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The Internet: technology dan pelayanan. 9.2 Internet Technologies.

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1 The Internet: technology dan pelayanan

2 9.2 Internet Technologies

3 9.3 The UNIX Connection Internet tumbuh dari perkembangan sistem operasi unix. Beberapa bagian internet (email addres) dan pelayanan(FTP), menjadi lebih jelas setelah di depan unix.

4 9.4 The Internet: Sebuah jaringan dari jaringan luas Internet adalah sebuah interkoneksi jaringan dengan ratusan jaringan lain yang mempunyai link ke academic, research, government, and commercial institutions.

5 9.5 WAN (Wide Area Network) LAN (Local Area Network) Networks Near and Far Ada dua tipe jaringan komputer:

6 9.6 LAN (Local Area Network) LAN adalah jaringan yang secara fisik letak komputer berdekatan satu dengan yang lain. –LAN biasanya menggunakan peralatan yang diset sharing, seperti printer dan pelayanan lainnya. –Setiap komputer dan peralatan sharing disebut node.

7 9.7 WAN adalah jaringan dengan letak komputer sangat berjauhan dengan komputer yang lain. –Hubungan dibentuk lewat telephone lines, satellites, dan/atau microwave relay towers. –Setiap tempat jaringan dinamakan node. WAN (Wide Area Network)

8 9.8 WAN (Wide Area Network) WAN sering dibentuk dari LAN

9 9.9 Modem diperlukan untuk menghubungkan computer ke jalur telepon. Computer berkomunikasi dengan signal digital. System telepon dirancang untuk mengirim signal suara dalam format analog. Communication á la Modem

10 9.10 Client/Server Model

11 9.11 Internet Protocols TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) adalah jantung protokol Internet.

12 9.12 Internet Protocols TCP/IP menterjemahkan ke: –TCP (transmission control protocol) mengubah messages ke packets. –IP (Internet protocol) adalah pengalamatan untuk packets. –computer di Internet (host) diidentifikasikan dengan IP address (e.g. –IP addresses melalang buana (run out)

13 9.13 Internet Addresses Internet address dibentuk dari dua bagian material dengan @ symbol: the person’s user name the host name Host yang dinamai menggunakan DNS (domain name system), yang menterjemahkan IP address ke sebuah string dari names.

14 9.14 Internet Addresses An Internet address includes: username@hostname.sub.dom username is the person’s “mailbox” hostname is the name of the host computer and is followed by one or more domains separated by periods: host.subdomain.domain host.domain (

15 9.15 Internet Addresses Top level domains include: –.edu - educational sites –.com - commercial sites –.gov - government sites –.mil - military sites –.net - network administration sites –.org - nonprofit organizations

16 9.16 Intranets Intranets – Jaringan internal dari organisasi yang dirancang menggunakan teknologi sejenis sebagai internet. Firewalls – digunakan untuk mencegah komunikasi dari pihak yang tidak berhak dan melindungi data didalamnya. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) – sebuah jalan untuk akses intranet dari internet publik.

17 9.17 Internet Services

18 9.18 The World Wide Web: Browsing the Web WWW adalah sebuah distributed browsing dan searching systems yang dikembangkan oleh CERN. Menggunakan hypertext links dan bantuan navigational untuk explore informasi di internet.

19 9.19 Web Addresses URL (Uniform Resource Locator): addresses for the World Wide Web. http (hypertext transfer protocol): the protocol of the WWW

20 9.20 Searching the Web A directory (also an index) is a hierarchical catalog of Web sites compiled by researchers.

21 9.21 Searching the Web A search engine offers a more complete database of what is one the WWW. A software robot or spider retrieves the entries according to key word queries.

22 9.22 Email on the Internet Email (one-on-one communication). Pine - UNIX-based mail program. MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange - allows you exchange files through email. Outlook express and Netscape provide more advanced mail readers

23 9.23 Disadvantages of Email Works only if the recipient responds Authentication is not ensured Email is not private Can be overwhelming (SPAM) Both filter out many human components of communication

24 9.24 Mailing Lists and Newsgroups Email is a valuable tool for one-to-one communication Mailing lists allow you to participate in email discussion groups on special- interest topics. Usenet Newsgroups are virtual bulletin boards that you access with a news reader

25 9.25 Example of a mailing list is an email list meant for distributing information among europe indonesia students at the ISTECS ISSM05. IBefore posting mail to the mailing list, be sure that you have read the NETIQUETTE.

26 9.26 Mailing list (cont) To subscribe mail in message body subscribe peserta issm05 To unsubscribe mail in message body un subscribe peserta issm05 Remember, the machine is stupid so write exactly as above and try several times if it fails Never send these requests to the mailing list itself

27 9.27 Mailing list (cont) Contact the list administrator with related problems at Do not start or participate in flaming I.e. making offensive comments about the person, spelling mistakes, etc. If you do, the administrator can remove you from the list

28 9.28 Other email features Attachments (1-10 MB files are ok) Filters Ignore sender Group by conversation Work offline Encryption and signature

29 9.29 News groups News (BBS) and web forums are an alternative for mailing lists Most news groups maintain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Read FAQ before posting questions Web browsers like Netscape and IE have tools for reading news

30 9.30 Remote Access and File Transfer The most popular use of the Internet is information discovery and retrieval. Because the Internet is unorganized, you can use the following tools: Telnet: for remote login to other computers. FTP: file transfer protocol; transfer files from remote computers. SSH: secure remote login and file transfer

31 9.31 Paging and chatting Talk is a UNIX program that allows you to carry on a split-screen communication Internet relay chat (IRC) allows several users to type simultaneously ICQ (I seek you): user-friendly messaging system –Microsoft Messenger is a similar tool

32 9.32 Streaming Listen to music from live radio stations Using RealPlayer or Microsoft Media Player E.g. provides links to several life You can even find live air traffic control –Pilots talking to a dispatcher

33 9.33 File sharing Search and download files like latest hits (mp3), blockbuster movies (mpeg), latest software packages (zip),pictures... Make your own files available to others Tools like Gnutella or Napster Difficult for authorities to snap these systems to their distributed nature

34 9.34 Real-Time Communication Video telephony (see, hear, and type to another person). MBONE - Multicast Backbone – centralized distribution NetMeeting – works over ”off-the-shelf” Internet

35 9.35 Users connect (usually for a fee) to a variety of on-line databases On-line databases include: –current stock market status –digital libraries –banking –shopping E-Commerce

36 9.36 Online banking Provided in Indonesia by all major banks E.g. BCA internet banking You get a customer number and a PIN code to log-in at their web site You get a challenge-response table of codes All connections are encrypted Within the same bank money are moved instantly, otherwise it takes a couple of days

37 9.37 Rules of Thumb: On-line Survival Tips Protect your privacy Cross-check on-line information sources Netiquette Avoid information overload

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