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Main uses

2 In short answers: Do you believe in psychics? Yes, I do
Are you a self-confident person? Yes I am

3 To avoid repeating the main verb:
I hate this kind of exams and so does my friend Ann.

4 With “so” and “neither”
With a verb in positive : So+ aux+ subj Peter loves this novel and so do I With a verb in negative : Neither + aux+ subj You didn’t know Alex was coming today and neither did I.

5 With “echo questions” They are used to show interest:
Aux ( = as in main sentence)+ subj? This is a really interesting guy. Is he? I really want to go on a date with him… Do you?

6 To add emphasis: I know you deny it, DO/DID + main verb
but I know you DID cheat in the exam.

7 To make question tags: Positive statement , neg aux + subj?
He’s from Ireland, isn’t he? Negative statement, positive aux + subj? You haven’t been to China before, have you?


9 So/Neither I’m going to London next weekend and … (John too)
So is John I’ve just passed my driving test and … (Ann too) So has Ann I haven’t seen Peter for ages and ( Lui neither) Neither has Lui I didn’t do my homework for Monica and … (the rest of the class neither) Neither did the rest of the class

10 Echo questions I ‘m looking forward to being sent abroad by my company. Are you?! I know I left the keys on the table, but I can’t find them now! Can’t you?! He speaks very good German… Does he?! He broke out of prison yesterday… Did he?! If I won €, I wouldn’t change my life a bit. Wouldn’t you?!

11 Emphasis She forgave her sister for deceiving her.
She did forgive her sister for deceiving her. I wrote the poem myself. I did write the poem myself. I love parties. I do love parties Books cost a lot Books do cost a lot This bus goes to the station non-stop. This bus does go to the station non-stop

12 Question tags It’s a lovely day, ________ ? Isn’t it?
You couldn’t lend me 5$, ________ ? Could you? Tom drives very fast, ________ ? Doesn’t he? I don’t think he’s ever been there, ________ Hasn’t he? You don’t like him, ________? Do you?


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