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HelloHaloproject Health Togeth erness Fun Simpl e Wonderfu l.

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2 HelloHaloproject Health Togeth erness Fun Simpl e Wonderfu l


4 HEALTH Wake UP Stretching As we know, everybody loveeeeees Friday, because weekend is coming. Whether you are a jump-out-of- chair-and-do-ten-pushups or you need at least three cups of coffee but sleepy and laziness is common and a natural part of Friday afternoon. That’s why, we need something that can wake you up better than coffee, its WAKEUP STRETCHING! Wake up stretching start whistle alert and everyone standing at their desks. When everyone is ready, the leader (which is randomly and everyone will take turn) will play the music start with dancing or some move to make everybody wake up and say “Go away sleeepppy”. The date is in on Friday at 3 :00 pm. After the stretching, the leader will ask if anyone has free style to show. Every Friday, 3:00 pm


6 SIMPLE Simple, clean & neat workstation When you spend 40+ hours a week at work, it's important to make your office feel like home and as inspiring as possible. Not only is a neat and tidy space more visually appealing than a cluttered mess, but it also makes a good impression on customers and clients and is more conducive to productivity in the workplace. So, we have a program “Postpaid cantik”. All postpaid member, cleaning the work space, starting from the cubicle


8 m Semua informasi terkait Postpaid People akan di update di dengan akses terbatas hanya bisa di akses dari IP Telkomsel. Postpaid people dapat saling berkomunikasi dan berbagi ide serta komentar seputar informasi yang di posting di www.myhello Semua tertampil dalam TV LED 60


10 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 1011121314 1718192021 2425262728 ACTIVITY NOVEMBER 2014 Thematic day Green Day Wake UP stretching Thematic day The Great Gatsby Wake UP stretching Sing for our pride Thematic day Hari tepat waktu! Sing for our pride Wake UP stretching Postpaid Cantik



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