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Family’s Power Structure Sintialinn SaktiG2B008084 Nurul AzizatunnisaG2B008067.

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Presentasi berjudul: "Family’s Power Structure Sintialinn SaktiG2B008084 Nurul AzizatunnisaG2B008067."— Transcript presentasi:

1 Family’s Power Structure Sintialinn SaktiG2B Nurul AzizatunnisaG2B008067

2 Definition Family structure  How the family do the family’s function in people/environment. Each family has formal and informal role structure. Ex: father as head of family (formal) father as family’s protector (informal)

3 Basic Dimension of family’s structure Friedman said, family’s structure consist of : Communication pattern Role structure Power structure Family’s value

4 Power structure aspects Family’s power aspect consist of : Communication ability, Family’s ability to share each other, Family support system ability, Self care ability, Problem solving ability

5 Power structure types Legitimate power/authority (hak untuk mengontrol, seperti orang tua terhadap anak) Referent power (seseorang yang ditiru) Resource or expert power (pendapat ahli) Reward power (pengaruh kekuatan karena adanya harapan yang akan diterima) Coercive power (pengaruh yang dipaksakan sesuai keinginannya) Informational power (pengaruh yang dilalui melalui proses persuasi) Affective power (pengaruh yang diberikan melalui manipulasi dengan cinta kasih misalnya hubungan seksual)

6 Problems that can occur In Family’s power structure, the problem might be come up is over power of one or some people in a family. Ex: over role of a father to decide everything without communicate to the member of his family. It can be disturb the harmony of family.

7 Advantage of data for the nurse When the nurse knows about communication pattern, decision making, role structure, and family’s value, the nurse can identify the problems that occur or happen in the family.

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