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Sastra Kontemporer Dunia

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1 Sastra Kontemporer Dunia
Cina era 1980-an

2 Latar Sejarah 1976 Revolusi Kebudayaan selesai
1976 Mao Zedong meninggal Deng Xiao Ping 邓小平 Gerombolan 4 ditangkap Kebijakan: reformasi dan keterbukaan gaige kaifang 改革开放

3 Deng dan Jimmy Carter 1978

4 Era baru (新时期) 1980-an Sastra Luka 伤痕文学shānghén wénxué
Banyak terbit karya sastra: novel,cerpen, puisi Tema: kisah-kisah pada masa Revolusi Kebudayaan: kekejaman, penderitaan, penganiayaan, dll

5 1983 ‘Perang melawan borjuis liberal’
Banyak penulis melakukan eksperimen pada gaya penulisan Tetap melakukan kritik terhadap pemerintah dan kondisi sosial Wang Meng (王蒙), Zhang Xinxin (张辛欣), dan Zong Pu (宗璞), Gao Xingjian (高行健). Eksperimentalis

6 Wang Meng Novel Puisi

7 Zhang Xinxin Novel

8 Zong Pu Novel Puisi

9 Gao Xingjian Drama Novel Perain nobel 2000 Soul Mountain 灵山

10 天葬台 宰了 割了 烂捣碎了 燃一柱香 打一声呼哨 来了 就去了 来去都干干净净 Sky Burial Cut Scalped
Pounded into pieces Light an incense Blow the whistle Come Gone Out and out - 13 April 1986, Beijing

11 1983 Sastra akar寻根文学 Kembali pada latar sejarah, tradisi dan budaya Cina Han Shaogong (韩少功), Mo Yan, A Cheng (阿城)

12 Han Shao Gong Novel Puisi

13 A Cheng Novel

14 Puisi Gelap Puisi Gelap Meng Long Shi 朦胧诗
Bei Dao (北岛)/Zhao Zhenkai (趙振開)

15 The Answer Baseness is the secret knock of the base Integrity the epitaph of the noble Look how the gilded sky drifts full of The inverted crooked reflections of the dead The ice age has past, So why are there icicles everywhere? The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered Why do a thousand sails contend for the Dead Sea? I came into this world Carrying only paper, rope, a silhouette To speak aloud before the trial A voice that has already been judged I tell you, world I—do—not—believe! If a thousand challengers lie trampled beneath your feet Count me as number one thousand and one. I don't believe the sky is blue I don't believe in thunder's echoes I don't believe that dreams are false I don't believe in death without retribution If the sea is destined to breach the dykes Let all the water of bitterness flow into my heart If the land is destined to rise up Let humanity choose a new summit for existence again. A new turning point and flickering stars Embroidered now across the unobstructed heavens These are the pictographs of five thousand years These are the staring eyes of future generations. --Bei Dao

16 Ha Jin Puisi Novel

17 Pomegranates Another rain will burst them — they will grin, full of teeth, through the tiny leaves that used to hide them away. I'll take a photo of my pomegranates for you, the only one I care to show. Like others you craved the fruit so much you overlooked the crimson blossoms wounded by worms and winds. You could not imagine some of them would swell into such heavy pride. I can tell you, they are sour.

18 Xue Di puisi

19 Shore The small path leading to lakeside emerges on water
Shore            The small path leading to lakeside emerges on water. On my way I want to collect time and smiles. Vision glides across sky's green gallery. Honeycomb, that distant setting sun — its buzzing wings spread across water, tickle me.      Dusk unfolds gently before me. I leisurely finger its colors. Its shadow tries to whisper in my ear, breathy ripples across my chest. Grass deepens green. Crickets in my quiet waiting sing toward the night about my age.      Meandering footpath on the water: absentmindedly I gather fruit bobbing among lotus leaves. Swaying shadows of lotus pods nuzzle my face. By water's edge I hover, vultures one after another circling in my skull release me, disperse toward the forest. A long bench, elegant, settled. In encircling moonlight about to toll, the bell of pure fragrant youth.      Years soften. Into trees of fluttering lotus flowers, again and again I recite my loneliness. I tear verse from my fingertips and scatter them; light littering shade. Enraptured, I surrender: recline in a boat drifting across the green, searching in water for trails weaving between the stars . . .

20 Tian An Men Insiden 4 Juni 1989
Dimulai sejak April 1989, pemakaman Hu Yaobang (reformis) Menentang autoritarianisme Menginginkan kebijakan ekonomi dan reformasi politik 3000-an orang meninggal di lapangan Tian An Men Embargo: Ekonomi dan Militer






26 Korban meninggal dan terluka
7,000 meninggald an luka - NATO 4,000-6,000 - Edward Timperlake 2,600 meninggal Palang merah Cina 1,000 meninggal Amnesty International

27 Avant Garde Eksperimental
Yu Hua (余华), Ge Fei (格非), Su Tong (苏童), Wang Shuo (王朔) Realisme Novel berlatar sejarah Simbolisme

28 Yu Hua Novelis Cerpen To Live (1992) (活着, Huózhe) difilmkan oleh Zhang Yi Mou


30 Ge Fei Novel Puisi

31 Su Tong Novel Raise the Red Lantern Difilmkan oleh Zhang Yi Mou


33 Wang Shuo Novel Satire Spiritual Pollutan Gaya ‘Hooligan’ Sutradara

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