, potato chips and sliced ​​omelet.

8 Sayur Brongkos This soup usually consist of meat (it can be beef or chicken). Then egg, tofu, spices, and tolo red beans.

9 Mangut Lele This food consist of lele or cat fish, and the ingredients of this food are Lele, coconut milk and spices.

10 Sayur Bobor Sayur bobor made from white pumpkin, garlic, spinach , coconut milk, and basil.

11 Ayam goreng Kalasan This fried chicken is different with another fried chicken because the chicken boiled with coconut milk. the taste of this food are savory and delicious.

12 Jadah Tempe This food very famous in Kaliurang. If you are go to Kaliurang you will see a lot of people that sale this food. But the most popular Jadah Tempe is Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik This food made from soybean and glutinous rice

13 Wedang Ronde This traditional drink consist of ginger water, bread, sticky rice balls that usually filled with peanuts.

14 Bakpia Pathok Bakpia is meal that famous in Yogyakarta. A long time ago, the flavor of this meal is from green beans. But now there are many flavor of this food. For example, there are cheese, strawberry and etc.

15 Yangko Small rectangular shape, which combined with baluran flour, and yangko has a sweet taste and chewy.

16 Geplak The ingredient of this food are grated coconut and sugar or palm sugar. There is also geplak made from pumpkin (waluh).

17 Kipo Kotagede Kipo is such as semi-wet cake which is produced form sticky glutinous rice flour then filling with grated coconut mixed with javanese sugar as known as enten enten.

18 Gatot Gatot is a traditional food that made from cassava and grated coconut.

19 Tiwul This traditional food made from cassava flour, water, sugar, and Pandan leaves.

20 Cethil Made from tapioca flour, grated coconut and sugar. This food usually serve with tiwul. The color of Cethil usually red and white.

21 Peyek Tumpuk This traditional food comes from Bantul. This food made from flour, egg and peanuts.

22 Salak Yogyakarta is also known as Salak City. There are two kind salak in Yogyakarta. First, is Slaak Pondoh. Second, is salak Gading.

23 angkringan Angkringan is traditional place to eat. In Angkringan, we can found many traditional food like sate usus, sate telur, nasi kucing, tempe bacem, and etc.

24 Conclusion There are so many types of traditional food in Yogyakarta that we can tasted, and as the younger generation it is become our duty to preserve various types of heritage from our ancestors, including traditional foods.

25 References

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