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Frequently Asked Questions by Students in Distance Education

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1 Frequently Asked Questions by Students in Distance Education
DIES NATALIS UT 2013 Frequently Asked Questions by Students in Distance Education Aminudin Zuhairi & Associates Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia 10 June 2012

2 Outline Introduction What DE students ask What a DE institution can do
 How a DE institution can do  Conclusion

3 Introduction: Why DE Students Ask
DE as new learning experience Ensure success in studying Develop confidence in study Solve problems Ask questions

4 Factors Influencing Success in DE
Attitude: culture & etiquette Experience: learning, distance learning, readiness for learning Elements for success: general ability, prior knowledge, learning styles (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

5 Learner Responsibilities in DE
Audio and video-based Settings Online settings Time for class: synchronous and asynchronous Communication: with instructor and students Attendance and class participation: synchronous and asynchronous Assigments Assuming responsibility for own learning Equipment requirements and use (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

6 What DE Students Ask 1 What is or what to do 1:
Differences between DE and correspondence schools Educational prerequisites for taking DE classes Just-in-time learning Poor computer skills Virtual classroom Not satisfied with DE class Start a DE class and realise it is too difficult Real time (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

7 What DE Students Ask 2 What is or what to do 2:
Take an online course if I don’t have a PC Get help with homework or question on assignment Structure of an online course Features in a course to get a good fit with my learning style DE programs that allow students to pay tuition fee monthly rather up front Continue studies when moving out of state or country Easier to cheat in DE (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

8 What DE Student Ask 3 How to and who 1?
Assess knowledge in particular subject before choosing a DE course Choose a DE program Make sure to receive credit for distance learning Make sure getting the money’s worth Convince employer to pay for distance training DE courses applied to a degree Make up a missed class in a virtual classroom (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

9 What DE Student Ask 4 How to and who 2 Who teaches online courses
How is homework submitted How well I’m doing in an online course Combine DE with traditional degree program Learning “anytime, anywhere” works with “real time” instrution (Simonson et al, 2012, pp )

10 Lessons Learned from other DE
Anticipate these questions Prepare for answers Design a DE system that ensures addressing those questions  Offer a DE program suitable to students’ needs

11 What UT DE Students Ask 1 Layanan Informasi Konsultasi akademik
Permintaan kartu mahasiswa Permintaan transkrip sementara

12 What UT DE Students Ask 2 Layanan Informasi 1
Pendaftaran mahasiswa baru Registrasi matakuliah Tutorial Ujian Nilai Yudisium/wisuda Ijazah Data pribadi

13 What UT DE Students Ask 3 Layanan Informasi 2 Alih kredit Beasiswa
Pengguguran matakuliah Penundaan yudisium Bahan ajar Umum Kartu mahasiswa Lembar kemajuan akademik mahasiswa Surat keterangan

14 Whom UT DE Students Ask 1 Bagian Registrasi Perubahan data pribadi
Pengembalian SPP Pembebasan mata kuliah Validasi ijazah masukan D II

15 Bagian Kelulusan Surat keterangan Alih kredit Ijazah/transkrip
Whom UT DE Students Ask 2 Bagian Kelulusan Surat keterangan Alih kredit Ijazah/transkrip Yudisium Foto ijazah

16 Whom UT DE Students Ask 3 Fakultas Pengguguran mata kuliah
Penundaan yudisium Konsultasi akademik Alih kredit Surat keterangan lulus Surat penempuhan matakuliah Yudisium Legalisir Info UT Info beaisiswa

17 Whom UT DE Students Ask 4 Program Pasca Sarjana Pendaftaran/info UT Tutorial online Konsultasi akademik

18 Why UT DE Students Ask 1 Keluhan Nilai Ujian
Salah penghitaman pada LJU Nilai belum keluar karena praktek/praktikum PKM/PKP Tidak puas nilai UAS Kasus administrasi/beda tanda tangan Kasus nilai lainnya

19 Why UT DE Students Ask 2 Keluhan Registrasi Registrasi/kasus S/R
Tindaklanjut pengembalian SPP Tindaklanjut pembebasan matakuliah Tindaklanjut data pribadi

20 Why UT DE Students Ask 3 Keluhan Kelulusan
Tindaklanjut pengajuan alih kredit Tindaklanjut perbaikan data pribadi pada ijazah Tindaklanjut yudisium Tindaklanjut ijazah.transkrip Pengiriman foto

21 Why UT DE Students Ask 4 Keluhan kepada Fakultas
Tindaklanjut pengguguran matakuliah Tindaklanjut penundaan yudisium Tindaklanjut alih kredit Tindaklanjut yudisium

22 What Services UT DE Students Ask
Permintaan layanan

23 How Many UT DE Students Ask
Source: Laporan Tahunan Rektor 2012

24 What UT DE Students Ask Online 1
Cara mengikuti tuton Kapan tuton dimulai Inisiasi belum dibuka Tidak bisa mengirimkan tugas Persayaratan TAP, sudah bisa TAP Cara registrasi TAP Cara upload karya ilmiah Lupa password karya ilmiah

25 What UT DE Students Ask Online 2
Sudah upload karil tetapi belum ada feedback-nya Cara mendaftar SUO Ruang baca virtual tidak bisa dibaca Alih kredit belum keluar? LKAM Online tidak bisa diakses Cara membeli modul melalui TBO Kapan mengambil KTPU dan jika telat bagaimana Kesetaraan mata kuliah

26 What DE Institution Can Do
Respond to questions Provide accurate information Open up communication channels Enhance interaction and communication with students Improve services

27 How DE Institution Can Support its Services
Improve CRM (customer relationshop management) Develop a Call Centre Enhance online interaction and communication Provide a systematic FAQ Continuously improve competence of staff Empower Regional Office

28 Conclusion DE student questions are Valued inputs for improvement
Actual needs of DE students Quality service indicators To be addressed appropriately and immediately Clues for future development of a DE institution

29 Terima kasih.

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